Where to Get Free Newspaper?

You are wondering where to get free newspapers? Accumulating lots of newspapers can be expensive, whether print or digital newspapers for reading and packing up stuff.

Where to Get Free Newspapers

However, this article gives out a list of options available to get free newspapers even without spending a dime. 

When you need free old newspapers, it is important to determine where you can get free newspapers to help you out with things such as packing.

We can use free newspapers for reading, gardening, couponing, and other activities besides packing.

Where to Get Free Newspapers

Unuseful old newspapers are a great way to wrap items from moving.

You can ask some of your neighbors as well where are free newspapers and they may have suggestions as well for you.

Besides that, there are a lot of companies that gives out free newspapers for packing as well.

1. Local Nursing Homes

It is no surprise that with aging baby boomers a lot of them can no longer live independently.

Therefore, a lot of them turn to these types of facilities to live out their golden years. Some of these facilities have hundreds of rooms for private residents.

A lot of those residents like to read stacks of newspapers. If you can work out an arrangement with the facility, then maybe you can come to pick up their newspapers for free every week.


2. Local Library

A lot of libraries subscribe to newspapers from all across the globe.  They do this so citizens can have access to these materials for free. 

Consider it a benefit of all that tax money you pay in your community.

They also have magazines and periodicals as well available for packing. A lot of students in the area visit their local library for school projects and use these materials.

Libraries have more newspaper and other materials available for recycling.

3. Hotels

Most hotel gives out complimentary newspaper services to their guests. They must also collect all of those newspapers when their guest check out or when the room gets turned over each day.

Contacting large-scale hotels in your area would be a good place to start where to get free newspapers.

You don’t have to go visit each hotel in person, rather just call them up on the phone and ask them if they have unsold papers and what they do with their used newspapers.

4. Local Colleges and Schools

Students will go to the library to get supplies for their class projects.Additionally, local colleges and schools also have their own libraries s and newspapers that they receive.

This is an excellent source to collect expired newspapers from these organizations as well.

Some colleges alone are the size of a small city so being able to work out some type of service to collect their newspapers would be a tremendous advantage

5. Local Stores

There are so many local stores and shops that sell newspapers.

Here are just a couple examples of stores:

Contact the stores to see what they do with their newspapers.


Where to Get Free Local Newspapers in Bulk

Where to Get Free Local Newspapers in Bulk

By following some of these routes to free newspapers, you’ll end up saving yourself a lot of time and running around.

1. Family and Friends

Contacting your sphere of influence, which is all of your family and friends, can be a great way how to get free newspapers in bulk.

Create a spreadsheet with all the family and friends you know that read the newspaper. Write them an email requesting that they save their discarded newspapers for you.

The next time you see these people, all of the organizing and heavy work has been done for the stacks of newspapers. 

All you simply have to do is just accept their newspapers.

2. Recycling Centers

Recycling centers often take a lot of used newspapers from people.  Ask collection services in your neighborhood if you’re welcome to come pick up some free newspapers.

Visit Recycling center to check out a list of places.

Many of these recycling facilities may not be willing to give you free newspapers since they will be sending old newspapers back to paper bills and making money that way.

They could end up charging a moderate amount, and it will be up to you to determine if it’s worthwhile.

The one good thing about getting as many free newspapers as you want from recycling centers is that in one stop you can have as much newspaper as you want!

3. Local Newspaper Office

There is no question that local newspaper offices have a lot of newspapers.

Some of these newspapers are extra copies that are unsold, some are misprints, and some are copies or rolls that they have nothing scheduled to be printed or published on.

The benefit of collecting newspaper rolls that we never printed on is that you don’t have to deal with newspaper ink which can damage your hands and clothing.

4. Post-Classified Ads

A unquie way to get free newspapers is to post a classified ad. You can do this on sites like Craigslist or in your local newspaper as well.

Provide individuals a way to contact you, either by phone or email, to work out the details of how you will collect their free newspapers.

You may coordinate a time and place where they can meet you or drop off their newspapers. 

Therefore it may not be that much of an inconvenience for you. Posting a classified ad is a great way to get free old newspapers.

5. Advertise Pickup Services

In addition to running classified ads as mentioned above, you can also advertise pick-up services for free old newspapers, magazines, and other periodicals.

