12 Best PayPal Alternatives For Online Payments in 2021

PayPal is great, but it is far from being the only option out there. Probably you would want to check out PayPal alternatives due to some key drawbacks to the payment solution.

12 Best PayPal Alternatives For Online Payments in 2020

For more than 17 million businesses, PayPal facilitates payments and provides a fairly transparent fee structure.

You might be in this situation if you want:

  • Seller protection for digital goods
  • Lower fees for chargebacks
  • Faster turnaround for withdrawn PayPal funds (PayPal can take up to four business days to show up in your account)
  • A more hands-on customer success team

Luckily, I have the top alternatives to PayPal listed below. Find a solution that works for you, your company, and your customers.

Best PayPal Alternatives

1. Google Pay

Your customers can pay on your website, in the app or in the shop. Google Pay helps organizations to lower the level of forgotten passwords and missed conversions by allowing shopping across all platforms.

You can also deliver custom mobile offers and recommendations to your customers, share loyalty and gift cards, and reduce the need for ticketing.

2. TransferWise

TransferWise dubs itself as “a cheaper way to send money internationally” and is a fantastic PayPal alternative if you make lots of international transfers.

The payment solution claims to provide the “real” exchange rate, without inflating it with additional unseen fees. In one transaction of $2,000, TransferWise cost a UK recipient £106.47 less than PayPal.

The service’s Borderless account provides users with a debit card, allows you to manage money in more than 40 currencies, run payroll, batch payments, charge clients, and more.

Plus, with TransferWise for business, you’re able to invoice your customers in their own currency.

3. Skrill

Skrill allows you to send and receive money, store cards, link bank accounts, and make payments with just your email address and password.

In addition, skrill “wallet holders” also only pay fees of 1.45%, so you get to keep more of the money from every transaction.

Whether you’re using Skrill for business or personal use, you’ll receive access to global support in more than 30 countries.

4. Stripe

Stripe is one of the most popular PayPal alternatives, particularly for online businesses. This payment solution believes payment problems are “rooted in code, not finance” and they consider themselves a “developers first” business.

For this reason, the service is easy to integrate and customize using their simple API. And it’s no surprise that many large digital business tools like Shopify have fantastic Stripe integrations.

PayPal Extras Mastercard

There are more details about Shopify payment integrations, right here. You can accept payments from all over the world. Stripe automatically deposits your money into your bank account – plus, mobile payments are available.

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5. Shopify Payments

Shopify Payments allows ecommerce businesses to accept credit and debit cards directly on their Shopify store, without a third party.

Although this tool is only useful if you have a Shopify store, it’s worth bearing in mind if you’re looking to progress in ecommerce. Why?

Because this PayPal alternative makes payments extremely easy for sellers.

It’s completely integrated with your Shopify store, simple to get started, and allows you to accept all major credit cards. Plus, customers can sign up with Shopify Pay to make checkout easier.

Shopify Payments also works with Facebook shops, Pinterest Buyable Pins, Facebook Messenger, Amazon, eBay, and more.

6. ProPay

ProPay offers payment solutions for small businesses, enterprise businesses, and a variety of industries, including direct selling, auto dealers, and legal.

They facilitate credit card payment and payment processing and offer global disbursement and commission payment options.

ProPay also offers payment solutions for SaaS platforms, marketplaces, and software providers through pay-by-text or “one-click,” email payments.

7. Payoneer

Payoneer helps businesses get paid quickly and securely.

It’s particularly good for small and medium-sized businesses. In fact, this PayPal alternative places a special focus on market sectors such as ecommerce, online advertising, freelancing, and vacation rentals.

Like TransferWise, Payoneer provides a debit card to go with their online account, so you can withdraw funds from your bank or ATMs worldwide.

Unlike Stripe, this service doesn’t require any programming knowledge and it doesn’t take long to set up an account.

Payoneer’s pricing is simple too.

The payment solution bills your fees monthly and transactions are free between Payoneer accounts.

8. Amazon Pay

Amazon has portals for merchants, shoppers, and charities. Your customers will find it easy to use because they’ll log in using their Amazon account information and check out using the same Amazon process they already trust.

Plus, you get the extra security of Amazon’s fraud protection at no additional cost. All transactions are completed on your site and Amazon Pay integrates with your existing CRM.

It’s also available across devices, so you can manage payments on the go.

9. Square

Square’s roots are in mobile point-of-sale transactions, although you can also use this PayPal alternative for online payments via invoice or your website.

The point-of-sale service is incredible, allowing you to accept cards, cash, checks, and even gift cards. You can also print receipts or send them to customers online.

When you sign up, you’ll receive your free reader to get started. What’s more, you can even swipe cards without an internet connection. This PayPal alternative also provides invoicing, recurring payments, real-time inventory management, and payroll tools.

10. Braintree

Braintree is actually a PayPal service, but it’s still worth considering as a PayPal alternative. It’s geared for large businesses, with companies like Uber, DropBox, GitHub, and Yelp using the payment solution.

The main benefit of Braintree is their focus on helping businesses to reduce friction and “increase conversions with a seamless checkout experience.”

PayPal Extras Mastercard

Braintree makes it easy to accept online payments in more than 130 currencies from more than 45 countries. The service provides a host of advanced features that PayPal lacks.

11. Authorize.Net

Accept electronic and credit card payments in person, online, or over the phone with this payment gateway service.

Working with small businesses since 1996, Authorize.Net has more than 43,000 merchants, handles more than one billion transactions, and facilitates $149 billion in payments every year.

It’s a subsidiary of Visa and sold through resellers including Independent Sales Organizations, Merchant Service Providers, and financial institutions.

You’ll receive free, 24/7 support and an award-winning API integration.

12. 2CheckOut

Looking for a global option? Consider 2CheckOut, which offers eight payment types, 15 languages, and 87 currency options in more than 200 global markets.

They provide a mobile-friendly experience with branding customized to your business.

Plus, you’ll enjoy 300 fraud rules per transaction, higher PCI compliance, and easy integration with more than 100 online carts and extensive documentation.

There are dozens of available PayPal alternatives, and when compared to PayPal, many of them have strengths and disadvantages.

It takes extensive analysis and an appreciation of what you or your organization needs from the PayPal alternative to make a final decision. When making a change, we would recommend starting with the list above.

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