Does AutoZone Install Batteries?

Ever asked whether AutoZone Install Batteries? AutoZone gives out free battery testing and charging so you can make sure your battery actually needs replacing. If you require a new battery, they help you find the right battery for your vehicle and driving habits.

Does AutoZone Install Batteries?

Autozone Overview

AutoZone is the leading retailer and a leading distributor of automotive replacement parts and accessories in the U.S.

They sell auto and light truck parts, chemicals, and accessories through AutoZone stores in 50 U.S. states plus the District of Columbia, Puerto Rico, Mexico, and Brazil.

They also sell automotive diagnostic and repair software through ALLDATA, diagnostic and repair information through alldatadiy.com, and auto and light truck parts and accessories through AutoZone.com.

Does AutoZone Install Batteries?

Does AutoZone Install Batteries?

According to customer care agents, AutoZone provides battery installation when you buy a new car battery from them.

Free installation is included when you buy a new battery.

AutoZone can refuse to install the battery in some circumstances, though.

You might need to have the batteries placed somewhere else if the installation calls for the associate to remove other parts from the vehicle.

AutoZone may not install the battery if it is found in an unusual spot, such as in the wheel well or under a seat.

Besides installation, AutoZone gives out free battery testing while the battery is still in your car and also gives out free battery charging while waiting.

Store services vary by location, so contact your nearest AutoZone prior to visiting.

How to Get a New Battery

Before you buy a new battery, you may require the service of the workers at AutoZone to test your battery. Maybe it has just lost its charge.

They can charge your battery while you wait if that is the case. The two offerings are free.

Take advantage of this chance because there’s no cost.

You won’t lose anything if your battery is dead or too weak to be relied upon.

How to Get a New Battery

Cost of Battery

Depending on the type of battery and the year and model of your automobile, a battery from AutoZone can cost anywhere from $50 to $120.

An employee can inspect or check up your vehicle and then suggest the price options.

The price range for a quality battery is between $90 and $200. The more costly battery will last longer and come with a warranty.

How much you spend may depend upon how long you intend to keep your car. Battery life is generally determined by age and not usage. Again, AutoZone has all the options.

They will gladly take the time to go over all of your options with you and can even make a suggestion.

cost of battery


Why will AutoZone Refuse to Install a Battery?

Some batteries are located in an easy-to-spot and come right out. There is no requirement to remove any engine components.

In this situation, the AutoZone employee will quickly remove the old battery and replace it with the new one. There will be no charge.

Certain automobile manufacturers placed the battery in a difficult spot that requires taking out parts before the battery can be reached.

If that is your car, then AutoZone will not install its battery.

It is just too much time and trouble. Unless you know how to install a battery yourself, then you need to advance if AutoZone will install your battery before you make that purchase.


If there isn’t an AutoZone in your region, several national auto parts retailers such as Advance Auto Parts, NAPA, and O’Reilly Auto Parts provide battery installation services.

AutoZone offers a very good battery service that will work for most car owners.

It is well worth a drive to their convenient locations if you suspect your battery is getting close to the end of its lifespan.

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