Will Android Messages Show up on iMessage?

Are you currently using an Android phone and you are asking yourself, will Android messages show up on iMessage? Most times, we get too curious about certain things that we over time get worried about. 

Will Android Messages Show Up on imessage

One of the most significant differences between iPhone and Android is that the latter cannot, by default, use iMessage. 

iMessage is a function that Apple exclusively designed for iOS devices. But a lot of Android users want to use this amazing service because of its many advantages.

So this article is for you if you’re wondering how to use iMessage on Android. We have gathered all the necessary details on using iMessage on Android, including workable ones.

Do Android Messages Show up on iPhones?

iMessage is only available on Apple products, such as the iPhone, iPad, and Mac. This message can attach images and videos and is sent over the internet via Wi-Fi or mobile data.

In order to prevent iMessage from being used by devices made by other manufacturers, Apple uses a unique end-to-end encryption technology. 

Because of this, Android phones by default are unable to transmit or receive iMessage.

Fortunately, Android users can still use iMessage, but they must have an Android device and a Mac in order to do so. 

Why does iMessage Not Work With Android?

You can’t use iMessage with your Android phone because Apple utilizes a unique end-to-end encryption method in iMessage to safeguard the messages from the device they’re sent on.

This is done through Apple’s servers, to the device receiving them, which makes it impossible to use iMessage on Android. 

The iMessage network can only be used by devices that have the ability to understand the messages because the messages are encrypted.

In order to encourage consumers to purchase its goods, Apple restricts iMessage and all of its wonderful effects and capabilities, including iMessage apps, to devices running iOS and macOS. 

Because of this, there isn’t an iMessage for Android app in the Google Play store. To get beyond Apple’s management over iMessage, however, there is a tool called WeMessage.

They will only function when your Mac and Android phones are connected to the same Wi-Fi network. 

You now have all the information you require regarding iMessage on Android. Since you require a third-party AirMessage iMessage for the Android app, using iMessage on an Android device requires some technical know-how. 

Even with this tool, setting up your Mac and Android phone to start receiving SMS takes some effort.

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