The Ultimate Zoom Features Guide 2022 | All New Zoom Features

Are you a zoom lover, and would you like to learn how to use Zoom? Zoom is an interesting app and there are lots of zoom features you would love to know. However, it could be difficult to grasp Zoom if this is your first time using it. But do not fret because this article got you covered.

The Ultimate Zoom features guide 2021 | All new Zoom features

What is the Zoom App?

Zoom is a cloud-based video conferencing service that enables you to hold live discussions while digitally meeting with others.

Zoom also allows you to record those meetings for later viewing. 

They apparently employed zoom by more than half of Fortune 500 organizations in 2019, and in 2020 it reached new heights, registering a 227 percent growth year over year.

Zoom Meeting and Zoom Room are two terms that are frequently used when discussing Zoom.

We refer to a video conference meeting that uses Zoom as a Zoom Meeting. These meetings are accessible by phone or webcam. 

In the meantime, a Zoom Room is the actual hardware configuration that enables businesses to plan and start Zoom Meetings from their conference room.

Larger businesses should use Zoom Rooms, which require a separate membership on top of a Zoom subscription.

Zoom App Video Conferencing Features

They highlighted the primary Zoom features that are accessible for meetings and using the app generally in this section.

The creation of a Basic plan, which includes several of these, is free. 

These functions are excellent for corporate teams and for individuals making personal calls.

The zoom features include

1. HD Video and Audio

The video conferencing app from Zoom features can broadcast HD video and audio at high quality, providing participants an excellent picture quality. 

Although most high-speed internet connections can stream high-quality video, you can downgrade the picture quality if you are having trouble getting a stable connection.

2. Cross-platform Communication

You can use the desktop client, the smartphone app, and the browser client to conduct video conferences with Zoom.

Cross-platform communication is supported across all versions, including instant chat, audio, and video. 

You can access your meetings regardless of how you sign in to Zoom because app versions will automatically sync.

3. Camera Feed for Participants

The main function of Zoom is video conferencing. Participants have the option to share their videos but are not required to.

Zoom will request authorization to use your computer or device’s camera before using the camera to show other callers’ videos.

4. Password Security

The Zoom application is password-protected on desktop, mobile, and browser platforms. However, in order to access Zoom, you must sign in using a valid account, not SSO, Google, or Facebook. 

Personal Meeting Rooms are moreover all password-protected. Passwords can be required for specific meetings, enhancing meeting security.

Individual Zoom meetings are now all password-protected and require a password to enter in an effort to strengthen security.

5. Only Audio Conferences

We can use these zoom features for audio-only conferences besides video conferences because it has many video-related capabilities and advancements. 

Simply disable video when attending a meeting and continue using the app normally sharing no footage. Taking part in Zoom meetings while using your phone is also possible. See Call In for further information on this.

The Ultimate Zoom features guide 2021 | All new Zoom features

6. End-to-end Encryption

We encrypt shared content with AES-256 while communications are encrypted with 256-bit TLS.

Zoom is working to offer end-to-end encryption (E2EE) as a choice that may be activated and disabled as part of its security enhancements.

While end-to-end encryption will be accessible for all Zoom meetings and services, some communication platforms will perform better with this encryption turned off.

7. Waiting Room

We will direct participants who seek to join your meeting into a waiting room if they enabled the Waiting Room functionality on your meeting. 

Once they are prepared or after they have screened the guests, the host can then allow participants (one at a time or all at once). 

You may program the waiting area to let individuals in based on their domain, allowing, for instance, those from your company to skip the line.

8. Zoom Scheduling

You can organize meetings and send invitations through Zoom thanks to the app’s integrated scheduling feature. Then, from any client or app, you may access, change, and otherwise manage booked meetings. 

Ideally suited for organizations, you can configure permissions to allow others to organize meetings on your behalf.

9. Private Conference Room

Users of the Basic (free) plan get access to Personal Meeting Rooms, which are virtual meeting spaces with reserved meeting IDs. 

The personal link to the meeting and the specific Personal Meeting ID that is assigned to each Personal Meeting Room can be used to access the meeting room.

Meetings with people you trust, or with whom you regularly or irregularly hold meetings, are best held in the Personal Meeting Room. People will know where to locate you, making it simple for them to join your meeting or call you. 

It spares participants from having to search for the meeting invitation in order to join a call with you.

When other users you trust won’t divulge your meeting access details, this is excellent for frequent, brief talks.

10. Calendar Planning

You can link calendar programs with Zoom and arrange Zoom meetings besides the in-app scheduling offered by Zoom.

You can use Outlook and Google Calendar by default, which is widely used for both personal and professional applications. 

When organizing a meeting, you have the option to add it to your calendar, which makes it very simple and practical to accomplish.

11. Remote Management

Remote control of another participant’s Zoom meeting is possible for the host and other attendees. 

These zoom features can access the Zoom client and change the participant’s device because they have remote control of it. This is perfect for handling administrative issues and collaborating more successfully.

12. Virtual Backgrounds

Participants in meetings can select an image or video to use as their video background using the Virtual Background function. 

This can cover a messy, disorganized, or unprofessional background or create a fun, intriguing, or creative background that gets people talking.

Although the app will automatically try to employ a green screen, this feature works best when the individual sharing their video does so. 

