What is Jet.com? Its Features and How it Works 2023 Updates

Jet.com is challenging Amazon and promises even cheaper online shopping. It also starts providing deliveries for groceries. How does Jet.com work?

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It uses a system where you get discounts on items when you also buy other specific items.

When you buy certain items together it lowers shipping costs, which saves Jet money. They pass on the savings.

What is Jet.com?

Jet is a retail shopping site, with a unique approach to saving money for people.

Everyday low prices are just the beginning because their real-time savings engine gives you the power to reduce prices even further as you shop.

From snack food to cat food and beyond, Jet.com has everything you need in one (purple) place — but that’s not your average one-stop shop.

It’s simple, it’s sensible and honestly, it’s pretty cool.

The jet-free shipping minimum is easy to reach, and with 2-day delivery on thousands of essentials, you’ll get your stuff fast — no membership needed.

Jet.com Salt Lake City-based customer service reps, the Jet Heads, are always available, no matter what time it is. Up at 3AM? Don’t worry, they are too.

How Does Jet.com Work?

Jet.com reviews prices on other websites, and Jet.com’s major draw is that it promises slight discounts from regular retail prices.

It achieves this by buying items in bulk from other retailers and then using the discounts to slash prices on its own resale.

Is Jet.com a scam? How can they afford such a drastic cut in prices without losing their margin?

What many consumers are wondering about Jet is how sustainable their business model could be when they make next to nothing on their advertised Jet.com products.

Jet.com originally aimed at making its profit by the membership of the customer, at $50 a year.

Jet.com reviews listed other sites’ membership fees, and it turned out to be about $5 less than a Costco membership, and half the Amazon Prime membership price.

However, just three months after its launch, Jet.com reviews remarked on the fast change in their business model when the membership fee was dropped altogether.

As a result, profit had to be factored into their pricing once again, forcing many to question whether Jet is legit and whether it has a chance to survive in the marketplace.

After abandoning the membership fee, Jet.com deals dropped to only 4 to 5 per cent price discounts.



It’s impossible to ignore the one-of-a-kind features and details that founder Marc Lore incorporated into the design.

Beyond slashing prices on materials and selling some items below cost, what many people don’t know about Jet.com are the additional ways you can save.

Check out these ways that Jet.com reviews the service they offer to better serve loyal shoppers:

Get Rid of Returns

Jet.com reviews your purchases, and on some items, they will allow you to waive your free returns for deeper discounts.

Pass the Savings Forward

With the Jet Anywhere program, ordering from certain merchants can help you score savings on future Jet.com deals.

There are over 600 brands taking part in this program, and they returned a percentage of each purchase to you as JetCash for future orders.

Choose Your Payment Wisely

While Jet is safe enough to use any form of payment, opting for a debit Visa or MasterCard at the checkout will save you some cash.

This is because retailers pay a fee for credit card transactions.

When paying with a debit card, that fee is eliminated, and Jet.com passes those savings to their customers.

Buy in Bulk

The more you add to the cart, the more money Jet.com is willing to deduct from your order.

Quick Delivery

After the Jet.com acquisition by Walmart, shopping on Jet.com can now get you a 2-day delivery on thousands of items. For orders over $35, the company provides free 2-5 day delivery.

No Membership or Annual Fees

While Jet.com had attempted to operate on a subscription model prior to the Jet acquisition by Walmart, the acquisition has solidified the successful elimination of membership fees.

How is it Different from Amazon?

Jet is what Costco is to Walmart, to Amazon. Both retailers offer low prices (and more) on everyday items, but Jet promises bigger discounts for members buying more than one item.

Jet’s grocery delivery service also has free access for now, while Amazon is charging $299 a year for its Prime Fresh program.

Prime Fresh offers free delivery on orders above $50, whereas Jet requires only a minimum expenditure of $35 before gratuitous delivery.

Amazon offers a yearly Prime program for $99 that provides free two-day shipping on eligible items and access to a large video library for free streaming.

Jet doesn’t appear to have a similar media streaming program.

Jet offers free delivery on orders $35 and up, and most products ship within three to five business days.

Bottom Line

Many people think Jet is good. The site has highly competitive prices on a wide array of goods. Its unique business model also makes it a great place to do lots of your shopping for more discounts at once.

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