Can I Receive Cash Back from My BDO Credit Card?

Most new BDO credit card users often ask how to get cash back from Bdo credit card. Do you also have the same or other related concerns? We will be glad to enlighten you all about the BDO credit card and all you can do with it.

How to Get Cash Back From Bdo Credit Card

Choosing the BDO credit card over others still puts you on various advantages of lesser fees, charges, and various indigenous rewards.

Other competitors are expensive to afford and manage which in the long run becomes a waste if not maximized.

However, our satisfying answer to your question is that you can certainly get cash back when you use your BDO credit card for payment.

How to Get Cash Back from Bdo Credit Card

Just like other credit cards, you can receive money back from stores, units, and malls for purchases.

You can also take out cash against the Cash Advance limit on your BDO Credit Card via approved ATMs.

Other BDO ATM networks and affiliated networks both locally and internationally give customers cash when they go for withdrawal.

You can also make cash withdrawals in person at specific BDO branches that have Point of Sale (POS) terminals.

Using the ATM for withdrawal:

1. Go to an ATM that dispenses cash and insert your BDO credit card

2. Enter your PIN and check your credit card balance.

3. Click on “Withdraw Cash” and enter the amount you want.

4. Type your transfer or withdrawal PIN and wait for cash.

5. Take the cash once it comes out and get the card as well.

How Much Cash Advance Can I Get from My BDO Credit Card?

How to Get Cash Back From Bdo Credit Card

For withdrawal, you can get as much as you want provided you have that much or as little as your BDO credit card balance has.

Or you withdraw exactly how much you need from your BDO credit card or try out Cash Advance.

Any BDO-affiliated ATM or from a few BDO offices around the country gives up to 30% of your credit limit as Cash Advance.

How Can I Get Cash Advance?

Simply look for ATMs with the American Express brand if you want to use one to get a cash advance abroad.

This is because BDO is not indigenous to the US. But through affiliated AMEX-branded ATMs.

You can also demand cash advances online when you have a steady network and a smartphone.

And send the cash advance to your credit card or bank account to enable easy withdrawal.

How Do I Link My BDO Credit Card?

Linking your BDO credit card to the right app makes transactions, transfers, and withdrawals easy. To link you should:

1. Search online for “” and download the BDO Pay App.

2. Click on “Sign up” or “Register” to create a personal account.

3. Enter your username and password after 48 hours to activate and start using the app.

4. Select your default account after deciding which BDO accounts and credit cards to attach to the BDO Pay app.

How Much Cash Backs Does BDO Cards Offer?

BDO welcome offer for the first 3 months after Card issuance, earn up to 10% cashback on your purchases.

You also get 9% bonus cashback on local purchases and 8% bonus cashback on overseas purchases.

Every day, you are rewarded 1% cashback on local purchases and 2% cashback on overseas purchases, with no minimum spend or rebate cap.

This is for cardholders with cards issued starting September 2022 upwards but terms and conditions apply for the 1%, 2%, and 10% cashback offers.

Which Bank Can I Report Cash Back Problems To?

How to Get Cash Back From Bdo Credit Card

If you have any issues with getting cash back from your BDO credit card, you should report directly to BDO Unibank, Inc.

They are the issuing Bank for your credit card. They have dedicated customer service channels, including hotline numbers, email support, physical branches, and an app.

In a nutshell, your BDO credit card offers several benefits, and don’t be scared to apply and get one or request cash back through associated ATMs.

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