Amex Points – The Best Ways You can Make Use of it

Have you ever heard about Amex? Are you aware of Amex Points? Would you like to be a member of Amex? If yes, then it is necessary you know this. American Express (Amex) membership rewards points are the ways Amex says ‘thank you’ every time you spend on your Card.

Amex Points - The Best Ways You can Make Use of it

There are no limits to how many you can earn. Also they never expire. Whether it’s a new pair of headphones, a family trip away or even your morning coffee and pastry. When we say you can use them for pretty much anything, we mean exactly that.

Thus, as a member, if you’re looking for the best way to make use of Amex points, then this article is for you.

Importance of Being an Amex Member

It is important you know this. Being an Amex member or having a membership rewards card means you:

  • Get one point for every pound you spend on purchases.
  • Use points the way you want. This is with a range of shopping, travel and entertainment partners.
  • Also earn points for spending made with Supplementary Cards. These are additional Cards you can give to friends and family.
  • Earn bonus points by referring friends for an American Express Card.

Ineligible Expenses on Amex Card

When making use of your Amex Points, please note. The following are not eligible spend, so will not earn membership rewards points:

  • Interest.
  • All fees (including annual membership fees and default fees).
  • Balance transfers.
  • Cash advances (including transactions treated as cash).
  • Loading of pre-paid Cards.
  • American Express travelers cheque purchases.
  • Foreign exchange transactions.
  • Also, any amounts that are subsequently credited to your Card Account. This can be either by way of refunds or other types of credits.

What to Spend Amex Points on

When making use of your Amex Points, please note. Unlike other loyalty programmes, you can spend your points on almost anything, like:

  • Offset any purchase made on your Card once it appears on your statement.
  • Shop a wide range of entertainment, travel and dining products. This can be from Amex online catalogue. This has electronics, fitness gadgets, kitchen accessories, luggage and much more.
  • Book travel on the American Express Travel website. This includes flights, hotels and experiences. You can even use your points to pay for taxes and fees.
  • Also, purchase Gift Cards from a choice of well-known brands.
  • Transfer points to travel, hotel and retail loyalty programmes.
  • Also, donate to charities.

Some Best Ways to Use Amex Points

When making use of your Amex Points, please note. As a member of Amex, these are some best ways to make use of Amex points:

  • You may use them for redeeming them for a gift card. This is because many major retailers offer one cent per point.
  • Also, you may can transfer your points to one of the American Express airline or hotel partners. Which frequently offer a point-to-point exchange rate, with some even transferring for more.

When it comes to points, American Express credit cards are a frequent favorite. They have a robust rewards program that offers card holders the option to redeem points for everything.

This ranges from gift cards and online purchases to hotel stays and airline tickets. Like many other credit cards, American Express also offers a cash back option.

Other Best Ways to Use Amex Points

Other Best Ways to Use Amex Points

Below are some of the best ways to use Amex points:

  • Redeeming for Cash Back

It is important you know this. Currently, American Express (Amex) Membership Rewards points can be redeemed for a mere 0.6 cents per point. This makes it one of the worst returns in Amex Rewards program as well as among other rewards programs.

When making use of your Amex Points, please note. If you are in need of cash it could be a useful way to get some quickly without any strings attached.

  • Redeeming to Shop

Amex points can be used to shop for thousands of goods and services provided by over 50 American Express Shopping partners. This includes Amazon, Best Buy, and Apple. Unfortunately, like some gift cards, the redemption rate is typically 0.5 cents per point.

Even the occasional promotion (e.g., 25% off select items) makes it hard to part with points when the conversion value is so low. Furthermore, you can often find better deals in-store. This can be through coupons, promos, or price matches.

  • Redeeming for Uber

In the past, Amex points were used for Uber rides. That strong partnership is a thing of the past. Currently, card holders can only redeem points for Uber rides by using the “Points for Your Charges” option.

This is after the Uber purchase posts to their statement. When redeemed in this manner, the point value is only 0.6 cents per point.

  • Redeeming for Travel

When making use of your Amex Points, please note. American Express has an easy-to-use travel portal, and there is a plethora of ways cardholders can use their points; however, the point value will differ by card type.

Points accrued on basic cards, like the American Express EveryDay card, will typically convert at 0.5 cents per point, while some of the elite cards may offer 1 cent per point.

  • Transferring to Airline Partners

Amex Points can be transferred to Airlines Partners. Transferring points to one of the American Express airline partners represents one of the best ways to secure the maximum conversion value.

Many airline partners like Delta, ANA, and Air Canada (a Star Alliance Member) offer a 1:1 conversion rate, and occasional promotions can increase that rate. Allso, that’s the case for a recent British Airways promotion, which allowed card holders to use 1,000 points to secure 1,400 of the airline’s points (Avios).

  • Transferring to Hotel Partners

Another great way to secure the maximum point redemption value is by transferring points to American Express hotel partners. Both Choice Privileges (Cambria, Comfort Inn, Econo Lodge, etc.) and Marriott, which now includes the Ritz Carlton and SPG properties, offer a 1:1 transfer rate.

Additionally, Hilton, which includes Waldorf Astoria, Embassy Suites, Hampton, etc., is currently offering an enticing 1:2 transfer rate.

Companies Amex Partnered With

When making use of your Amex Points, please note. Below are the companies American Express has partnered with:

  • All Nippon Airways
  • Delta SkyMiles
  • Hawaiian Airlines
  • JetBlue
  • Emirates Skywards
  • Alitalia MilleMiglia
  • Asia Miles
  • Etihad Guest
  • Flying Blue
  • Virgin Atlantic
  • Birtish Airways
  • Singapore KrisFlyer
  • Iberia Plus
  • Aeromexico
  • Aeroplan

In a Nutshell

In a Nutshell

From the above, as a member of Amex, you should know how to make use of your point. Also, when it comes to making the most out of those hard-earned Membership Rewards points, Please not. Avoid the cashback route. This offers a significantly lower return when compared to other rewards redemption options.

It is advisable that: If you’re not a frequent traveler, then look into the gift card purchase options. However, it is still only a minimal increase. Furthermore, you should know that your best bet is to transfer your points to the participating airline or hotel group of your choice.

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