Wikibuy Review 2022: Is Wikibuy Legit and Safe to Use?

Wikibuy Review 2020: Wikibuy is an excellent way to save money when shopping online. It will instantaneously search TONS of websites and display the cheapest options. This free tool can save hours of research. Keep reading for the full Wikibuy review.

Wikibuy Review

What is Wikibuy

Wikibuy is a free browser extension that automatically compares prices and checks for available coupons while you shop online. Co-founded in Austin by Walt Roloson and Jonathan Coon, Wikibuy was acquired by Capital One Bank in 2018.

Like other similar browser extensions, Wikibuy works by collecting a user’s personal data to offer a customized online shopping experience.

It might help you save money, depending on where you shop and which Internet browsers you use. But understand the ins and outs of how Wikibuy works before signing up.

How Wikibuy Works

Step 1. Get started with Wikibuy

First, create a Wikibuy profile. I just headed to the Wikibuy website and was immediately prompted to open an account. I clicked “Continue with Google“, and it registered my email address.

Step 2. Enter Name and Shipping Info

For Wikibuy to find better deals for you, it wants to know your shipping information, and also if you are an Amazon Prime member. That way it doesn’t lead you astray by directing you to a seemingly lower price.

Step 3. Get the Browser Add-on

The Wikibuy extension is the true miracle of this platform. It’s available on multiple browsers, too, including Chrome, Edge, and Firefox. It stays with you as you research and view products and alerts you when it finds a lower price. Trust me, you want the extension:

There’s also an app for Android and Apple, you can’t use the extension with a mobile device.

Step 4. Search for Products

As you hop around the internet, Wikibuy will keep you informed if it detects you can save money. It performs this in multiple ways. First, you can simply click the Wikibuy extension in the top right corner of your browser, and a search bar will appear.

Type the product you’re looking for, and Wikibuy will take you straight to its website with a comparison of all matching products.

Wikibuy Privacy Policy

Like other similar browser extensions such as Honey and Amazon Assistant, Wikibuy requires permission to view and interact with web page data.

This allows the extension to view and track personal data, which is how Wikibuy can find similar deals, products, and coupons for the items you’re looking for.

Is Wikibuy Secure

Yes. Wikibuy is secure in that it is backed by the major bank, Capital One. However, Wikibuy and all other browser extensions can be susceptible to malware.

Be sure to download the extension from a reputable web store and install up-to-date virus protection on your device.


Pros and Cons of Using Wikibuy


There are plenty of great features on offer: It helps you to get the best price on the stuff you buy

We all know that we should be doing a price comparison, but, many of us don’t. The main reason is simply because doing a price comparison is time-consuming.

Going to a bunch of different sites takes time, and many of us are busy and want to be able to shop quickly.

Now, the WB extension browses prices automatically when you shop on Amazon, and you can search for the best prices as well.

It really saves you hours of researching prices on different sites. You can get coupon codes automatically applied

Searching for coupon codes that actually work is also time-consuming. The fact that WB searches for working coupons and automatically applies them is a real-time and money-saver.

It’s easy to use

The interface is super simple, and it works right alongside your browser. So it really makes saving money so easy.


There aren’t many cons to the browser extension. The only one really would be that sometimes there are glitches with price comparison.

While for the most part, it compares prices well, sometimes the extension won’t quite interpret prices properly.

For example, it might not pick up on discounts or sales that are on offer from a website, and refer you to a more expensive option instead.

So, it’s always worth doing a quick bit of research.

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