Ways to Get a Free Laptop for Low Income Families & Children in 2022

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Whether you’re applying for a job, trying to do your taxes, or even attempting to contact local assistance programs; a computer is practically necessary. While most of us are lucky enough to have a laptop or computer at home, there are many of us who do not.

Here are easy ways to Get a Free Laptop for low-income families who cannot afford one. 

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Ways to Get a Free Laptop for Low-Income Families

1. Computers with Causes

Computers with Causes is a non-profit organization that provides free computers to people in need. You have to prove financial need, undergo a background check, and provide references to qualify.

According to the website, veterans and those living in foster care are particularly good applicants for this program. The application is short and includes just a few questions.

2. Computer Technology Assistance Corps (CTAC)

The CTAC is a program dedicated to providing refurbished computers to needy individuals, including low-income families, but it also helps schools, libraries, and non-profits get the technology they need.

The program operates with donations of computers and laptops, which the CTAC wipes and refurbishes to give to someone else.

Individuals and families may qualify for a free computer if they’re currently receiving some type of government assistance, like Medicaid or Medicare, food stamps, or cash assistance.

If you don’t qualify for free assistance, you may still qualify for a low-priced computer, depending on your income.

Prices start at $100 for laptops and $68 for computers.

3. The OnIt Foundation

The OnIt Foundation (short for Opportunities Necessary to Increase Technology) is one organization that provides free laptops. To qualify, you must have a child in a K-12 school grade.

You must also have a low enough income that your child qualifies for a free or reduced school lunch at the public school he/she attends. Yes, your child must attend public school to qualify.

All qualifying children must live in the United States – the program is only open in the U.S. at this time. Application instructions are listed on the foundation’s website.

4. Komputers 4 R Kids

Komputers 4 R Kids is a non-profit organization that provides free laptops to Southern California kids.

The computers they use are donated by businesses or individuals, refurbished, and given to underprivileged children.

The organization also gives low-cost computers to schools and other non-profit organizations. The goal is to help them build computer labs to make research and education easier for children.

5. Freecycle.Org

The Freecycle Network is a national organization with local chapters in almost every major city. Search for your city, join their group, and then start searching for free laptops or computers.

Everything listed is free, but the selection will be limited.

Try to check multiple times a day since free computers will probably go fast. You can also get email notifications, but these may not include all the new offers.

6. The National Cristina Foundation

This is an awesome foundation that “works to promote technology reuse by educating businesses and the public that technology resources coming out of their first place of use can be given a second productive life for developing human potential.”

Basically, businesses donate their old and used tech devices to the foundation and the foundation then gives them away for free to people in need.

7. Local Libraries

Although you can’t get a free laptop to keep at your home, you can have access to a computer via your library. Most local libraries have several free computers for members to use as they wish.

They generally have free Internet access as well, meaning you can complete a variety of tasks with library computers.

Note that you do have to obtain a membership at most local libraries before they’ll allow you Internet access. This is mainly for security reasons so they know who is visiting which websites from library computers.

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