What Time Does Walmart Customer Service Close?

If you’re a regular customer at Walmart, you might be wondering, what time does Walmart customer service close? This guide contains all the information you need to know.

What Time Does Walmart Customer Service Close

What Time Does Walmart Customer Service Close would be just what you need to be certain about when you have just so much to catch up with on your schedule.

Read to the end of this article to find out what time Walmart customer service closes so you know when to make your complaints and requests.

Walmart customer service hours are from 8 AM to 10 PM on Monday through Sunday.

To be clear, this standard schedule applies to the Walmart customer service desk hours, where an employee will be physically assisting you.

Based on these times, you can get help from a customer service representative during the Walmart return hours from 8 AM to 10 PM.

Walmart Service Desk Hours

You don’t need to know the Walmart service desk hours if you’re question is about an item purchased online.

Luckily for you, this retail powerhouse operates its Walmart online customer service 24/7.

If you’re eager to speak with someone but don’t want to drive to your nearby store during Walmart service desk hours, call 1-800-Walmart between 8 AM to 6 PM and speak directly with an employee.

There’s no benefit in contacting their corporate offices for service issues because they’ll direct you right back to where we started at the Walmart customer service desk hours.

Use the table above for a quick look at Walmart customer service hours for most locations.

Remember, these are the same times (8 AM to 10 PM) as Walmart return hours because you won’t be able to return an item before it opens at 8AM or closes at 10PM.

The operating times we’ve provided are fairly constant but, like most companies, they’re subject to change.

The 3 methods to find Walmart customer service hours will ensure you’re able to find help from a customer support representative when you really need it.


How to Find Walmart Customer Service Hours

How to Find Walmart Customer Service Hours

Walmart Service Desk Hours Locator

You should use the company’s store locator for finding your nearby Walmart customer service hours.

Even though this store locator (found here) shows you general stores, remember that your store will have a service desk near the front.

To find Walmart service desk hours through this locator, go to the link provided or navigate to it through Walmart’s main site.

Enter your address, city, state, or zip to see a full list of Walmart customer service hours nearby.

The Walmart return hours listed on this site are the most up-to-date and accurate hours directly maintained by the company itself.

Google Maps

Another quick and easy way to find Walmart customer service hours is by using Google Maps.

This link will take you to the Maps portion of Google’s main site.

You can also navigate your way to this page from Google.com by clicking the “Maps” tab near the top of the page.

Enter the words “Walmart customer service desk hours” and click the search button. Alternatively, you can simply search Walmart in the search bar on Google Maps.

A list of all the Walmart service desk hours will be listed, along with each store’s general operating hours.

App for Walmart Return Hours

If you want to skip internet searching and have 24/7 access to all the Walmart customer service hours nearby, the Walmart app may be for you.

Begin finding your Walmart return hours with the app by downloading it through this site.

The app is available on both the iTunes store and Google Play. It does much more than simply help you find Walmart customer service desk hours.

You’ll enjoy other features such as online shopping, account management, store info, and quick access to all the Walmart return hours of each location.

Interaction via email is fast, convenient, and straightforward.

Unlike phone calls, you don’t get to strain your ears or miss out on valuable information due to network issues.

Another advantage email has is that you can track your conversation with the agent and retrieve any information you want from the conversation whenever you want.

Email is free, and you can send as many as you want.

The only challenge with email is that the response might not come instantly, particularly when the customer service agents handling it have other emails to attend to.

Using email to contact Walmart’s customer service agents is not a bad idea.

Even if you don’t receive an instant reply, you’re confident that the response will come sooner or later.

Walmart’s customer service emails are in two groups.

One is the customer service support email, while the other is the sales and questions email.

Contact Walmart’s Customer Service Via Phone/Fax

If you prefer interacting with Walmart’s customer service via phone call or Fax, don’t hesitate to do so.

Walmart’s toll-free number is 1-800-741-5367.

The phone hours – opening and closing hours (EST) – from Mondays to Fridays is 8 a.m. and 11 p.m. respectively.

On Saturdays, you can phone in during morning hours from 9 a.m. but closing time is 9 p.m. But on Sundays, time for phone calls or Fax is 12 p.m. to 7 p.m.

Walmart customer service’s local and international phone number is 614-534-1996.

Its Fax number, however, is 1-877-291-8154 or 614-921-9866. But keep in mind that this may vary from one store to another.

Why People Contact Walmart Customer Service

A lot of individuals contact Walmart’s customer support every day for a range of issues, such as:

1. Finding out if Certain Items are Still in stock

Finding Out if Certain Items are Still In-stock

You can call the Walmart store nearest to you to find out if certain items are still available.

If you plan to visit the store in person, calling before embarking on the journey will help you save time, energy, and money.

2. Support for Walmart’s Mobile App or Website

People still contact Walmart customer support for technical help regarding the company’s mobile application or website.

If the mobile app or website isn’t functioning properly, you can either reach out to Walmart to fix it or exercise some patients.

They will notice the problem and react to it.

3. Inquire about Exchange and Refund Policies

You can call support if you’re unsure about Walmart’s policies on exchange and refund.

But bear in mind that you can find most of the information you need on Walmart’s website or online.

4. Inquire about Promotions and Sales

Taking advantage of a promo can help you save a lot of money. If you’re on a budget, promos are one of the best periods to buy as many items as you want.

Promotions only last specific periods, and they don’t come around all the time.

And for that reason, many people choose to contact Walmart’s support to learn about their next promo and sales.

5. Inquire about the Company’s Financial Service Products

Walmart is not only one of the biggest multinational retailers in the United States and other parts of the globe.

They also offer a range of products and services, that much might not even know about.

So, most people contact the company to learn about their products and services. Surprisingly, Walmart offers diverse financial services that may interest you.

How to Get Issues Resolved by Walmart Customer Service Faster

How to Get Issues Resolved By Walmart Customer Service Faster

While searching for What Time Does Walmart Customer Service Close, note.

Keep in mind that the ability to resolve your complaint much faster doesn’t rely on Walmart’s customer service alone. You also have a role to play.

Are you an online shopper at Walmart? If yes, there’s no need for you to visit a physical location, even though you can.

You can get everything resolved online.

Head to Walmart’s support page right. You would find a menu dedicated to different issues.

Choose the one most peculiar to your situation, and you will find a number to contact.

Walmart allows customers to schedule callbacks or call directly. So, do whatever fits your tight schedule.

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