Your Nintendo Switch Won’t Connect to the Internet? Here’s What to Do

 –  Nintendo Switch Won’t Connect to Internet – 

Just got your Nintendo Switch console and can’t wait to play online? There are cases where Nintendo Switch WiFi issues, unfortunately, pop up to ruin your experience or at least make it annoying.

In this article, we walk you through several steps to hopefully fix your Nintendo Switch internet problems and get you back online and playing games again.


Causes of Internet Problems on Nintendo Switch

Weak Signal or Interference

If your Switch is far from the router, or if it’s getting a weak wifi signal, it may be unable to maintain a connection. Try moving closer to the router and see if that will fix the problem.

Signal interference can also affect how your console works with the router. Metal objects or other electronic devices may interfere with wireless signals in your home.

Move away objects such as filing cabinets, aquariums, cordless phones, power strips, other wireless devices and see if that will improve the situation.

If possible, turn off all wireless devices at home and disconnect them from your router. Then, connect your Nintendo Switch console alone to your router and see if that will fix the issue.

Minor Bugs

Some bugs may develop if you use your console non-stop for days. Make sure that you restart it from time to time.

To do that, just press the Power button for about 3 seconds, select Power Options, and follow it up by Restart.

Router Issues

Some issues on your router may affect devices connected to it. You may need to do specific router troubleshooting steps in order to address possible causes. Some of these router issues are mentioned below.

Software Issues

Your console may have a software problem that affects wifi functionality. If the solutions in this article won’t help at all, try to wipe the device with a factory reset.

Temporary Network Glitches

Just like your console, routers, or any other network equipment can develop minor bugs if left running for an extended period.

Make sure to reboot your router or modem or both if you continue to experience wifi issues on your Nintendo Switch.

Here’s What to Do

Reboot Your Networking Equipment

After rebooting your Switch, you should next power cycle your modem and router. Simply pull the plug on both devices (if you don’t have a combo unit), wait a minute, then plug them back in.

Review Your Switch Network Settings

If you still can’t get online at all, it’s worth checking your Switch’s internet connection options so you can determine where the problem lies.

Open the Settings menu from the home screen and head to the Internet tab. Select Test Connection to run through a quick check and see if everything is correct.

If you don’t see the Connection test was a successful message, take note of any error codes, as you may need to research them online later.

You should walk through the Internet Settings on the previous page to make sure you’ve set up everything correctly.

Select your network and choose Change settings to make sure the info is up-to-date. You can also erase the connection and set it up anew if you prefer.

A common reason for network issues is mistyping the Wi-Fi password, for example.

Install System and Game Updates

If you can’t get your Switch online, you, of course, won’t be able to download new system updates.

However, there’s a chance that your system already downloaded an update but hasn’t installed it yet.

Applying that could fix your issue, so it’s worth checking now. Head to Settings > System and choose System Update to check.

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