What Happens if I Miss a Conn’s Payment?

Are you facing some financial challenges that could halt your Conn’s payment schedule? Finding out what happens if I miss a Conn’s payment so you stay guided you on the best way to avoid default consequences. So let’s get informed.

What Happens if I Miss a Conn's Payment?

Defaulting a payment schedule always have a grievous impact and negatively affect individual’s record with any company.

While a few persons might hardly understand what Conn’s is all about, let’s bring them on board about what Conn does.

What Services Does Conn Provide?

Conn’s, Inc. is a specialty retailer based in the U.S., with most of its stores located within this country. 

The brand offers consumers a wide array of products such as furniture, home appliances, consumer electronics, mattresses and office products. 

Also, Conn provides financing alternatives to the customers via credit cards supplied through its in-house credit program. 

Over and above that, Conn’s operates in both brick-and-mortar stores and its online portal for home interiors and consumer electronics.

What is Conn’s Penalty on Payment Default?

As a result of Conn’s HomePlus subscriber not paying up again, the company will contact you to schedule payment so you could pay up. However, late payment fee cost about $15. 

Conn’s will terminate the no-interest financing promotion if payments are late for 10 days which will make the no-interest financing void. 

After 30 days of not making payments and no attempt from Conns to reach you, the account will be sent to a collections agency.

How Do I Repay Conn’s Debt?

What is Conn's Penalty on Payment Default

To repay debt owed to Conn’s, there are several options available to you while you choose the one most convenient.

1. Online Payment: You can make repayment through the Conn’s online portal and make payments electronically, for example by using a credit or debit card or a bank account transfer.

2. In-Store Payment: You can visit any of their retail shops and repay what you owe.

3. Mail-In Payment: Some customer prefer to mail their payment via the conventional delivery channels. 

You can also contact their customer unit to give you other guides on the fastest repayment method available.

How to Avoid Late Payments

To avoid late payments with Conn’s, you need to follow our guide seriously. However, these are what you should do:

1. Set Up Auto-pay: Signing up for Conn’s auto pay feature will allow you enroll for scheduled auto pay which makes it more convenient to easily pay off debt.

2. Utilize Payment Reminders: Make use of the Conn’s online system or a budgeting app to remind you of due dates of installment payments.

3. Adjust Due Dates: Arrange for Conn’s payments dates to be due around the time you get paid, so you can easily make the due payment.

4. Stay in Communication: In case of financial problems, contact Conn’s immediately to discuss the possible options like payment postponement or inform about the arrangement.

5. Monitor Your Account: Make sure to monitor the Conn’s account so you don’t miss an early due date or spot some suspicious activity which could help you prevent missed payments.

All the strategies are to enable you pay up successfully and eliminate the chances of late fee or the potential negative impact on your credit score.


Conn’s HomePlus charges for missed payments and adds $15 late fees. However, more missed payments follows the report for default and collection. 

Also, accounts in arrears after 60 days are liable for early settlement in full plus potential collection efforts.

For you to avoid all of these penalties, you should schedule a repayment plan and adhere to it for effective repayment at the shortest possible time.

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