Why Use Google Messages? Ways to Use it

When you see people tilting towards a particular direction, you might want to wonder why it is so. Google messages have won the hearts of many and this has left people asking the question, why use Google messages. 

Why Use Google Messages

If a particular app is making headlines and leaving people in a very comfortable state, then you might also want to try that app for yourself. 

With the many features Google messages have created, it is safe to say that it has enabled users to go through sending and receiving messages in the best way possible. 

However, some of these features are what you already know, from a well-organized inbox that separates personal messages from professional ones to the capacity to send videos with greater clarity and scheduling messages. 

What are the Advantages of Google Messages?

Some of the great advantages of Google Messages are:

  1. RCS makes it possible to respond to messages easily and quickly. Have you ever been in a chat with friends where the topic is raging and you are catching up on a ton of messages? Once RCS is enabled, you’ll be able to reply to a single message within the conversation.
  2. The app has now made it possible to respond to SMS texts with emojis.
  3. The app has a voice note feature that is now easier to access. Using this will automatically transcribe the message using machine learning so you can access it with ease. 
  4. Reminders are now integrated into Messages to help you recall significant events without switching between several phone apps. Additionally, if you save someone’s birthday or anniversary in the contacts app on your phone, you’ll receive a friendly reminder when you open the Messages app.
  5. You can now view YouTube videos within Messages without leaving the app. So, instead of having to flip back and forth, you can immediately watch and comment when someone sends you a YouTube link.

What are Google Messages Used for?

There are several things you can do with the app with the help of the features it has. Below are some of them;

  1. Google messages make it possible to have one-on-one or group chat while sending instant text and audio messages provided you are using mobile data, Wi-Fi, Android, WearOS, or the Web.
  2. It is also used to ensure that your messages are private and secure unless you modify the app in a way that can grant access to someone else.
  3. Using Google messages will make it easier to respond to specific messages instantly.
  4. You can also exchange documents and high-resolution pictures, transcribe voice messages and plan your messages.
  5. It can also serve as a reminder for birthdays and weddings you may have forgotten. 

Having read to this point, you should have gotten first-class information as to why you should use Google messages. 

Google messages have made life easier for a lot of people who use Android phones and have also helped to send messages easier and more directly. You should consider using it. 

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