Why are Jordans so Expensive
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Why are Jordans so Expensive?

– Why are Jordans so Expensive –

Jordans should be one brand everyone would love to put on but sometimes we just have to take a pause because we can’t afford them. You might also have wondered why they are so expensive. Make sure you are relaxed while reading this.

Why are Jordans so Expensive

About Jordans

Air Jordans are among the most well-known shoe brands in footwear history. Nike revolutionized the sneaker industry with the help of Michael Jordan, a well-known basketball player.

While purchasing a new pair of Air Jordans nowadays is more expensive than purchasing other types of basketball shoes, the actual cost of the sneakers comes from the resale of earlier models.

Here are ten justifications for Jordans’ high price.


Why are Jordans so Expensive

1. Shipping Tariffs

Why are Jordans so Expensive

The USA does not produce Air Jordans. They are Chinese-made. There is an additional expense as a result.

China has low labor expenses, but expensive shipping costs. Because of the tariffs that are in place, purchasing goods from China is expensive.

Imported goods are subject to taxes known as tariffs. They are frequently implemented to help the United States recover some revenue that is being lost as a result of the transaction taking place abroad.

Tariffs can also be applied to punish an outside nation. Tariffs raise the price of goods for any number of reasons. That’s because the consumer ultimately bears the cost of them.

More Things to Know

For businesses, it is part of the shipping cost, which they subsequently included in the retail cost of their goods. By doing this, they can make a profit in addition to paying the tariff.

The product’s price may eventually rise to a level where its intended market cannot afford it. As a result, it may drive certain companies out of the market.

Customers anticipate the cost of Air Jordans to be high because they are a luxury item. Customers won’t object if Nike has to raise its price as a result of higher duty on Chinese goods.

Tariffs are erratic. The cost of shipping from China might fluctuate greatly from one year to the next. The price of the high-end sneakers will always include the cost of sending them to the United States.

2. Materials

Why are Jordans so Expensive

The Air Jordan needs a lot more materials than other sneakers when it comes to manufacturing. This was particularly true when the original Air Jordan models were introduced.

Jordans used a lot more materials in their construction than other sneakers. That is as a result the shoe is larger, provides more support, and has more cushion than other sneakers.

The cost of those supplies is involved. Additionally pricey are materials of high caliber. They come from a small number of sources and need additional processing.

More Things to Know

Making things from high-quality materials requires more time and money than making products from low-quality materials.

Since Air Jordans make extensive use of these materials, the price of the shoe increases. In order to recover the expense of producing the shoes, Nike must charge a premium price.

Due to the high-quality materials used in their production, Air Jordans are expensive.


3. Low Supply

Low Supply

Jordans are scarce, which is one of the reasons people desire them so much. Only a small number of specific versions of Nike sneakers are made.

They are constantly in high demand, yet the supply never increases to keep up with demand. Being a luxury brand entails having that.

They don’t aim to manufacture footwear for everybody. For those who want sneakers the most, they are working to produce them.

Other Things to Know

That way of thinking raises the cost of the Jordans. They can raise its price because there is a strong demand for it even though only a select few can obtain it.

There is a natural desire to want a piece of the scarce selection because of their scarcity. The consumer can claim to possess something that not many other individuals do.

Customers who purchase Air Jordans do so with the intention of experiencing what it is like to possess a rare item. The high cost of Air Jordans is a result of Nike’s strategy of limited availability.

4. Luxury


Luxury and Air Jordans go together. They are regarded as a luxury company. That’s because they are, in fact, considered designer footwear.

They aren’t court sneakers that are mass-produced. Every release is the result of extensive engineering and thought. Every release is unique from the next.

Even some customers have their shoes manufactured just for them. It naturally becomes a more expensive process because careful consideration is given to the engineering and details.

Important Things to Know

Nike works with some of the industry’s top shoe engineers and designers to create its footwear. Michael Jordan is also among them, and they pay for his counsel.

The cost of the shoe is increased by these. They can charge the premium price and get away with it because they are advertised as high-end pairs of sneakers.

Consumers anticipate that everything they perceive as luxurious will be expensive.

How to Save Money on Air Jordans

You might be curious about how to acquire a pair of Air Jordans without breaking the bank given their exorbitant price.

Here are some suggestions for reducing the cost of Air Jordans.

1. Buy On Release

When new Air Jordans are first released, you can purchase them for the lowest price. As time goes on, you should anticipate major price increases from resellers.

You should pay special attention to the release timetable if you want to get a new pair of Jordans. Remember that many others will want to purchase them.

Whoever arrives first wins the race. Online shopping may not be as successful for you as visiting your neighborhood shoe store.

On the day of release, go there early and know exactly where to go to grab a pair.

2. Skip Retro Releases

Nike is aware that certain customers are charging exorbitant amounts for their previous shoe models. They desire a share of the pie.

As a result, they frequently release throwback versions of earlier shoes. These sneakers imitate the appearance or style of a previous model, although they are frequently updated or altered to stand out.

These pairs of sneakers should cost more than other styles, as expected. Nike knows that nostalgia sells, which is why they did it.

To save money, avoid these vintage releases in favor of more recent ones. The new release might eventually get a throwback makeover.


3. Buy Used

Some people might be put off by the concept of purchasing worn sneakers, but this is precisely why you’ll save money.

Whether they are new or secondhand, Air Jordans will be pricey. But some folks are open to haggling over the cost. You might discover a treasure by browsing consignment shops, online markets, and collector communities.

The past and reputation of Air Jordans as rebellious and opulent are tantalizing.

Everyone wants a piece of them, from sports collectors to sneaker collectors, thanks to their proprietary Air Max technology and Jordan-inspired style.

Finally, take into account the aforementioned explanations to comprehend why Air Jordans are so expensive and use our advice to cut costs while purchasing them.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. What is so Special About Jordans?

They provide great comfort and support.

2. Is it Worth Getting Air Jordans?

Yes, Air Jordan are worth getting.

3. Is Jordan Very Expensive?

Yes, it is.

4. Why are Jordans so Hard to Get?

Jordans are currently in high demand, typically outpacing supply.

5. What is the Rarest Pair of Jordans?

Nike Air Jordan 1 High Sneakers ($615,000).

6. Are Jordans Still Popular?

Jordans remain as popular as ever.

7. Are Jordans Better than Nikes?

Nike is a little bit cheaper than Jordan.

8. Do NBA Players Get Shoes for Free?

No NBA player has to pay for any gear whatsoever.

9. Is Jordan Still Owned by Nike?

The American company Nike manufactures the Air Jordan brand of basketball shoes and activewear.

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