Why Can’t I See my Voicemail Messages?

Why Can’t I See my Voicemail Messages? This question would come into your mind if you haven’t seen your messages in a while and a broken voicemail can leave you clueless. Read on to know how to solve this problem.

Why Can't I See my Voicemail Messages?

Delays in voicemails can be frustrating, and this is due to a number of factors. Most times they are caused by Data Connection, Wifi Connection, third-party apps, or the device OS.

Other times this can be due to your voicemail settings. It is advisable that whenever you are experiencing issues with your voicemail, you should check your settings, to verify if it is done correctly.

Ensure all your details are imputed correctly and are also legitimate.

How to See your Voicemail Messages on Andriod

You can do some quick routine maintenance for your Android apps to refresh the connection and clear out unnecessary data. Please follow the instructions below.    

1. Clear your phone’s cache:

  • Go to your phone’s Settings > Apps/Applications > YouMail > Storage > Clear Cache + Force Stop
  • Uninstall and re-install the app

2. Check your connection security settings in the YouMail app:

  • Tap the three lines in the top left corner for the Menu > More > Advanced Settings > Connection Security > “Always”

 3. Ensure you check your push notifications settings:

  • Tap the three lines in the top left corner for the Menu > Settings > Messages > ensure Push Updates  is checked

How to See your Voicemail on your iPhone

If you are experiencing the same issue on your iPhone, then it’s best you contact your network provider. They might be able to offer some help to you.

Some of the things you can be asked to do includes;

  • Switching off and switching on your device
  • Hard reset(without erasing relevant data)
  • Turn off, remove SIM card, replace SIM, restart
  •  If you were using15.3.1 it can be updated to iOS 15.4

Although, it is sad and frustrating when things like this that can sometimes be beyond our control happen.

If you keep experiencing issues like this concerning your voicemail messages and you have followed the instructions above then the best thing for you to do at this point is to relay the complaints to your network provider.

They might be in the right position to provide the best solution to your problem, this is not limited to your Android device but your iPhone too.

Note that while in some cases the issue can be fixed immediately but in other cases, it might need time.

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