What Happened to my Text Messages on Android?

What happened to my text messages on Android? Are you having problems finding your messages on your mobile device? You might probably need to clear cache on Android or update apps. Whatever the case may be, you will get to find out as you read through this post. 

What Happened to my Text Messages on Android

The Messages app most times can act very funny, having to make one panic about important messages disappearing on their Android device.

Oftentimes, when you can’t find your text messages, along with text history, phone numbers, pictures, and other important data on your phone, it can be a result of technical issues.

However, you must look for a way to retrieve all the information as they are important to you.

Why do Text Message Disappear on Android?

Some common causes of disappearing messages can spring from accidental deletion of taking a message thread to the left. 

In most cases, outdated or corrupted Android messaging apps, interference from security software, and the wrong date and time settings will make all text messages and message history to be lost without any notice. 

Also, virus or malware attacks, hardware malfunctions, and operating system glitches or bugs can make all important messages, whether saved or not disappear. 

For Android users, the Google messages app bug can explain why text messages are deleted or disappear on their own from your phone. 

Additionally, you will also be facing this problem if you have accidentally turned on “delete old messages” in your message app settings. 

How to Retrieve Deleted Messages

If you figure out that your text messages can’t be found on your Android phone again, there are some basic yet effective things you can do to stop it from happening again.

1. Restart Android Phone

This step might look very basic to you but it is a common cause of why your phone text messages can’t be found. This should be the first thing to do when facing disappearing text messages on your Android device. 

Taking this step to troubleshoot any Android phone issues can help clear glitches and also give a quick restart to your Android device. 

To restart your Android device, follow the steps below:

  • Give a long press on the power button of your phone until the power option comes up on the screen. 
  • Click on the restart icon and wait a few minutes until the reboot process is complete. 

If you follow these steps carefully, you should be able to see the text messages that once disappeared on your Android phone, in your text messaging app.

2. Update the Message App

As an Android user who is using the Google messages app, you should ensure that you run an update on the app to avoid experiencing lots of issues. Using an outdated app on an Android device is another way to face lots of difficulties.

If you don’t update your messaging app, you will keep facing bugs that can cause your text messages on Android to disappear suddenly. 

To run a quick update:

  • Open your phone’s Google store
  • Search for message App
  • Make sure you go for an updated version of the app. If it isn’t an updated one, you will see an “update” option, tap on it to update the app. 

There is nothing more disturbing than text messages automatically disappearing from your Android phone, especially when it contains vital data. Luckily, as you have read through this article, there are solutions that can help you fix the problem. 

Make sure you follow the instructions that have been given above and your missing text messages will be restored. 

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