What Happened to Kanye West

– What Happened to Kanye West? –

Since Kanye West initially rose to fame and even before that. A lot of significant life changes have taken place.

what happened to kanye west

from his mother’s passing to the agonizing pressure of constantly being in the spotlight.

What Happened to Kanye West?

That Kanye West suffers from mental health issues. Particularly, his battle with bipolar disorder doesn’t help with any of this.

While it is impossible to pinpoint the exact cause of Kanye West’s behavior.

Most people attribute it to. His dislike of taking his bipolar disorder medication and his inability to cope with the stress he has experienced.

Many admirers think that West’s real turning point came after his mother passed away in 2007.

Losing his mother as he entered the next stage of his life. Must have been devastating, because she had been the sole constant in his life since birth.

Any individual would fall to their knees at the loss of a parent. Particularly if the parent and kid were as close as West and his mother were.

Another degree of stress and weight is added. When you have to try to mourn, while millions of people are watching you as a source of entertainment.


Frequently Asked Questions on What Happened to Kanye West

1. What Is the Big Deal About Kanye West?

Kanye has had a long career.

He has won 21 Grammy. which is more than any other rap artist and ties him with Jay-Z for the most accolades.

West’s ability to reinvent himself with each record has also been a major impact.

Also, He isn’t hesitant to push an idea to its logical conclusion. Or provide fresh aesthetics to the music business.

2. Why Did Kanye Censor DONDA?

Kanye West claims that “DONDA” was edited.

Because families shouldn’t have foul language in their living rooms.

And to demonstrate that it could be done.

3. What Happened with Kanye and Apple?

Kanye West claimed in a since-deleted Instagram post.

that he rejected an offer from Apple for $100 million.

writing “No one can pay me to be humiliated.”

Following a string of Instagram postings. in which the rapper musician criticized Apple Music.

and other streaming platforms for undervaluing artists, this happened.

4. Is Donda All Clean Songs?

Many followers also think that the release of “Donda” would resemble that of “The Life of Pablo.”

Where songs were added or changed throughout the weeks that followed the first release.

At the time of publication, “Donda” was made available. As a clean project, with any explicit language removed.

5. Why did Apple Pull Kanye Deal?

According to Akademiks. the $2 million (£1.5 million) contract was canceled.

Because they planned to stream his DONDA listening party event on February 22.

“Apple pulls a $2 million plus sponsorship contract from Kanye West. after he said he won’t be putting Donda 2 on Apple Music,”

wrote Akademiks.

More Frequently Asked Questions on What Happened to Kanye West

6. Why Is Donda 2 Not on Apple Music?

Kanye West, who is now referred to as “Ye” in official capacities.

decided against releasing his upcoming album, “Donda 2.”

via Apple Music or Spotify in favor of a proprietary platform.

7. Is There no Swearing on Donda?

Yet another sign that music has fallen down.

West’s priority list is his decision to only release.

“Donda” in an edited form with swear words muted. (couldn’t he just tell folks not to curse?).

8. Will Donda 2 be on Spotify?

With the release of “Donda 2,.” Kanye West is the newest artist to abandon Spotify.

If you’ve heard this one before, please tell me.

Ye, the musician whose name was previously Kanye Wes. he changed legally it in October 2021.

9. Did Donda 2 Drop?

You probably were unaware. that Kanye West had an album out if you are one of the sane people without a Stem Player.

The follow-up to last year’s “Donda.” “Donda 2,” was made available only on West’s music player on February 23.

10. on Donda, Who Exactly Is Featured?

It included over 30 musicians in the August release of Donda.

Along with infamous rocker Manson. other performers included DaBaby, Chris Brown, Jay-Z, The Weeknd.

besides Lil Durk, Young Thug, Roddy Ricch, and many more.

Many believe that Kanye West’s most recent string of behavior. Has been motivated by the stress he is experiencing.

As a result of his divorce from Kim Kardashian.

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