Who Does Rory End Up With? (Rory’s Dating History)

I think we can all collectively agree that Rory Gilmore needs no man. But, nevertheless, we are also equally curious as to who Rory Gilmore will end up with. This is what we’ll in this article. Read through to get comprehensive information on who does Rory end up with.

About The Movie Glamour Girls

The plot revolves around the mother-daughter team of Lorelai and Rory. They resemble best friends more than mother and daughter.

 Even though Lorelai and her wealthy parents don’t get along, she needs their support to pay for Rory’s schooling. Emily and Richard, her parents, concur, but only under the condition that Rory and Lorelai join them for dinner every Friday.

 This becomes the first and foremost challenge of the show because Lorelai liked her independence. The subject of the show is the diversity of mother-daughter relationships. It also sheds some light on the Gilmore Girls’ aspirations.

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Rory Gilmore’s Dating History

Below is Rory’s dating history in the movie:

1. Dean Forester

Dean Forester and Rory initially cross paths at Stars Hollow High School. He was her first love. He had her so completely in love that she almost decided against going to Chilton because of him.

 Nevertheless, she decides to go because her mother sacrificed a lot for her. With one breakup, Rory and Dean have been dating for more than two seasons.

This occurred when Dean proposed to Rory on their third anniversary and she refused him. Rory makes her appearance at Emily’s Daughters of the American Revolution Ball with Dean by her side.

2. Jess Mariano

After Dean and Rory break up, Rory is already kissing Jess in the very next episode, claims Jess Mariano. Many viewers believe Jess was the best match for Rory, but their meeting could not have come at a worse time.

Rory and Jess initially appear to be rivals, but they end up hanging out. Jess is kind of a bad boy because he just concentrates on Rory. They kiss despite Rory being in a relationship with Dean.

She then abruptly quits speaking to him after that and leaves for Washington. Rory also never dumps Dean since she has never considered having a steady existence without him. She starts to behave foolishly.

3. Affair with Dean

When Rory was a Yale student, Dean and she reconnected, starting their relationship. We find that Dean impulsively married Lindsay, a classmate, just after their high school graduation.

Despite their early happiness as a married couple, Dean still had a soft spot for Rory. His marriage practically falls apart as a result of his romance with Rory. He ignores his wife’s pleas for him to skip the visit to Rory.

 In the end, Dean and Rory share a bed. Lorelai makes it quite clear to Rory that she disapproves of having a relationship when she learns about this.

4. Logan Huntzberger

Who Does Rory End Up With

Logan, the son of a publisher, and Rory, who is very interested in pursuing a career in journalism, rapidly become friends. She and Dean broke up once more. At first, they were more than fine without labels, but Rory grows rapidly jaded of it.

However, until they are married, Logan’s parents won’t support Rory. Logan’s father, Mitchum, later offers Rory an internship as payment for his deeds.

But after the internship is done, he tells her that she will never work as a journalist. This infuriates her, and as a result of their subsequent anger outburst with Logan, she even steals a yacht.

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So Who Does Rory End Up With?

In the revival season of “A Year in Life,” which begins 9 years after the conclusion of the original season, Rory and Lorelai are reintroduced. Despite having established herself as a freelance writer, Rory was fired from a job.

 Although she is dating Paul, she is not at all concerned about him. She gets over their breakup rather quickly, and soon she makes out with a complete stranger.

 She eventually comes back to Stars Hollow and starts working as an editor at a neighborhood newspaper. Rory and Logan are involved in an extramarital relationship while they are both engaged to other people.

It is made apparent in the conclusion that she is expecting a kid and that Logan is probably going to be the father.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Does Rory end up with Jess in the end?

Milo Ventimiglia Is Happy That Jess and Rory Didn’t End Up Together on ‘Gilmore Girls’

2. Does Rory Marry Dean?

Rory asks Lorelai to send Dean a letter while she is away. After publicly tossing Dean’s clothes out of their apartment window, Lindsay discovers the letter that details Rory and Dean’s affair and declares their separation.

3. Who Does Rory Fall in Love with?

Jess And Rory Officially Start Dating (And Rory And Jess Break Up) Fans love Rory and Dean’s Gilmore Girls episodes but once season 3 rolls around, Rory can’t hide her romantic feelings for Jess. 

4. Who is the Father of Rory Child?

The actor, who plays a longtime love interest of Rory’s, revealed in 2021 that he was told by Sherman-Palladino and Palladino who the father of Rory’s baby is and he’s not telling.

5. Does Rory Sleep with Jess?

Not necessarily because Jess and Rory never got married or had children, but rather because their relationship was never as serious as it would have needed to be to last.

6. Why Desnt Rory Marry Logan?

Rory made the right choice when she said no to Logan’s marriage proposal because she was able to continue on her career path and follow her heart.

7. Does Rory get Pregnant?

A Year in the Life’ ended with Rory revealing pregnancy to Lorelai. The revival ended with the final four words Gilmore Girls creator Amy Sherman-Palladino set out to close the original series with.

8. Does Logan Find out Rory is Pregnant?

Logan Huntzberger has good secrecy skills. The Gilmore Girls character’s saucy actor Matt Czuchry said he genuinely knows who the father of Rory’s child is. Just simply not telling us.

After graduating from Yale, she goes her own way, breaking her romance with Logan as he enters California’s burgeoning tech sector, as fans of the original series are aware.

Although Rory doesn’t require a partner to be happy, the announcement that all the significant men from her past would appear in the Netflix series gave us hope that perhaps she could reignite something. The solution is intricate.

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