What is PayPal echecks?
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What is PayPal eChecks? All You Need to Know About PayPal eChecks

– What is PayPal eChecks –

 If you are an eBay seller or buyer, you must have heard of PayPal e-Checks during the period of payments or completing transactions. In this article, we will tell you what PayPal e-Check is and how it works.

What is PayPal echecks?

What is an eCheck?

An eCheck is an electronic payment funded by the buyer’s bank account. An eCheck must clear the bank before it’s credited to the recipient.

It usually takes up to 6 business days for an eCheck to clear and the money to appear in the recipient’s PayPal account.

Before you make a payment, make sure you have enough money in your bank account to cover the eCheck. If there’s not enough money in your bank account.

The bank will decline the payment and PayPal will represent it a second time. They will always request the full amount from your bank.

How to Accept eCheck as a Payment Option in Paypal

Depending on your settings in your Paypal account, vendors may not have the eCheck option enabled.  eCheck allows customers to purchase your products with other payment sources.

Sources like a linked Bank Account, instead of using their Paypal balance.

  • To confirm that you have eCheck enabled, log in to your Paypal account, then click on “Profile” >> “Profile & Settings” >> “My Selling Tools” >> then click “Update” under “Block Payments”.
  • Make sure under “Block the following payments:” that they do not select the checkbox for “Pay with eCheck”.


Keep in mind when someone uses an eCheck to pay for your product, it usually takes 3 to 5 days to clear/process.   This means they will not deliver the product until the vendor has received the funds.

We can find those transactions under “Transactions” >> “Pending”. Check often to pull the latest status from Paypal if they have completed the transaction, is still pending or is denied.

Also, Note:

  • You cannot send an eCheck if the Instant Transfer option is available.
  • They will always request the full amount from your bank.
  • If you send an eCheck that is canceled by the seller, the total eCheck amount will be refunded to your PayPal account in 6 business days once the funds clear from your bank.
  • If you’d like to cancel an eCheck that has already cleared, please contact the seller directly to request a refund.

How to Send an eCheck Manually

How to Send an eCheck Manually

If you have a credit or debit card attached to your PayPal account but want to send a payment as an eCheck rather than as an instant payment, follow these steps:

  • Log into your PayPal account.
  • Click the “Send Money” tab.
  • Enter the required information.
  • Click “Continue.”
  • Click the “Change” link.
  • Select the “eCheck” button.
  • Click “Continue.”
  • Review the information and click “Send Money” to complete the transaction.


How Do I Avoid Sending PayPal eCheck?

To avoid sending an eCheck, first complete the verification process for your account, and then make sure the funds are present in PayPal before you place an order.

How to Disable eChecks on PayPal

  • Log in to your PayPal account at www.paypal.com
  • In the top-right menu, click the “Gear” icon, then choose “Account Settings”
  • Choose “Payment Preferences” then beside “Block Payments” click the “Update” link
  • Under “Block the following payments”, check the box “Pay with eCheck transfer for all website payments except eBay“. This will block all future eCheck payments.

Can eChecks Bounce?

Can eChecks Bounce?

More on what PayPal echecks is

Yes, eChecks can bounce like normal checks. I have found that a lot of eChecks do bounce, so I don’t ever send an item until its payment has cleared.

When you receive an eCheck for an eBay item, the buyer may be unaware that they have sent the payment as an eCheck and may think you are being slow in dispatching their item. This can result in negative feedback.

It is always best to send the buyer a message with their payment’s expected clearing date to avoid this.

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