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When to Visit Sri Lanka

– When to Visit Sri Lanka –

It’s important to keep in mind that Sri Lanka’s basic weather pattern can change greatly from year to year. When deciding when to visit Sri Lanka, you should know that the already complicated weather patterns have been disturbed by global warming.

When to Visit Sri Lanka

About Sri Lanka

Sri Lanka, formally the Democratic Socialist Republic of Sri Lanka and historically known as Ceylon, is an island nation in South Asia.

It is located in the Indian Ocean, southeast of the Arabian Sea and southwest of the Bay of Bengal. The Gulf of Mannar and the Palk Strait divide it from the Indian subcontinent.

Again, India and the Maldives have a maritime boundary with Sri Lanka. Colombo is the country’s main metropolis and financial hub, while Sri Jayawardenepura Kotte serves as its legislative capital.


When to Visit Sri Lanka

When to Visit Sri Lanka

You should be able to find somewhere on the island with sunshine all year round because the climate in Sri Lanka changes greatly from place to location throughout the year.

The finest months to travel are typically between December and March when the monsoon rains are replaced by bright blue skies and comfortable temperatures on the west coast, south, and most central regions of Sri Lanka.

On the other hand, April through September during the summer is the ideal season to travel to Sri Lanka’s north and east coasts. View a list of all of our adventures in Sri Lanka.

Good Time to Visit Sri Lanka

When to Visit Sri Lanka

There are numerous times of year that are favorable for traveling to Sri Lanka. The months of April, August, and September frequently offer favorable travel conditions in the island’s south and west.

After the rainy season, the months of February and March are ideal for travel to the north of Sri Lanka because they are typically dry and warm.

Due to the recent flooding, the area is more lush and green than it was over the summer. Although the Hill Country is always likely to experience some rain at some point during the year.

If you’re looking to escape the summer heat (May to September), this region of central Sri Lanka enjoys a cooler climate and offers a taste of home for those who are from cooler European climates. 


Green Season in Sri Lanka

Since Sri Lanka experiences two independent monsoon seasons, it can be divided into two distinct green seasons.

While the east coast of the island experiences a lot of sunshine, the south and west of the island see a lot of rain from April through October.

In contrast, between October and January, Sri Lanka’s monsoon season brings heavy rains to the country’s eastern and northern regions.

In this region, the monsoon season is shorter in duration but typically more powerful, frequently bringing with it floods and challenging driving conditions.

Conclusively, Sri Lanka is particularly active from late December until early January. Even though there are peaceful locations off the usual path, reservations should be made well in advance.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. What is the Best Time to Visit Sri Lanka?

Between December and April.

2. Is October Good Time to Visit Sri Lanka?

During October, it rains at Sri Lanka, so is not a really good time to visit. 

3. Should I go to Sri Lanka in June for Beach Holidays?

You should consider the EAST coast in June.

4. What is there to do in Sri Lanka in November?

Take a train ride.

5. Is a Trip to Sri Lanka in July Advisable?

The summer monsoon begins to subside in July, which leads to a modest improvement in the weather in the south and west of Sri Lanka.

6. Is Sri Lanka Rainy in November?

Yes, it is. 

7. Is 5 Days for Sri Lanka Enough?

No, it can never be enough.

8. What is the Weather like in Sri Lanka in September?

While normal highs in Kandy are around 84°F in September, Colombo gets highs around 86°F and lows of 77°F.

9. Is Sri Lanka Good to Visit in February?

Yes, it is. 

10. What is an Ideal Itinerary for Sri Lanka?

Three weeks

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