Why Can’t I See the Messages on Instagram?

Why can’t I see the messages on Instagram? Have you been having the reoccurrence of not having to view messages you receive on Instagram? This might be a result of poor network connection or even technical difficulties. Whatever the case may be, you will get to know as you read through this post.

Why Can't I See the Messages on Instagram

Instagram first started as a photo-sharing app but as time went on, great features were app updates and this brought about great features. 

Features like direct messaging, video/gif support, reels, stories, and so on have made communication on the app a beautiful one. 

Sometimes, you might often face the issue of your messages not being visible. This might be a result of the direct messages refusing to work. 

Your messages on Instagram can be hidden for a long time if you don’t know what to do. Error messages can often time pop-ups as you want to read your messages, thereby causing inaccessibility.

Why you can’t See Messages on Instagram

Before we provide some possible solutions on how you can fix the problem of not seeing your messages on Instagram, you should learn about the possible reason why your messages can’t be accessed. 

Some of the reasons include;

  • You might find that your messages are not showing because you have blocked the person before the message was sent.
  • The problem might be that Instagram is down and everybody is facing the same issue. Instagram might also be running app updates, and they can only be accessed after the updates. 
  • Finally, the Instagram messages not showing can be a result of sending too many messages at the same time.

Fix Instagram Messages Not Working

There can be various reasons why you can’t see your messages on Instagram. Let’s get to know the possible reasons.

1. Switch Internet Provider

One of the common reasons why you can’t see your messages on Instagram is your poor internet connection. 

There may be a problem with your internet provider and you need to fix it to be able to see your messages. You can switch to another internet provider and check if you can now see your messages.

Most times, your internet can be very slow and it might prevent your messages from being accessible. You can always turn off your data and try checking your messages again.

If you don’t have a service provider, you can as well use a wifi connection to try seeing your messages on Instagram.

2. Log Out and Login

If you can’t access your messages on Instagram, you can try logging out and logging in back into your account to help fix the issue.

The moment you are signed in again, you should be able to see your messages unless you have deleted or blocked the recipient or sender. 

3. Restart your Device

For every technical issue you will face, ensure that the first thing to always try doing, even as a newbie, is to restart your device.

It may be that the Instagram app has a minor glitch that is causing the restrictions and limitations.

Once you have restarted your device, you should be able to see your messages and also reply to the messages.

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