100 Would You Rather Questions for Work, Kids, and Adults

This article includes a list of ‘would you rather questions to ask your coworkers. It’s a subset of our icebreaker questions, and it’s full of thought-provoking questions. You can even use them in interviews to learn more about potential employees.

would you rather questions

Would You Rather Questions

This list contains both humorous and thought-provoking questions.

You are free to put your own spin on them and make them as dirty, sultry, or decent as you want.

As long as the person you’re asking doesn’t take offense.

If you work remotely, these questions are ideal for a Friday virtual get-together.

They break the ice and provide insight into your colleague’s mind, allowing you to bond from there.

Check them out!


Would You Rather Questions for Kids and Teens

1. Which would you prefer: flying on a magic carpet or owning an invisibility cloak?

2. Would you rather live the rest of your life eating only hot dogs or mac and cheese?

3. Do you prefer to meet Big Bird or Barney?

4. Do you prefer to teleport or read people’s minds?

5. Would you rather have ice cream for breakfast or wear your pajamas to school?

6. Which would you prefer: an extra finger or an extra toe?

7. Do you prefer a dog or a cat as a pet?

8. Would you rather be a firefighter or a cop?

9. Would you rather go up against a dragon or a hippopotamus?

10. Do you want to meet Superman or Elsa?

11. Would you rather forego your phone or your dinner?

12. Would you rather diet or exercise on a regular basis?

13. Do you prefer going vegan or giving up your favorite food?

14. Do you prefer skydiving or snowboarding?

15. Would you rather live with your parents or buy a new car?

16. Which would you prefer: free college or free healthcare?

17. Do you want to run for student council or help out at a local homeless shelter?

18. Which would you prefer: no heating or no air conditioning?

19. Would you rather backpack through South America or across Europe?

20. Would you rather know what you’ll be doing in five years or live life as it comes?

Questions For Work

21. Do you prefer four-day weeks or two months on and one month off?

22. Do you want to be CEO for a day or get a bonus?

23. Which do you prefer: a fully stocked snack bar or an endless coffee machine?

24. Would you rather work longer hours with a shorter commute or work fewer hours with a longer commute?

25. Do you prefer to bring your child or your pet to work?

26. Do you prefer to bike or drive to work?

27. Do you prefer working for a startup or a large corporation?

28. Would you rather go on a local business trip alone or with your entire team?

29. Would you rather have a bad boss and a good job than a good boss and a bad job?

30. Would you rather work a job that requires you to interact with people all day or one that requires you to sit at a desk all day?

