Does BHIM UPI Apps Give Cash Back?

You should learn how to get cash back from BHIM UPI to maximize your benefits. Most customers using this app earn almost twice what they spend and enjoy getting cash in their wallet with ease. Would you love to learn about this?

How to Get Cash Back From BHIM UPI

Customers who use this app rarely complain of lacking cash and even earning money for using the app.

Make this your savings plan although the rewards are small and you could avoid being scammed by slotting your card into different machines.

How to Get Cash Back from BHIM UPI

Users should choose UPI-enabled apps provided by banks or payment channels to access cashback offers. To get cash back from BHIM UPI, here is what to do:

1. Download and open the BHIM UPI app on your smartphone.

2. Check for the “Offers” or “Cash Back” section within the app and look for available cash-back offers from open retailers.

4. Choose from the list of offers available and initiate a transaction. The cash-back amount will be credited to your BHIM UPI-linked bank account within the specified period.

Note: You can also transfer to peers and family using this payment app to get cash handy or to a credit or debit card that allows you to make withdrawals.

How Does the BHIM App Give Me Money Back?

New users of the BHIM app will receive an incentive if they successfully download the app, and link it to one or more bank accounts.

They are also to complete 10 successful transactions to get at least Rs 50. The user receives a cashback payment of Rs 150.

The incentive is only available to new users and will only be paid once.

Which Apps Does BHIM Recieve Cash Back from?

There are a lot of apps out there that are compatible with the BHIM app for transferring and receiving cash back.

You can use BHIM UPI with Google Pay to send and receive money from your bank account after registering for the service.

Other apps like this include: PhonePe, Paytm, and Amazon Pay are some of these types of apps.

How Much Cash Back Can I Get Using BHIM UPI?

Your BHIM app is not limited to any amount to receive or transfer if you set up your account properly and follow the respective guides.

However, a one-time cashback is available after spending at least 100-rupee on their first three transactions. The users receive 100 rupees in cashback.

Returning users receive 30 rupees beyond a minimum expenditure of 200 rupees cashback on their next 5 transactions in the first month.

For one bank account, a user can transfer up to Rs 100,000 per transaction which is the maximum per day.

Can I Withdraw Cash Back at the ATM?

How to Get Cash Back From BHIM UPI

You will need popular UPI applications like Google Pay, PhonePe, BHIM, and others to be able to withdraw from an ATM.

Cash withdrawals from UPI-enabled ATMs are permitted using any bank account that is linked to your UPI app and has been approved by the NPCI.

ATMs that don’t accept UPI cannot carry on your transactions. But ATMs like City Union Bank, Union Bank of India, Indian Bank, and Yes Bank ATMs can give you cash.

Can I Use My UPI ID to Get Cash Back?

Unified Payments Interface (UPI) is popular in India for fast money transfers between bank accounts.

Users can create a unique UPI ID linked to their bank account, which acts as a link for receiving payments.

This ID can be shared with online apps and platforms that support UPI payments, enabling easy transactions.

Don’t be scared to share it when receiving money. You cannot be scammed through it.

How Do I Link My Credit Card to BHIM UPI?

For you to gain cash back on through the app, you will have to link a credit/debit card to the app.

You also have to make the card your preferred card for payment at checkouts.

1. To link your credit card with BHIM UPI, select a UPI-enabled app like Google Pay or PhonePe.

2. Then, add your credit card details which include card number, expiry date, and CVV.

3. Verify your card by entering the OTP sent to your registered mobile number. Complete the process within the app.

Finally, You can use the BHIM UPI as a reputable payment channel to get cash back from all transactions and stores that accept it.

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