How to Recover Photos From Corrupted SD Card

Is your faulty or damaged SD card preventing you from accessing files on it? If yes, then you are lucky to be here. We have put together this thorough guide with reliable options to fix corrupted SD cards and repair critical damage because we know how painful it can be.

Video, audio, and photo data can all be stored on SD cards.

What would happen if you did not immediately move the data on your SD card to another storage device and it suddenly got corrupted? Just keep reading as we guide you through.

Why Your SD Card is Corrupted

Why Your SD Card is Corrupted

Below are some of the reasons an SD card gets corrupted:

1. Insufficient Performance

An SD card that is corrupted might occasionally be the consequence of abuse or frequent use. At a time like this,the SD card must be formatted if it is operating slowly.

A few movies and images may, under the worst of circumstances, require hours to transfer over the data line.

2. Corrupted System

A corrupt system may cause your SD card to be corrupted.

In the event that system corruption or incapacity compromises the link, you may need to format the SD card in order to retrieve the content.

The operating system must forego the connection in order to use the SD card.

3. Other Bad Areas

This is one of the causes of SD card corruption. Like the hard disk, the SD card also has bad sectors. The ability to save stuff is eliminated by these hacked areas.

4. Manufacturing Flaw

There are situations when you are not to blame for SD card corruption. An SD card may occasionally get compromised due to a manufacturing flaw.

Whether it’s a defect in the production line or a result of inadequate quality control, the error is passed on to the client.

Get in touch with the maker or the seller if this has happened to you to get a refund.

How Do You Know if Your SD Card is Damaged?

Why Your SD Card is Corrupted

You can know that your SD card is corrupted:

  • By getting an error message stating that the directory or file is corrupted and unreadable or that the SD card is not accessible.
  • The majority of the pictures on your SD card are missing.
  • Reading/writing issues come up when moving files to an SD card.
  • Your computer does not recognize the SD card, and the error message “not detected” appears.

How to Recover Pictures from a Corrupted SD Card

How to Recover Pictures from a Corrupted SD Card

Fortunately, this article will save the day by teaching you how to restore photos from a corrupted SD card with the following photo recovery software listed below:

1. Using CHKDSK Command

One of the reasons you might need to retrieve images from a corrupted SD card is system corruption.

An SD card has a limited amount of operating life. It’s a detachable storage device thus faulty sectors will occur.

Thus, using the CHKDSK command is the solution for SD card recovery. Here’s how to recover files from a corrupted SD card without contacting a specialist.

  • Step 1: Press the start button. Enter “cmd.”
  • Step 2: Right-click to open the “Command Prompt” window. Then click “Run as administrator.”
  • Step 3: Type chkdsk H: /f /r into the command line.
  • Step 4: Replace H with the drive lettered on the SD car.

NOTE: Be informed that in order to fix the SD card, CHKDSK will permanently delete the material before we start. We require that the person consistently stores data in a backup path.

2. Stellar Photo Recovery Software

Stellar Photo Recovery has an outstanding success record for photo recovery. Professional and premium versions of this software can fix corrupted photos, which makes many users happy.

You may browse all types of files in one location and choose which ones to recover. Also, it supports a wide range of file formats, including photos, videos, and audio files.

Interestingly, the UI is simple to use, even for inexperienced users. When it comes to photo recovery, it has a high success rate.

Deleted photographs, videos, and music files can be recovered. It recovers photos from MacBook Air, MacBook Pro, iMac, Mac mini, Mac Pro, and Windows 11, 10, 8.1 and lower versions too.

More so, smart information about the drive (temperature and health) is provided.

nd it is compatible with Macs that have the M1 or T2 chip.Plus, it supports the most recent macOS Sonoma 14, Monterey 12.0 and lower versions.

3. Format the Device

The simplest way to format an SD card is as follows:

  • Use a card reader to insert your SD card into your computer.
  • Launch “This PC”. Select “Format” from the context menu of your SD card.
  • In the new window, select a file system and press the “Start” button.
  • Click “OK” in the Warning window to begin formatting your SD card.

Note: Formatting the SD card will remove all photos or data from your device, after this you need to use photo recovery software, like Stellar Photo Recovery to restore your lost photos.

4. MiniTool Power Data Recovery

MiniTool Power Data Recovery is compatible with all Windows systems, and therefore if you use Windows, you won’t encounter any errors due to incompatibility.

This software is powerful enough to recover data in a variety of conditions, such as an operating system crash, a damaged disk, a virus assault, photo recovery, and so on. Follow the steps below:

  • Get MiniTool Power Data Recovery and install it.
  • Insert your SD card into a card reader and connect it to your computer.
  • Start the software. You can scan the correct partition that holds the images you want to recover.
  • Wait a few minutes for the scan to complete. The file and partition sizes determine the scan time. Please be patient and do not stop the scan process for the best data recovery results.

5. EaseUS Data Recovery Wizard

You can use the hard drive data recovery program “EaseUS Data Recovery Wizard” to retrieve data from an inaccessible SD card. It will assist you in recovering photos and other files from a corrupted SD card that has become inaccessible.

To recover photos from a corrupted SD card, first download and install EaseUS SD card recovery software on your computer.

Then, to complete the recovery process, refer to the instructions below. It does not require any technical or professional understanding, merely a few simple clicks:

  • Select a place and begin scanning.
  • Choose the images you want to recover.
  • Recover missing images.


The ability to SD Card recovery is dependent on the condition of your SD card. If it is physically damaged, send it to be repaired.

If not, there is a good chance that data from the corrupted SD card can be recovered using photo recovery software such as Stellar Photo Recovery Software.

In addition to instructions on how to restore images, the remedies for a faulty memory card are included. I hope you find these useful.

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