Crazy Things You Can Buy with EBT

Crazy Things You Can Buy with EBT (on Amazon)

If you have food stamps or EBT, you already know that you can buy groceries for your family, but what about Amazon, the tentacled interweb leviathan that grasps at every aspect of our daily lives and beyond? Some of the items on this list may surprise you.

Crazy Things You Can Buy with EBT

What Exactly Is SNAP?

Before delving into the unexpected items available for purchase with EBT on Amazon,

Those new to SNAP or thinking about applying for SNAP may have questions about the program.

Millions of Americans require food assistance at some point in their lives.

While many people are fortunate to have strong support systems to help them provide meals, others do not.

The pandemic has exacerbated the situation. 

The Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program, or SNAP, is beneficial and useful for those in need.

This federal program assists low-income Americans who would otherwise be unable to put food on the table.

A SNAP Electronic Benefit Transfer (EBT) card enables people to purchase nutritious food at EBT-accepting retailers.

The program ensures that no one goes hungry, allowing children to grow into adults and seniors to eat as healthily as working adults.

While browsing Amazon, it may pleasantly surprise you to learn that SNAP EBT can be used to purchase a variety of items.

Surprising Amazon Purchases with EBT

There was a time when you could only use your SNAP benefits to buy groceries at traditional grocery stores.

However, because more people shop online than ever before, major online retailers such as Amazon have adapted.

Now accept the electronic benefits transfer (EBT) card for a variety of purposes.

Some of these facts may surprise you.


Atkins Bars

Before the Keto diet, there was the Atkins diet, which was one of the first low-carb weight-loss strategies.

Some of their “Endulge” and protein meal bars qualify as food on Amazon.

With flavors like strawberry cheesecake, nutty fudge brownie, and vanilla pecan crisp available.

Not all of their bars are SNAP-eligible, so double-check.

Chia Pets Trolls Doll

Technically, Chia seeds are edible.

Even if the majority of the other components of a Chia Pet (namely, the clay figurine into which the seeds are planted) are not.

While not all Chia Pets are SNAP-eligible, the Chia Pet Trolls version is, and it’s a fun project for children to grow.

Coffee Pods

Though you can’t buy a cup of hot coffee with EBT, Keurig owners rejoice:

you can buy Keurig coffee pods with EBT on Amazon.

And the online retailer is offering a 40-pod sampler for $22.98.

That’s more than a month’s worth of daily coffee for less than $1 per pod.

To stay caffeinated, use your EBT card to stock up on fancy-flavored Nespresso capsules, coffee pods, and K-cups.

Crazy Things You Can Buy with EBT

Energy Drinks

Everyone needs a pick-me-up now and then, and energy drinks can provide one in a gulp.

Fortunately, you can use your EBT to buy energy drinks like Monster on Amazon.

Because you can’t buy supplements or vitamins with your food stamps card,

You won’t be able to buy those brands of energy drinks with your food stamps card.

Gift Baskets

Some gift baskets are SNAP-eligible, according to the USDA, as long as 50 percent of the items are food-based.

There are several types of gift baskets available on Amazon.

Broadway Basketeers’ Thinking of You Gift Tower Basket of Snacks contains a variety of sweet and savory snack treats.

Other SNAP-eligible items include Taste of Florida‘s Tropical Gift Basket and A Mother’s Day Morning Breakfast Gift Basket.

Food Emergency Kit

In the event of an emergency, disaster experts recommend having up to a week’s worth of food stored.

Just in case you are unable to leave your home.

You can use EBT to purchase an Augason Farms lunch and dinner 4-gallon pail emergency food supply from Amazon.

It’s ideal for storm preparation.

Food Decoration

Wilton sugar pearls, for example, are sometimes SNAP eligible when used to decorate a cake, cookies, or cupcakes on Amazon.

If you want to buy your child a special birthday cake from the grocery store, you could use your food stamps card to do so.

Just make sure the decoration isn’t too ornate, and you might be able to use your food stamp card to purchase a cake.

Food-Included Toys

Amazon has a nice little gray area around items that aren’t strictly food but contain food, or in this case, candy.

You can buy the Groovy Growing Candy Lab or the Rainbow Gummy Candy Lab with EBT and other toys that include candy or food.

But make sure to check SNAP eligibility first.

What You Can’t Buy on Amazon With SNAP

According to USDA guidelines, you can still buy the following items, just like in any other store:

Beer, wine, liquor, cigarettes, or tobacco are all acceptable.

Vitamins, medications, and dietary supplements (To see if it’s a supplement, look for a supplemental facts label.)

Animals that are alive (except for shellfish, fish removed from the water, and animals slaughtered before store pickup).

Foods that are popular at the time of purchase

Nonfood items include pet foods, cleaning supplies or household supplies, hygiene products, and cosmetics.


Frequently Asked Questions

1. What is EBT in the USA?

(EBT) is an electronic system that allows (SNAP) participants to use their SNAP benefits to pay for food.

2. How do I Get an EBT Card in California?

To apply for SNAP and find your state and local offices and phone numbers, use the online map.

You can also apply in person at your local or state office.

3. How do I Get an EBT Card in NYC?

To apply for SNAP and find your state and local offices and phone numbers, use the online map.

You can also apply in person at your local or state office.

4. What can I Use my EBT Card for in California?

You can use it to buy food, as well as seeds and plants that will grow food for your family to eat.

More FAQs

6. Does McDonald’s Accept EBT in California?

In Arizona and California, McDonald’s only accepts EBT cards.

7. Does Costco Accept EBT?

They accept EBT cards at all Costco warehouse locations.

8. Does Amazon accept EBT?

Amazon is taking part in a USDA pilot program to accept SNAP EBT online.

9. Can You Buy Vitamins with EBT?


10. Does Target take EBT?

Target Store associates can accept credit and debit cards, as well as EBT cards, per sale.

Aside from regular grocery store purchases, there are numerous other ways to use your food stamp card.

Some may regard these as unusual items that can be purchased with EBT.

If you are unsure whether a purchase will be approved by SNAP, contact your local food stamp office.

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