Why Did Omni Man Kill the Guardians?

Why Did Omni Man Kill the Guardians? Amazon Prime Video’s ‘Invincible’ contains a stunning twist at the end of its first episode. Here is all you need to know!

Why Did Omni Man Kill the Guardians

‘Invincible,’ an R-rated animated superhero series available on Amazon Prime Video., revolves around Mark Grayson after he first shows his talent and his subsequent fight to become a full-fledged superhero.

Who is Omni Man?

Omni-Man is a fictional character (Nolan Grayson). in the Image Universe, created by writer Robert Kirkman and artist Cory Walker together with Ryan Ottley as an expansion of a character concept created by Alan Moore and Chris Sprouse.

However, Omni-Man is the father of Invincible and a member of the Viltrumite race.

Which is an extraterrestrial origin, a humanoid species that possesses immense powers.

They depicted him as a superhero working on Earth.

Also, he has a mustache which is common among his species. Omni-Man sports a large.

Although, Omni-Man also appears in Supreme, Invincible, Noble Causes, and Dynamo 5.

Why did Omni Man Fake Persona?

Omni-Man takes on the persona of a perfect superhero at first. Courageous and eager to die for others.

To the typical audience, his standing as a hero was unquestionable. And he was eventually revealed in his true character as the show progressed.

He appeared to be a loving spouse and a wonderful parent. Despite his demanding high expectations for his kid. Which were typically kept in check by Debbie.

His Viltrumite ancestry was most clear in his attitude about the obligation of being a hero.

Which Mark argues is more like rescuing millions and billions of lives rather than hundreds or thousands. Escalating tensions between Debbie and Mark.

Why did Omni Man Kill the Guardians?

Why Did Omni Man Kill the Guardians?

He did, however, have a secret personality that revealed his Viltrumite side.

His Viltrumite side reveals him to be a vicious and loyal Viltrumite who commits heinous atrocities in the name of the Viltumite Empire’s conquest of Earth and other worlds.

Because of his species’ near-immortality and Viltrumite ideological brainwashing.

He perceives many beings as weak and inferior. And also considers their mission to be conquered. If they resist, they are violently subjugated.

To undermine Earth’s defenses against the Viltrumites. he is willing to slaughter the original Guardians of the Globe.

With his extermination and near-destruction of the Flaxans and their planet.

He shows his savagery. He also expresses no regret for the tens of thousands of people he has killed. Instead of finding them pitiful.


Omni Man Contrite

Omni Man Contrite

Though his cruel and heartless behaviors appear to be in accordance with how he described himself and the Viltrumites.

It becomes clear that his experience on Earth has altered him dramatically. He often reveals uneasiness with his deeds.

While he presents himself as a cool and pragmatic fighter.

He appeared devastated after killing the Guardians of the Globe. His flashbacks to when he was raising Mark reveal genuine honesty.

And he appeared to enjoy his time on Earth and with his family.

Throughout his confrontation with Mark. he continuously chastises him for caring about the planet and living like a person.

However, his reasoning and increasingly agitated tone suggest that Nolan is trying to persuade himself of his own conduct.

When he asks his son what Mark will have in 500 years, he becomes enraged and weeps. Saying, “You dad…I’d still have you.


Nolan’s End

This declaration of love from his son, as well as the knowledge that his kid cares about him personally, is more than power or an empire.

And that someone actually cares about him at all, is enough to break Nolan out of his cold Viltrumite façade and cause him grief.

With tears flowing down his cheeks as he departs for space, Nolan abandons his mission and leaves Earth rather than kills his kid.

In the end, Nolan’s mere 23 years on this planet were enough to overturn thousands of years of Viltrumite doctrine.

As a Viltrumite soldier, Nolan’s decision to murder his buddies. butcher innocent people, and attack his kid.

Appeared to be based on nothing more than habit and conditioning. and when confronted with the realization of his own deeds. Nolan felt enormous shame and remorse.

Now we know Viltrum is the origin of Omni-Man, not Earth. His desire to strengthen his own power has motivated Omni-Man’s decision to kill the Guardians.

Viltrumites are famous for conquering other worlds in order to expand their own empire.

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