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Why are Birkin Bags so Expensive?

– Why are Birkin Bags so Expensive – 

If you’re a fashionista, Hermès Birkin bags are nothing new to you. These pricey bags are renowned for their exclusivity and superb handcrafted craftsmanship. With over 5.9 million posts, the Hermès Birkin is actually the most Instagrammed bag ever. So, why are Birkin bags so expensive?

Why are Birkin Bags so Expensive?

History of Hermes and the Birkin bag

The Hermés Brand is a French company that has been run by the same family since its founding in 1837.

You might be surprised to learn that Thierry Hermès founded this business by producing bridles, harnesses, and other horse accessories. The first leather handbags, however, didn’t appear for people until 1922.

On a trip from Paris to London in 1983, rewind. The concept for the priciest Birkin bags in the world came about because Hermès CEO Jean-Louis Dumas was sitting next to the English actress Jane Birkin at the time.

More Things to Know

When traveling, the actress was well known for packing a wicker basket with everything from diapers to food. But as she stowed her bag in the overhead bin of the plane, the top popped off, and everything spilled out onto the floor.

At this point, she complained to Jean-Louis Dumas that she couldn’t locate a leather purse that was both fashionable and practical. So, Hermes Birkin bags were conceptualized.

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Why are Birkin Bags so Expensive?

Here are some reasons Birkin bags are so expensive.

1. Birkin Bags Collector’s Item

Why are Birkin Bags so Expensive?

The fact that Birkin bags are collector’s items is a final factor in their high price. It becomes a mania to grab one while you can because there are so few available each year.

Things that are very valuable tend to be hoarded by people by nature. Victoria Beckham is one of the more well-known Birkin bag collectors.

She apparently owns 100 Birkin purses in her collection. That collection is worth about $2 million. The fact that they are also regarded as works of art only increases their collectability.

Other Things to Know

For instance, the Himalaya backpack is made of albino alligator skin. In circulation, such skin is already incredibly uncommon.

In addition, the bag was meticulously colored by the designers to resemble the Himalayas. Every bag has the same kind of attractiveness, so it makes sense that individuals would want to amass as many as they can.

A Birkin bag will likely cost you a lot of money because there are certain people out there who are trying to gather as many as they can.

2. Birkin Bags are Work of Arts

Why are Birkin Bags so Expensive?

Most people do not view Birkin bags as simple purses. Instead, they view them as pieces of art. That’s because skilled craftsmen created them.

Before they can begin creating Birkin bags, these artisans must complete a 10-year training program. The business is picky about the seamstresses that work on their bags. They desire mastery.

A master’s can only be attained after many years of practice. They resemble works of art more because of the fine stitching and design, as well as the materials utilized in their manufacture.

More Things to Know

Instead of practical utility, they are more appropriate for admiring. Some people do use them, but most would rather store them in a secure location where they may discuss them with visitors.

Similar to an artist, only a small number of Birkin bags are released annually. Concerning the quantity they generate each year, the corporation plays it close to the vest.

Since the bags were first produced, just 200,000 are believed to have been in use. Only a few Birkin bags are ever offered for sale, just as an artist can only create so many pieces of art during their lifetime.

3. Birkin Bags Exclusivity


The rarity of Birkin bags is one of the key factors contributing to their high price. You need to have a spending history and rapport with a salesperson before you can simply stroll into a store and buy one.

Even then, it’s still possible that you won’t be able to get one. In the past, there was even a six-year Hermès Birkin bag waiting list. This is partly because they are only sometimes and in small quantities shipped.

Important Things to Know

The fact that these are the priciest Birkin bags and are referred to as the “Celebrity It bag” is another factor.

These designer handbags are worn by many famous people, like Kim Kardashian, Kate Moss, Jennifer Lopez, Mariah Carey, and many more. This bag is a well-known status symbol for affluence.

Additionally, these bags are handmade rather than mass-produced. Additionally, a single master craftsperson with years of training makes each bag. This indicates that only a finite number of Birkin bags are ever made in total.

How to Save Money on Birkin Bags


It’s challenging to find ways to save money on Birkin bags given that resellers frequently raise the price by a sizable amount.

However, you can take into account these suggestions to attempt to save a little cash while purchasing Birkin bags.

 1. Buy From the Source

If possible, you should also make your purchase from the business directly. The price will be increased by a factor of two to three by resellers.

Additionally, buying straight from Hermès ensures that you won’t receive a fake item. Hermès is the perfect place to go if you want to get a Birkin bag at the lowest price.

2. Choose Calfskin

If Birkin extends an invitation to purchase a bag, pick calfskin over other types of leather. This is due to the fact that it is the most common kind of leather.

Compared to using alligator leather, ostrich leather, or some other kind of leather, it will be a little less expensive.


3. Buy Fakes

Furthermore, you can always buy a fake if you don’t have an extra $10,000, $40,000, or $500,000 to spend on a Birkin bag.

Nobody besides you or a professional will be able to tell the difference.

conclusively, the pinnacle of luxury handbags is a Birkin. Because of this, it has a hefty price tag. To comprehend why Birkin bags are so expensive, think about the factors mentioned above.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Why is Birkin so Expensive?

Each Hermès piece is made with expert craftsmanship and meticulous attention to detail, which comes at a price.

2. What’s so Special About a Birkin Bag?

Specially created purses like Birkin and Kelly are made from premium materials including cow, lizard, and sumptuous ostrich skin in addition to other kinds of crocodile skin.

3. Is a Birkin Worth the Money?

If you’re looking for a high-end bag, the Hermes Birkin is worth the money.

4. Why are Birkin Bags so Hard to Get?

Hermès restricts the production of new Kelly and Birkin bags.

5. Can you Walk into Hermès and Buy a Birkin?

Simply said, you can’t enter a Hermès store and leave with a Birkin.

6. Who has the Most Birkin Bags in the World?

Rosmah Mansor.

7. How Many Birkins does Kylie Own?

At least four.

8. What Bags does Kylie Jenner Own?

Mostly Hermés, several Birkin handbags, followed by Louis Vuitton, numerous Chanel, some Dior, and Fendi.

9. How Many Birkins Does Kim Kardashian have?

Over 30

10. How Much is Kylie’s Birkin Bag?

Around $150,000.

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