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Where can EBT Cards be Used 2021: Everything You Should Know

Do you wonder where can EBT cards be used? The EBT card acts as a debit card and allows the cardholder to purchase food that is on the approved list, from grocery stores and other merchants that are approved by the United States Department of Agriculture (USDA) to accept food stamps.

Where Can I Use My EBT Card

The Electronic Benefits Transfer (EBT) card is how DTA delivers its core services: food and economic assistance.

Once you qualify for food benefits through the Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program (SNAP), and/or economic assistance through Transitional Aid to Families with Dependent Children (TAFDC) or Emergency Aid to the Elderly, Disabled, and Children (EAEDC), you can access them using an EBT card.

It looks and works like a debit card. We keep your benefits in a special account for you until you want to use them. Your EBT card “talks” to the account to let you get and spend your benefit dollars in an easy, secure way.

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What is the Electronic Benefits Transfer (EBT)?

Electronic Benefits Transfer (EBT) is an electronic system that allows a recipient to authorize the transfer of their government benefits from a Federal account to a retailer account to pay for products received.

EBT is used in all 50 States, the District of Columbia, Puerto Rico, the Virgin Islands, and Guam. EBT has been implemented in all States since June of 2004.

Where You Can Use Your EBT Card


Target accepts the card in all their store across the United States. It operates 1,683 stores in 48 states, including 239 SuperTarget stores.

So, the fact that Target accepts SNAP benefits only means that you can only buy the foods that are allowed under the program.

Whole foods

Whole foods do accept EBT at their stores as a form of payment at all locations. This means that you are able to pay for most groceries in the stores that are not prepared, hot foods.

Sam’s Club

Sam’s Club currently accepts EBT Food stamps at all club locations. However, you must be a Member to purchase items in-club without incurring a service fee.

Sam’s Club warehouse clubs carry a large variety of food stamp approved items for SNAP benefit redemption.


Many Subways in states that have restaurant meal programs accept EBT. Some Subways in states without restaurant meal programs might accept EBT, but will only do so for cold items.


Aldi does accept food stamp benefits and EBT cards. In fact, shopping at Aldi is a smart way for food stamp recipients to stretch their monthly food stamp benefits.


Costco accepts EBT card as a form of payment. Once you are eligible to receive your supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program (SNAP) benefits, you can purchase selected items at any of their available point-of-sale registers with your EBT card.

Discount Grocery Stores

Discount grocery stores are a great way to stretch your food stamps dollars. In our area, we have a chain called Grocery Outlet that sells reduced-price groceries.

We also have a small, local store that sells past-date foods for extreme discounts.

When shopping at discount grocers, it’s important to understand the difference between expiration dates and best-by dates because sometimes a lot of the food will be close to or past its date.

This grocery stores include:

  • Amazon

According to Amazon’s website and an Amazon customer service representative, Amazon currently accepts EBT as a form of payment in New York only.

The customer service representative did not have a date as to when Amazon will expand this program to more markets.

  • Dash’s Market
Dash’s Market

The implementation of online payment with an EBT card has been delayed. There is no confirmed date regarding when EBT payments will be accepted, according to a Dash’s Market customer service representative.

  • FreshDirect.com

Pilot Status: Approved and accepting EBT for online ordering and delivery

Minimum Purchase: $30.

Fees: No taxes, surcharge, or delivery fee

  • Hart’s Local Grocers

Hart’s Local Grocers is working with New York State to implement a system to accept EBT cards for online ordering, but they are not currently set up to do so, per Hart’s customer service representative. They hope to be participating in the pilot as at in 2019.

  • ShopRite

Pilot Status: Approved and accepting EBT for online ordering

Delivery Area: Online shopping with in-store pick-up is available at all ShopRite locations. However, online shopping with delivery varies by location.

The following states have some ShopRite locations that do offer home delivery: Maryland, New Jersey, and New York.

  • Walmart Stores, Inc.
 Walmart Stores, Inc.

Pilot Status: Approved and accepting EBT for online ordering and in-store pickup only, no delivery. Currently, only stores in participating zip codes are eligible to participate.

The list of zip codes and participating stores is available on Walmart Grocery Help.

Minimum Purchase: According to a Walmart customer service representative, the minimum purchase amount is $30.

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Where Can I Use My EBT Card

1. Can the government tell what I bought with my EBT card?

The EBT system does not keep a record of what you buy.

2. Is my personal information in the EBT system kept private?

Yes. Information about clients in the EBT system is under the same privacy rules that govern the CalFresh Program and CalWORKs.

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3. What benefits will be included on the EBT card?

Cardholders could have any or all of the following benefits: SNAP, WV Works/Cash and Child Support Incentive

4. What if I already have my cash benefits direct deposited, do I have to use an EBT card to access those benefits?

No. If you already receive your cash benefits by direct deposit, you may continue to do so.

It’s wise to always contact a local store to confirm that it accepts EBT, and use the USDA Food and Nutrition Service “SNAP Retailer Locator” to find participating stores.

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