For the greatest appearance, crop the image or video you used to match the aspect ratio of your camera.

zoom features

13. Improve my Appearance

You can use the improve my appearance function to automatically add a soft focus to your video display.

This gives your face a more polished appearance on camera and helps even out the skin tone. When the meeting starts, just turn on this setting, and it will function automatically.

14. Attention Indicator

The host (and co-hosts) can monitor how attendees are interacting and paying attention during meetings and webinars by using the Attention Indicator function.

15. Light and Dark sidebar Themes

You can select a light or dark sidebar to alter how the Zoom app looks on your device. As a result, the app zoom features the style you like and is easier for you to use.

17. Zoom features for Driving on Mobile Devices

To make using Zoom while driving both practical and secure, it is compatible with Apple CarPlay and comes with a Safe Driving Mode. 

Using your mobile device in Safe Driving Mode, you can start, join, and take part in calls while you’re driving. You may conveniently use your iPhone while driving by quickly joining Zoom meetings with Apple CarPlay.

This is one of the zoom features that are interesting.

18. Mobile Meeting Reminders

Users can enable meeting reminders once they have downloaded the mobile app on their mobile devices. These notifications will inform you when a meeting is about to begin. 

You can change your meeting notifications by adjusting how far before the meeting the reminder happens.

How to use them (Step-by-Step Guide)

Anyone can set up and hold a virtual face-to-face meeting with Zoom, but if you’ve never used the program before, it might still be challenging.

Here is a step-by-step tutorial on how to use Zoom Meetings effectively.

1. How to use Zoom

a. Visit Zoom’s website and select the “SIGN UP” button in the top-right corner of the page to get started.

b. For setting up a Zoom account, you have two choices.

You can sign in using SSO (Single Sign-On), your Google or Facebook account, or you can create a new account using your company email address.

It’s preferable to register with your work email address if you’re using Zoom for business meetings or other professional activities.

c. Your email will now contain a confirmation link from Zoom. To access Zoom’s Sign Up Assistant and log in with your credentials, click that link. Zoom signup with email confirmation.

d. For convenience, download the desktop Zoom client from the Zoom website.

zoom features

2. Hosting a Zoom Meeting

a. Open your Zoom account and log in.

b. Select one of the following options by placing your pointer over the “HOST A MEETING” link in the top-right corner of the screen:

Screen Share Only

With Video On 

With Video Off

c. The website will launch a meeting and send you to the Zoom app. You can change the meeting’s preferences here, or you can copy the “Invitation URL” that you email to participants.

3. Adding Participants

a. Open the Zoom desktop application and start a new conference.

b. Click the “Invite” button in the toolbar at the bottom of the new meeting screen.

c. Zoom will present you with the choices of “Copy URL” or “Copy Invitation” at this point. Participants can receive these by text message, email, or instant message.

d. Through the Zoom app itself, you may also send the conference information directly to your favourite email client.

Joining a Zoom Meeting

Here’s a step-by-step tutorial for swiftly joining a Zoom meeting: Both your desktop and your phone require identical procedures.

1. Using a Meeting Link to Join

If a meeting has a join link, all you have to do to join it is click on it or copy the link and paste it into your web browser.

2. Use a Meeting ID to Join

Click the “Join” icon in the Zoom app after launching it and add your meeting display name and the Meeting ID to the box before clicking “Join.”

Join meeting. You are now prepared to interact with the other team members!

How to Schedule Meetings

1. Go to the Zoom app and select the blue “Schedule” button to set up a meeting (looks like a calendar icon).

2. In the pop-up window displayed titled “Schedule Meeting,” enter the meeting’s specifics.

Its date, time, privacy, and access settings are all configurable. 

To add the event to your calendar, you can also choose your favorite calendar (from iCal, Google Calendar, or other options).

3. Once they set your options, select “Schedule” by clicking the button in the bottom right corner of the screen.

Many of us think that Zoom is a useful digital tool today for video interactions. Despite having several sophisticated capabilities that remote employees may find useful for increasing productivity.

This app has zoom features that are simple and have primary merits.

Frequently Asked Questions

Gallery Zoom View.

Turn on Beauty Filter; for larger calls

Hide non-video participants;

Keyboard shortcuts that absolutely need

To modify your background.

Establish Repeating Meetings.

Zoom is the go-to corporate communication tool for over 700,000 enterprises worldwide because it provides a safe, affordable, and simple-to-use platform for messaging, cloud meetings, conferencing, and webinars. 

Easy to Deploy and Use, Interoperability, and…

Zoom App Pricing is reasonably priced.

Your work is more adaptable using Zoom.

A centralized platform, better service on slow connections, and…

Customer service delays are disadvantages.

Zoom Security Concerns: Outsider Infiltration

Too many add-ons and subscriptions. Zoom is a service that requires membership and has affordable entry levels.

Zoom bombing, poor comment moderation, and other issues

The norm does not include HD video.

You Must Download An App… Variable Cloud File Sizes.

40 minutes

Free account users who set up one-on-one meetings will now have those meetings automatically cease after 40 minutes.

No matter how many participants are present, those of you who use a free account to create Zoom meetings will now be disconnected after 40 minutes.

Zoom is free for anyone hosting 40-minute meetings with fewer than 100 participants, but phone plans start at $10 per user per month and video calling costs $14.99 per month.

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