7 Best Where To Sell Your Gift Cards for Cash in 2022

– Sell Your Gift Cards for Cash –

Are you looking to exchange or sell gift cards for cash? There are services that allow you to do this. But this can be tricky, so we have picked the best ways that may favor your gift card for cash. Keep reading!

Sell Your Gift Cards for Cash

Every year about $1 billion in gift cards goes unused! That is why it is a win-win for you and the customer to sell your gift cards at a discounted rate to someone who needs them.

Possibly you’re here because you’ve got a gift card (or a wallet full) that you wish it was hard cash. In this article, are the best way to sell your unused gift cards.

What Are Gift Cards?

A gift card also known in North America as a gift certificate or gift voucher/gift token in the United Kingdom is a prepaid stored-value money card issued by a retailer or bank, used for purchases, or as an alternative to cash in a particular store or related business.

Gift cards are a great choice as a treat for your family or friends.

Amazon (almost) sells all of that. This makes it easy to cash on Amazon gift cards. The good news about selling your Amazon gift cards is that you can sell a gift card that is unused or partially used.

As long as the balance is correct, consumers are able to purchase gift cards using a number of different methods.

For whatever reason, you might prefer having actual money instead of an Amazon gift card. Here are a variety of ways that you can sell your Amazon gift cards for cash.

Where To Sell Your Gift Cards for Cash

1. Cardpool

One of the benefits of working with Cardpool is that they allow you to sell electronic gift cards, not just the kind of plastics. Many places do not let you sell these.

By selling your cards via the platform, you will get up to 92 percent cash back, and payment is sent within one business day.

Payment can be made either through an Amazon eGift Card sent to your email address or through a paper check sent to you. Nevertheless, it does have another advantage for Cardpool.

They have physical locations all over the country where you can carry your unused gift cards for fast cash exchange.

2. Card Kangaroo

Another marketplace for gift cards is Card Kangaroo where you can sell or exchange your Amazon cards. If you are selling or exchanging, the gift cards would need to be sent to their distribution center.

Card Kangaroo will require up to five business days to collect your gift cards. When you have been processed you will be billed within 48 hours through PayPal. Even you can opt to pay by request.

3. GiftCard Granny

However, with the GiftCard Granny, you can purchase discount gift cards but you also sell unused gift cards there. GiftCard Granny actually offers you three ways to turn the gift cards into cash.

The first is selling it out. You may use the platform to sell one or more gift cards to the websites with the best gift cards. You complete the screen below and then pick the best deal you will get on your card.

They advertise you can gain cashback on the card’s value by up to 92 percent. In addition, this is the easiest way to get your cards paid.

The second is their “Name Your Price” option. You list your card on the site for a specific price and then await the buyer. This is a slower way to sell a gift card but usually results in the highest sale price.

Finally, the last option is to trade a gift card. Using this option, you trade the gift card that you have and don’t want, for another that you do.

So you might trade the cash value of your card for Starbucks with someone else on the platform who is trading a Best Buy gift card with an equivalent cash value.


4. Coinstar

You may have assumed that those Coinstar machines you pass in the breezeway of your local supermarkets and retail stores would only consider your change of spare.

Some devices also allow you to swap cash into your unused gift cards. Check the Coinstar directly to see if they are able to accept gift cards, to find out.

If your nearby Coinstar machines currently do not accept Amazon gift cards, check back regularly. Their acceptance policy within the Coinstar network can be changed seasonally based on the current Amazon gift card distribution.

5. Raise.com

Raise.com says you can sell your undesirable gift cards in just 24 hours. They also allow you to sell store credits, which is a big plus if you have returned an item and got a refund in a store that you usually don’t shop at.

Like other places, you list your cards for sale, and when the sale is complete, you are billed. You can pay by direct deposit, PayPal, or through verification.

6. GiftCardBin

Gift Card Bin is a good selling place for gift cards. The GiftCardBin is a smaller undesirable gift card marketplace. They allow you to sell your gift cards in a physical store or to mail them to their processing center.

In-person transactions receive instant cash payment and online purchases will be charged after three to ten business days via PayPal.

7. CardCash

Like the other sites listed here, CardCash allows you to list your unwanted gift cards for sale, receiving up to 92 percent of the card’s remaining value. They also allow you to trade your gift cards, which they say will give you 11 percent more.

Therefore, if you have gift cards that you usually do not buy from merchants do not throw them out or re-gift them. Use one of the above sites instead to either get some cash or swap them for gift cards from places you want to buy from.

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