31. Do you prefer to be near the printer or the water cooler?

32. Would you prefer to use a pencil or a pen?

33. Do you prefer to work in yoga poses or work at yoga?

34. Would you rather steal someone else’s lunch or have it stolen from you?

35. Would you rather walk or drive to work?

36. Would you rather lead a country or a company?

37. Would you rather wear headphones to work or listen to music through a speaker?

38. Would you prefer a job where you don’t have to write at all or one where you have to write all the time?

39. Do you prefer to work in Los Angeles or New York City?

40. Would you rather be a company’s CEO or another executive?

would you rather questions

Would You Rather for Couples

41. Would you rather kiss in Paris or in a forest tent?

42. Would you rather meet your dream girl in ten years or meet ten girls now?

43. Would you rather have your date pay for your meal or pay for it yourself?

44. Would you rather have all of the clothes or all of the shoes?

45. Would you rather propose in public or privately?

46. Would you prefer a small or large wedding?

47. Would you rather travel the world with your partner or settle in a unique location?

48. Do you prefer to be hairy or completely bald?

49. Do you prefer to eat healthier or exercise regularly?

50. Do you prefer matching outfits or matching tattoos?

51. Do you prefer to plan your date or just go with the flow?

52. Would you prefer a video call date or a socially distant date?

53. Would you rather pursue your dreams or amass wealth?

54. Would you rather be the strongest or the smartest man on the planet?

55. Would you rather lose your sense of taste or your sense of sight?

56. Would you rather go to a rock or hip-hop concert?

57. Would you rather be Kim Kardashian or Paris Hilton for a day?

58. Would you rather overdress or underdress for an event?

59. Would you rather look after your friend’s dog or her baby?

60. Would you rather take a walk on the beach or meet for coffee in the morning?

Dirty Questions for Adults

61. Would you prefer to hook up on the beach or on the dance floor?

62. Would you rather be a 10 in appearance or a 10 in bed?

63. Would you prefer a partner who is a 10 in looks or a 10 in bed?

64. Would you rather marry someone who has had no sexual experience or someone who has had a lot of sexual experience?

65. Would you rather be at the top or at the bottom all the time?

66. Would you prefer to have sex in the morning or late at night?

67. Which would you prefer: a sexy photo or a sexy phone call?

68. Would you prefer really kinky or really romantic sex?

69. Would you prefer 69 or a missionary?

70. Would you prefer to have only oral or only sexual relations for the rest of your life?

71. Do you prefer to touch yourself in private or in front of your partner?

72. Do you prefer a lap dance or a strip tease?

73. Would you rather be constantly horny or never have an orgasm?

74. Would you rather have a one-night stand with someone who is both attractive and skilled in bed?

75. Would you rather watch your parents have sex or have your parents watch you have sex?

76. Do you prefer to masturbate or have sex all day?

77. Do you prefer the lights on or off during foreplay?

78. Would you rather have group sex with strangers or with your exes?

79. Would you rather have sex only in your bedroom or never have sex in your bedroom?

80. Do you prefer sex in the backyard or on the front porch?

Funny Would You Rather Questions

81. Would you rather speak in rhyme for the rest of your life or in riddles for the rest of your life?

82. Would you rather use chopsticks or a fork every day for the rest of your life?

83. Would you rather write down everything you say or only be able to speak in rhymes?

84. Do you live by “Hakuna Matata” or “YOLO”?

85. Do you want to spend the rest of your life speaking like Yoda or breathing like Darth Vader?

86. Would you rather ride a donkey or a giraffe as your only mode of transportation?

87. Which do you prefer: being a clown who distracts the bull or being a cowboy who rides the bull?

88. Would you rather fight ten duck-sized bears or one bear-sized duck?

89. Would you rather not have elbows or knees?

90. Would you rather have screaming nipples or shrimp for fingers?

91. Do you prefer stinky feet or food stuck in your teeth all day?

92. Would you rather be the worst superhero in the world or live the most boring life ever?

93. Would you rather never fart loudly or never find a bathroom when you need one?

94. Would you rather be a massive hamster or a miniature rhino?

95. Would you rather be wealthy and unattractive, or poor and attractive?

96. Would you rather lose the ability to cry or cry for 20 minutes every day at random?

97. Would you rather change your outfits or your hairstyles all the time?

98. Would you rather wear a green leprechaun hat or fairy wings every day?

99. Would you rather marry a zombie or have a zombie child?

100. Would you rather have baby vomit on you or you vomit on a baby?

would you rather questions

Truth Questions for Friends

1. What was your most recent lie?

2. What was the most humiliating thing you ever did on a date?

3. Have you ever hit something (or someone!) by accident with your car?

4. Mention someone you pretended to like but couldn’t stand.

5. What is your most uncomfortable nickname?

6. What is your most dearly held fantasy?

7. Do you have any fetish interests?

8. What has been your most memorable sexual experience?

9. Have you ever attempted to cheat on an exam?

10. In this room, who would you like to kiss?

Best Dares!

11. Allow another player to post a status update on your social media.

12. Reveal the most humiliating photo from your phone.

13. Swallow a raw clove of garlic.

14. Eat a banana seductively

15. Crack an egg on top of your head.

16. Fill your pants with ice.

17. Try to walk straight after spinning 12 times.

18. Show your orgasm face

19. Twerk for a minute

20. Kiss the person to your left.


Final Words

You’ll notice that asking these questions reduces awkwardness.

Everyone becomes less robotic and more human.

You might even find some commonalities in behaviors.

Remember to ask them why they chose what they did.

It will give you an understanding of how their minds work.

Have a good time!

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