If you get a handful of people calling you, you can create a pickup schedule as well which will save you time and money on transportation costs.

Free Newspapers Online for Reading

Free Newspapers Online for Reading

One of the great things about the Internet is not only is it one of the great alternatives to cable TV, but it’s also a whole wealth of information available immediately.

The same is true with reading newspapers online. Below are some of the best free online newspapers available for reading:

1. Apple News

Apple News is only available for iOS users. However, this app allows you to follow your favorite news websites and receive important stories daily in the news digest.

2. News360

News360 is a news aggregation app that is available for both Android and iOS that allows you customize the font size, style, and locally tailored news.

By examining your actions and how you engage with the news pieces on the app, it also tries to determine your interests.

3. Google News

Google News is one of the most famous newspaper application available.  It’s available for Android and iOS.

One great feature of Google News is that it has the ability for you to download articles to read later.

4. Microsoft News

Considered the red-headed stepchild of Google, Microsoft works very similarly.

Due to artificial intelligence and algorithms, this app learns your reading habits and inserts stories that it seems relevant based on what you’ve read.

5. Feedly

This is designed for people that have their own RSS feeds instead of algorithms.You must update and maintain the list of RSS feeds from which you want to view material.

Available on Android 5.1 or later; iOS 10.0 or later (iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch)

6. Wall Street Journal

You are only permitted to see a specific amount of Wall Street Journal articles for free each month.

The Wall Street Journal also has a Facebook or Twitter page, which is a great place to find out about breaking news.

7. Washington Post

The Washington Post has a special offer for Military and Government Employees (with verified email addresses).  They can receive a free newspaper subscription with digital access.

8. New York Times

You can view a certain number of free articles per month at NYTimes.com.

They offer a $1.00 a week subscription (at the time of this posting however offer may change) for unlimited articles on the NYTimes website and app.

Where to Get (Almost Free) Newspapers for Reading

Where to Get (Almost Free) Newspapers for Reading

1. Discounted Newspapers

Consider checking out Cheap Newspapers if you enjoy reading physical newspapers. They provide subscriptions to the biggest regional newspapers published around the country.

They currently provide more than 350 newspapers to more than 40,000 zip codes with more than 3,000 different subscription choices.

Subscription options range in frequency from 7 days a week to Sunday only and the duration can range from 4 weeks to 52 weeks.


2. Newspapers.com

Newspapers.com is home to millions of pages of historical newspapers from thousands of newspapers from around the United States and beyond.

Newspapers offer a special insight into the past and can enable us to appreciate and relate to the individuals, occasions, and attitudes of a past era.

Newspapers.com is perfect for:

  • Historians
  • Genealogists
  • Family Historians
  • Researchers
  • Teachers

At Newspapers.com it’s easy and convenient to search or browses their collection to find news, notices of births, marriages, and deaths, sports, comics, and much more.

They also have high-quality digital images and a powerful viewer that provide the best view of these historical papers and make it easy to print, save, and share what you find.

Where to Get Free Newspapers for Coupon Inserts

Coupon inserts are a great way to save money especially if you can find them for free in newspapers. Many people who practice modest living use coupons as a tool to do so.

If you’re looking for coupons, there are a couple places you can get free newspapers for coupon inserts.

1. YES Newspaper

A lot of local communities have a free Sunday circular filled with coupons. 

There are several businesses out there that provide free delivery of these coupons in exchange for signing up for their service.

Additionally, coupons are one of the best ways how to save money on groceries that exist.

They make money by you being a subscriber. The trade-off is that they deliver a free paper to you every week with coupons and ads in it.

The name of their newspaper is called YES Newspaper. This is a great option of where to get free newspapers for coupon inserts.

The Sunday newspaper occasionally includes complimentary stickers from businesses along with discounts. Think of that as a little extra bonus to your Sunday newspaper!

2. Dollar Tree

One of the best things about Dollar Tree is that they sell the Sunday paper there for one dollar.

Although though it’s not free, a newspaper for a $1 is an excellent deal when you consider all the Sunday ad inserts, coupons included, that are included.

You’ll definitely get that dollar you invest upfront back with the number of coupons the paper includes.


The advantages of stacks of newspapers are numerous, and there are many places where you may obtain free newspapers.

It’s certainly worth your time to pick up a free local paper and check out what it has to offer if only for those advantages.

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