What Time Does Raising Cane's Close & Open
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What Time Does Raising Cane’s Close & Open?

So, you just got settled in one of the cities where raising cane’s is located and you are making plans on stopping by to have a taste of their meal but you know little or nothing about their closing and opening hours. Worry less, this article has been written for you. You will get to know what time raising cane’s close & open. Keep reading. 

What Time Does Raising Cane's Close & Open

About Raising Cane’s

Raising Cane’s is an American fast-food restaurant business that specializes in chicken fingers, in Baton Rouge, Louisiana. The restaurant is also known as Cane’s.

Todd Graves and Craig Silvey, the company’s co-founders, were both enrolled in a business plan writing course while attending various institutions.


More Details

More so, Silvey scored a C-minus for submitting the business plan that Graves had written. Graves was employed by Guthrie’s Chicken Fingers at the time.

Investors turned down the business proposal repeatedly, so Graves had to make ends meet by working as a boilermaker in a refinery in Los Angeles, California.

Interestingly, at the crossroads of Highland Road and State Street, close to the LSU campus, he and Silvey opened their first restaurant with the help of an SBA loan. 

What Time Does Raising Cane’s Close & Open?


American-based Raising Cane’s Chicken Fingers is a chain of fast food eateries.

Chicken fingers, Texas toast, French fries, Cane’s Sauce, cole slaw, and soft drinks are the main items.

Remember that Raising Cane’s hours may be a little different depending on where you are. 

Other Things to Know

Sunday through Thursday, the majority of Raising Cane’s restaurants are open at 10 a.m. and close at 11 p.m.

On weekends, they stay open a little later. Hours on Friday and Saturday are 10 a.m. to 12 a.m. Remember that different places have varied cane operating times.

Therefore, we advise you to get in touch with the store representatives in your area to learn their precise business hours.

Accurate Time Raising Cane’s Close & Open

Days of the Week Open & Close
Monday 10 AM – 11 PM
Tuesday 10 AM – 11 PM
Wednesday 10 AM – 11 PM
Thursday 10 AM – 11 PM
Friday 10 AM – 12 AM
Saturday 10 AM – 12 AM
Sunday 10 AM – 11 PM

Breakfast and Lunch Hours at Raising Cane’s

Breakfast is often served at Raising Cane’s from 6:30 to 10:30 in the morning.

You must get up early in order to see the menu if you want to have a delectable breakfast at Cane’s. Typically, lunch is available from 10 am to 11 pm.

Remember that depending on where you are, Raising Cane’s breakfast and lunch hours may change.

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Holiday Hours

On New Year’s Day, Easter Sunday, Memorial Day, Independence Day, Labor Day, Thanksgiving, and Christmas Day, the majority of Raising Cane’s restaurants will be closed.

They will be open as usual on other national holidays. Please be aware that these times may change based on location.

New Year’s Day Closed
Martin Luther King Day Regular Hours
Presidents’ Day Regular Hours
Good Friday Regular Hours
Easter (Sunday) Closed
Memorial Day Closed
Independence Day Closed
Labor Day Closed

Frequently Asked Questions

1. What is Cane’s Sauce Made of?

Mayonnaise, Heinz ketchup, Worcestershire sauce, garlic powder, salt, and freshly ground black pepper.

2. Can you Replace Fries with Toast at Cane’s?

Yes, you can.

3. Can you Just Get Fries at Cane’s?

Sure, you can.

4. Is there a Secret Menu at Cane’s?

No, there’s no official secret menu.

5. Can you ask for a Cup of Canes Sauce?

Yes, you can.

6. Can you Order Canes Chicken Naked?


7. Are Canes Fries Vegan?

Yes, canes fries are vegan.

8. What Kind of Oil does Canes Use?

Canes use an all-vegetable, trans-fat-free blend of soybean and canola oil.

9. Does Raising Canes Use Eggs?

Yes, they do.

10. What Kind of Bread does Canes Use?

 Sesame seeded pull-apart bread.

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