Where do I Find My Instagram Messages?

Where do I find my Instagram messages? When it comes to getting access to your Instagram messages, knowing its settings is very important for its users. Message notifications can most time not pop up on your phone. Hence, where should you go when you are looking for it? 

Where do I Find My Instagram Messages

Instagram was the first social networking platform for exclusively sending and receiving pictures and videos. But over the years, it has grown into having many features such as sending direct messages, availability to send comments on pictures, and time to connect with others.

With these many features, Instagram has all there is when it comes to having a great user interface and user experience. This is particularly very important for marketing.

Now that you know that Instagram has grown to a very stable point where you can send direct messages, check your message history, and also have a group video call.

Whether you choose to send group messages or a direct message, the Instagram app can help you accomplish this. In this post, we have listed where you can find your messages on Instagram from your phone. 

Ways to Check your Instagram Messages

Let’s assume you are an eager Instagram user who seeks to increase your brand awareness and on the app, you might oftentimes get message alerts that help keep you updated on everything surrounding your account and followers.

You can always access your messages by opening the Instagram app on your device or your IOS device and also going over to Instagram Messenger.

Once you open your account, you should be able to see all your unread messages. It has a red dot over the message-looking icon.

You can go through the unread messages and you will notice that the application helps put these messages in chronological order, i.e from recent to oldest.

To make work easier, you can change the app settings to enable phone alerts on your Instagram to automatically check your messages.

Enabling such settings will help to make your messages from your friends or followers displayed as a notification on your device until you are able to open the app and give a reply.

There is another way to know where your messages are and you can always swipe left on your notification on your screen. 

If you forget to turn on your notifications, you will not be able to get an alert when you have a new message. Hence, it is important that you turn on your notifications unless you want to manually check your messages. 

How to Activate Instagram DM Alerts Using the App

  • Open the Instagram app on your smartphone
  • Open the Instagram Menu by clicking on the hamburger icon in the upper right corner of your screen
  • Navigate to the “Settings” menu and choose “Notifications”
  • Check that the “Pause All” toggle button is turned off
  • You may then customize your alerts for particular actions, in this case, “Direct Messages”

It is very important to know how and where to access your messages on the Instagram app, especially when you are trying to increase your brand awareness.

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