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Dessert Names, Recipes, and Mouth-Watering Types

Dessert Names and recipes might just be the next information you need to arrive and achieving that appetizing dessert you have been seeing and perhaps wondered what is it called and what recipes are they made off?

Dessert Names, Recipes, and Mouth-Watering Types

Well, you have the answers now at your fingertips in this article. This article contains both the English and traditional names, types, and recipes of desserts you might find appealing. Read through to discover these desserts.

Apple Pie

Top off this warm, melt-in-your-mouth pie with a sprinkle of cinnamon and a scoop of ice cream.

Just when you thought apple pie dessert couldn’t get any better, this recipe raises the bar like no other.

Truly our best-ever, make this classic for a get-together and you might not have any leftovers to bring home.

Lemon Tart

Sinful, rich and creamy, this recipe is the perfect finish to a meal. Tip: Make the lemon tart a day ahead, and store it in the refrigerator.

Lemon Tart Dessert

Spruce it up with lemon rind, and trust us – this indulgent dessert really is as yummy as it looks.

Almond Malai Kulfi

First up: This almond malai kulfi dessert is like happiness condensed in a matki.

Almond Malai Kulfi Dessert

To make it extra special, top it off with dry fruits and make sure it is absolutely chilled before serving. So creamy, so simple, it hits all the right notes.


Pistachio Phirni

Flavored with elaichi and pista, take phirni to a whole new level with this exquisite recipe. Serve chilled in mitti ke kasore for a festive occasion and bask in the glory.

 Pistachio Phirni Dessert

This phirni is made of sugar and love.

Fudgy Chewy Brownies

Fudgy Chewy Brownies Dessert

A balanced diet is a brownie dessert in each hand – don’t you agree? Decadently rich, fudgy, and chewy – bake a batch and be your family’s hero.

These brownies are pure chocolate overload, perfect to bake on a lazy afternoon.

Low Fat TiramisuItalian and exceptional, this dessert recipe slashes the calories and is too good to be true.

Top it off with cream, sprinkle with bitter chocolate, cocoa powder, and voila! Your guilt-free dessert is ready to be devoured.

Coconut Kheer

Coconut Kheer Dessert

This kheer dessert is made in an extra luxurious way featuring a blend of rich and coconut milk, spruced up with nutty caramel and rose petals.

We assure you, you will not just end at one bite of this heavenly dessert!

Chocolate Coffee Truffle

If your chocolate addiction is real, this glorious recipe is one of the best ways to enjoy your all-time favorite treat. Well, two of your favorites – chocolate and… (drum roll please) coffee!

Chocolate Coffee Truffle Dessert

The creamy center with that quintessential kick of caffeine is pure perfection. Indeed, great things do come in small packages.

Hot Cointreau Souffle

Surprisingly low on calories and nothing short of spectacular, enjoy this deliciously delicate French classic the guilt-free way.

Hot Cointreau Souffle Dessert

Made minus the flour, milk, and butter but with a kick of Cointreau, we take this dressed-up souffle to a whole new level.

Gulab Jamun

A classic Indian dessert that never fails to impress! Gulab Jamun is usually made in Indian homes on festive and special occasions.

Gulab Jamun Dessert

Gulab meaning rose and Jamun meaning berry makes for Gulab Jamun as a berry-sized ball dunked in rose-flavored sugar syrup. It can be served hot or just a stand-alone chilled dish.

Mouth-Watering Types of Dessert

Custards and Puddings

Custards and Puddings Dessert

Creamy custards and puddings typically include a thickened dairy base. The thickener used determines whether it’s a custard or a pudding dessert. Generally, custards are cooked and thickened with eggs.

Crème brûlée and flan are both baked custards. Puddings are thickened with starches. Two common types of puddings are rice and tapioca.

Variations on puddings include vegan puddings and instant pudding.

Frozen Desserts

Nothing beats the heat on a blazing summer‘s day like cooling ice cream. Ice cream consists of cream slowly stirred in a churn to freeze it to a creamy consistency.

Frozen Desserts

Gelato uses a milk base instead of cream and has less air mixed into it than ice cream. Frozen custard uses a cooked base of egg yolks. For a dairy-free dessert, try a sorbet, which is made from churned fruit purees.

Frozen yogurt uses yogurt rather than the heavier cream base of ice cream, which also makes it a lower-calorie treat.


Cakes are not just for birthday parties. These desserts resemble tender, sweetbreads. Examples of cakes include angel food cake made with egg whites, sponge cake, flourless cakes like the sachertorte, German chocolate cake, pavlova cake made with a meringue base, pound cake, and fruit cake.

Cake Dessert

Petits fours, cupcakes, and snack cakes are single-serve sizes of larger cakes.


 Cookies Dessert

Cookies dessert originated as small cakes. The name cookie comes from the Dutch word “koekje” meaning “little cake,” according to Nibble’s website.

They were spoonfuls of cake batter cooked to test the oven temperature before ovens had thermometers.

Cookies desserts vary in size, shape, and texture, but many share variations of basic ingredients such as sweeteners, eggs, butter or shortening, and flour.

Varieties include chocolate chip cookies, sugar cookies, gingersnaps, tender shortbread, chewy oatmeal cookies, crispy meringues, and cake-like bar cookies.


The simplest form of pie dessert involves a crust with a filling. The crust can be on the top and bottom or just the bottom, made from pastry or graham cracker crumbs.


Pie fillings include custards, puddings, nuts, and fruits. Chocolate cream pie, lemon meringue pie, shoo-fly pie, pecan pie, apple pie, and tarts are just some pie variations. Tarts use a baking pan with straight sides and don’t have a top crust.


The same flaky pastry used to make pie crusts is applied to other desserts such as cream puffs, baklava, eclairs, Danish pastries, and palmiers.


Profiteroles consist of unleavened dough with a high amount of fat. During preparation, the pastry dough is handled lightly to keep the finished pastry light and airy in texture.

Chocolates and Candies

Chocolates and candy desserts involve the crystallization of sugar. The size of the sugar crystals determines the texture of the candy.

Chocolates and Candies

Rock candy has large sugar crystals and a crunchy texture, but fudge contains small sugar crystals, giving it a smooth taste.

Candy and chocolate desserts include fudge, caramel, lollipops, taffy, marshmallows, fondant, pralines, and cotton candy.

Finally!, you have just so much to try your hands on. At this point, you should say a hug goodbye to boring and unappealing desserts and embrace these inviting desserts detailed in this article.

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