What Happens if You Don’t Pay your Conn’s Bill? (Complete Guide)

This guide provides detailed information on what happens if you don’t pay your conn’s bill. And if you’re looking to resell items you purchased, read through.

what happens if you don't pay your conn's bill

Conn’s will take away the no-interest bonus from the beginning of your contract and charge you back interest if you don’t want to fund.

After around 60 days of unpaid balances, Conn’s will automatically publicize your account and send it to collections.

Conn’s HomePlus Overview

Conn’s HomePlus® runs 130+ retail sites throughout 14 states, generates over $1 billion in revenue, employs over 4,000 people, and provides a broad selection of name-brand home appliances, consumer electronics, furniture and mattresses, and home office supplies.

Conn’s HomePlus Team is in the people-to-people service industry.

They’ve have been committed for more than 125 years to improving the lives of their employees and giving their clients the best possible service.

Conn’s is eager to be of service to you, offering high-quality goods and a variety of purchasing options for their customers as well as professional development and career growth opportunities for our employees.

Team members who are enthusiastic about having a positive impact on those around them are essential to the people business.

At Conn’s, you can discover a place to call home and a job that suits your interests, whether they lie in retail sales, contact centers, warehouse and repair operations, or corporate opportunities.

What Happens When you Don’t Pay your Conn’s Bill?

What Happens When you Don't Pay your Conn’s Bill?

Conn’s HomePlus will hit you and your references after a missed payment, in an effort to arrange payment. It’ll also be charging your account late fees.

Repeated missed payments will mark your account in default and transfer it to collections.

We talked with several representatives of Conn’s customer service to find out about the missed payment policy and the debt collection process for the company.

A few of the representatives were unable to address company policies without a customer account; others advised us that when you miss a payment on your Conn’s HomePlus store credit card or YES MONEY  finance contract a billing agent will attempt to contact you.

Depending on the contract, late fees that normally cost $15 may be imposed. Your customer agreement contains a list of late fees and returned payment fees.

If you miss a payment, you may also forfeit some deals, such as no-interest lending from YES MONEY, the salesperson added.

Conn will chargeback interest starting from the original payment date and return your account to its standard interest rate.

This tactic is applicable to both signing new contracts and paying off existing ones when they’re almost over.

After the first missed payment has been missed for around 60 days, Conn’s will put your account in default.

The whole balance of the outstanding account, as well as any late payment fines and the account default penalties specified in your contract, will be your responsibility.

Conn’s will send your account to collections if you are unable to pay.


Do Conn’s Resell Items you Purchased?

Do Conn's Resell Items you Purchased?

Conn’s also has the right to seize and sell the item(s) you bought if your account is declined.

The amount from the sale can be added to your account balance, but you will still be responsible for paying any outstanding debt and fees.

If your financial circumstances have changed or you are facing default, it would be a good idea to contact Conn’s customer service department to discuss your options, including surrendering products via Conn’s (as previously reported) voluntary repossession policy.

Conn’s HomePlus records skipped credit office payments which may impact your score.

What are the legal ramifications of not paying the Conns? Laws vary by state but for stopping payment on funded or lease-to-own products you usually won’t go to prison.

But you can be sued for your debt.

A judge may require you to pay a debt or appear in court if you refuse to comply with debt collection efforts.

Our article on Aaron’s debt-collecting method contains further details regarding debt recovery rules.

Last but not least, Conn’s HomePlus will make contact with you following a missed payment in order to negotiate payment.

Around 60 days of unpaid balances will cause Conn’s to flag your account as default. And the account balance and fees will be your responsibility.

Conn’s has the right to reclaim the goods and sell them again. Moreover, you can give to obtain the items gathered.

If you stop paying, you could be sued for your debts even though you probably won’t go to jail.

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