What to do On your Day Off From Work to Feel Revitalized & Happy

– What to do On your Day Off –

What to do On your Day Off From Work: Having a much-deserved day off from work that isn’t just the weekend can make it feel like a huge weight lifted off your shoulders. Whether it’s a weekend, a personal day, or a vacation, we count the hours until we finally get a stretch of free time and can make it a relaxing day.

What to do On your Day Off

It’s the perfect time to relax, catch up on anything you’ve been behind on, and just take a little break from the job. Read on to get a few tips and things to do on your day off to really recharge.

Things to do On your Day Off From Work

Most people get two days off in a row, usually on the weekend. Some work wonky schedules that only allow for one day off before they have to go back to work.

Many people who work from home never take a day off at all! When you are your own boss, it can be hard to take a day away from the computer and not check in on stats, earnings, emails, and other day-to-day things.

Take Care of Your Errands Right Away

When you’re busy at work, everyday tasks fall off your radar. Although your day off is the perfect time to catch up on these errands, make sure that they don’t take over your whole day.

Avoid the busy times at the grocery store, the laundromat, and the pharmacy, so you can take care of everything quickly and efficiently. Prioritize the most pressing tasks and get those things done—but don’t push yourself to do everything in one day.

Do Something That Connects You to the Bigger Picture

It’s counterintuitive to focus on doing things for others on our day off, but if you work in nonprofits, you know that doing good can be as rewarding as it is exhausting (and if you don’t work in nonprofits, just trust me on this!).

So consider taking a few hours of your day to help in a food kitchen, watch your neighbor’s kids, or do some more research on an emerging issue that relates to your job.

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Do Some Random Acts of Kindness!

Maybe you don’t want to spend your day in a building volunteering, but you still want to get the feeling that helping others can give you.

Get out into the world and do some random acts of kindness. You can pick up garbage on your street or let someone in front of you in line. The sky is the limit! Just remember, kindness does not expect anything in return.


Vacations are great for re-energizing your life and reconnecting you to the people and things around you. However, with one day off, you are not going to head out to Maui, so get out of town and take a mini-vacation!

It can offer you all the experiences of new sights, smells, and activities, but have you home within a day.

Spend Time with Friends

You chose your friends for a reason, likely because they share a lot in common with you or make you feel good. They are the people you can share memories with, laugh with and confide in, and it is important to take some time out to spend time with them.

Spend The Day in Bed With Your Partner

What to do On your Day Off

Sometimes, spending the day in bed can help you rebuild that much-needed bond with your partner. You don’t have to be intimate like that for the whole day, but you can be intimate in other ways by talking, cuddling, laughing, and sharing.

Of course, a little bit of that can help the bond reconnect as well.

Spend Time with Family

The family is there through thick and thin. They are people who have known you for your whole life. While they don’t always offer support, they are a connection that needs nurturing once in a while.

Phone your mom, visit your sister, have tea with your Aunt…make a few hours for the people who have known you longest.

Attend a Class That You Want to Attend

Chances are you work a job that only uses a certain part of your brain. You may do the same things repeatedly and, therefore, don’t get to learn a whole lot of new skills.

Taking a class, whether it be cooking, quilting, or optimizing your life through Lifebook can help your brain work areas that are normally unused. Plus, you will gain some extra knowledge that will benefit your life both in conversation and in awareness.

Read Personal Growth Books

Some of the most successful people in business and life have read more books than they can count. Books that offer you new information, a new perspective, or an answer to your problem can be a substantial investment on a day off. Let’s face it, reading can be hard to do in the evening or during a busy day.

A quiet day with a cup of tea and a comfy chair can offer the downtime needed to read a book all the way through and add some new beliefs into your life.

Plus, a book that teaches you how to calm your mind, for example, will benefit you when you go back to work and have to face stress again.

Head Out to the Library

The library offers free books, magazines, videos, and the Internet. When I was a kid, the library offered me a place to stimulate my wild imagination.

Now, it is a place where I can continue to learn and grow. Supporting your local library not only gives you free books but also offers people without a huge amount of resources the chance to find the information they need for personal growth.


You are probably thinking “I don’t want to go somewhere to work on my day off!” But volunteering is not like work. It gives you a sense of satisfaction before, during, and after your shift that you can’t get anywhere else.

You are donating your time to help the world and that feeling is priceless and worth the few hours you put forward.

Take a nap

What to do On your Day Off

Taking a nap effectively breaks up your relaxing day into two days off – how is that for a bonus? Many studies point to the benefits of a short nap, including improved attention span, better stress management, and a sense of being more present. Keep it to 20-30 minutes to get the optimal benefit.

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