Xbox One Controller Not Working? Simple Ways to Troubleshoot & Fix

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It can be super frustrating when you’re ready for the game but the game controller is not working and ready to be used. Xbox One Controller Not Working?

In this article, we will help you troubleshoot a wide variety of controller issues if you’re having trouble with your Xbox Wireless Controller.


Reasons The Controller May Not Function on the Computer

Method 1: Check the status of your controller

You should check the basic status of your controller and see if there is any issue that causes the problem.

1) Check the connection status of your controller: Make sure your wireless controller is close enough to the console. Ensure that there are no objects (such as a wireless router or a microwave oven) or USB or wireless devices (such as a headset or a flash drive) that may interfere in the connection.

2) Check the battery status of your controller: Make sure the batteries are not running out of power. If your controller is running low on power, charge or replace the batteries and see if this resolves the problem.

Method 2: Re-sync your controller

If you are using a wireless controller, you can try re-syncing your Xbox One controller to the console to fix connection issues.

1) Press the connect button on your console.

* On Xbox One S, the connect button is a small circular button on the front of the console. On other versions of Xbox One, it is on the side around the corner from the disc tray.

2) Press and hold the connect button on the back of the controller till the Xbox button flashes. After a few seconds, you can see it switch back to a solid light, which means it is re-synced.

If this method works for you, the connection between your controller and your console will recover.

If you have a micro-USB cable, you can pair your Xbox One controller and console with this cable.

1) Plug the cable into a USB port on Xbox and connect with your controller.

2) Press and hold the Xbox button on the controller to sync them.

Check to see your controller can connect to the console or not. You can unplug the cable after the whole process.

Method 3: Power Cycle your Console

Power cycling your console means fully rebooting the console. It can fix some corruption issues in your console as well as your controller connection. To power cycle the console:

1) Press and hold the Xbox button on the console until it completely shuts down. (It can take about 10 seconds.)

2) Press the Xbox button to turn on your console.

3) Check and see if your controller can connect to the console.

Method 4: Update your Controller Software

The problem may occur if the controller software is wrong or out of date. You can update your controller software to see if it can bring back your controller connection. To do so:

1) Connect your controller to the console with a USB cable.

2) Sign into Xbox Live.

3) Press the Menu button on your controller, and then select Settings.

4) Select Devices & accessories.

5) Select the controller you are using.

6) Select Update.

7) Select Continue.

8) Wait for the console to complete the updating process. After that, test your controller and see if the not syncing problem is fixed.


Method 5: The Controller Drivers Are Not Installed

In Windows 7 and 8.x, the Xbox One controller is known to fail automatic driver installation.

Xbox One Controller Not Working?

This issue is well documented and is caused by the lack of drivers bundled with these operating systems. It is also not helped by Windows Update driver detection problems. The standard controller offers two driver options:

Note: Correcting the issue by manually installing the driver requires administrator permissions. Users with Standard and Limited accounts will need the admin password to fix the issue this way.

Manual fix

  • Plugin the controller. If the automatic driver installation fails, go on to the next step.
  • Open Device Manager and find the controller. This is typically located under Xbox Peripherals (Legacy) in Windows 7 and 8.x systems.
  • Select the Driver tab.
  • Click Update Driver.
  • Try using Search automatically for updated driver software. If this doesn’t work, go to Step 6.
  • If this did not work, download the driver from Microsoft. Put this in a place you can easily find it on your computer. Once it is downloaded, select Browse my computer for driver software and manually select the driver.

If you did this correctly, your controller should now work.

Automatic install

The easiest way for inexperienced users to fix this problem is to use the .exe package that copies the required files to your PC that was released in 2012.

This driver is older, but it is wrapped into a package that is easy to understand. This driver is no longer hosted by Microsoft, as they now load the driver through Windows Update.

Note: This driver is older. Some games may not work correctly until it is updated in Device Manager. 

Possible Reasons why Controller Won’t Connect to Console

Low Batteries

Your batteries may be low. If the batteries are low, the controller’s wireless signal strength may be weak and therefore will not connect to the console. You are going to want to replace your batteries or charge the controller.

Another Wireless Device Is Interfering

A conflicting signal may be responsible for connectivity issues. Consider turning off nearby wireless devices and reconnecting the controller.

Too Many Controllers Are Connected

Make sure you do not have more than eight controllers connected. That is the limit for the Xbox One console.

Controller Inactivity

If you set down your controller for longer than fifteen minutes and then come back to an unresponsive controller, you may need to turn the controller back on.

Controller Is Out Of Range

Your Xbox One Controller signal has a range of 30 feet (9.1 meters). Make sure you are within this range.

Controller Is Not Synced

If you sync your controller to another device, you will need to re-sync it back to your console. To do this, turn on the Xbox One and hold down the sync button on your controller.

Simultaneously, hold down the sync button on your console until the light on your controller begins to flash at a rapid pace.

Once this happens, release both sync buttons. Your controller should now be connected after about five to ten seconds.

Read Also:

Mic Preventing Connection

Some people have reported that the controller will not connect with the headset mic plugged in. Unplug the mic, and reconnect. Sync if necessary. Plug the mic back in after establishing a connection.

Xbox One Console Not Working?

If you are using a Model 1697 controller, your internal headphone jack may be damaged. Try unplugging the mic and trying again. If you continue to have problems, try a different pair of headphones that are known to work.

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