Which Retail Shops Take EBT for Online Purchases?

EBT cards are the best option when you want to shop some groceries. However, identifying which grocery stores accept EBT cards is best for easy payment at checkout. If you also want to find out about these stores, keep reading.

what grocery stores accept ebt

The EBT is a food and grocery assistance program ongoing in various states in America to help beneficiaries afford food and groceries easily.

But, not all stores accept this card when shopping with them. A few stores have preferred payment and delivery options.

For you to have an easier and more pleasurable shopping experience using your EBT card, here are the 14 stores you can buy from online.

Grocery Stores That Accept EBT for Online Purchases

As an EBT beneficiary, you should identify the exact stores that accept SNAP cards within your location.

This is because most franchise stores have autonomy over their payment option and SNAP benefit diver in various locations.

When shopping online, you should patronize the under-listed stores to get the best experience when using an EBT benefits card.


ALDI is one of the giant stores in most locations across the United States and accepts EBT cards for grocery items when shopping online. This platform makes things easy for the shoppers who are beneficiaries of this food program no matter your location.

2. City Market

City Market allows customers to use their EBT cards for grocery needs, even when they shop online which is the most secure and convenient for low-income beneficiaries. Although not found in most locations but is a good choice for EBT card holders.

3. Safeway

Just like everyone goes to Safeway for shopping, EBT card holders can also visit the same store not minding what payment options are available because Safeway accepts in-store and online grocery shopping with EBT cards.

4. Amazon

With millions of people shopping on Amazon, they have expanded their payment option to accommodate EBT card users for online grocery and fresh-food shopping. This option is available across all forty-six states, bringing convenience to the customers.

5. Stop & Shop

Stop & Shop is in agreement with the EBT point system as a payment option, which makes it possible for people who use these cards to buy fresh groceries and household needs. If you have this store within your neighborhood, order online or pay with your card.

6. Food Lion

In every city and state in the US, you will find a Food Lion grocery store which is their major goods. However, Food Lion provides EBT cardholders the opportunity to get grocery goods with their card at its stores.

7. Lucky Supermarkets

You can’t be any luckier as an EBT cardholder when you have Lucky Supermarket near you to deliver online orders. While others decline EBT cards, Lucky Supermarkets accepts EBT cards and welcomes other cardholders.

8. BJ’s Wholesale Club

BJ’s Wholesale Club is one of the retailers that accept EBT cards for grocery purchases. They even offer discounted prices for EBT cardholders who shop in bulk especially, for children and senior citizens.

9. Target Shopping Mall

Target cooperates with the EBT program for eligible grocery items where shoppers can purchase basic living supplies both in-store and online. Therefore, stay at the convenience of your home and order online at Target using EBT Cards.

10. Walmart

Why worry about where to buy fresh food and grocery items online when you have a Walmart Store near you? They accept EBT cards for in-store grocery purchases appeal to relatively low-income customers and offer the convenience that is much needed to such customers.

11. Brothers Marketplace

Brothers Market recognizes EBT and SNAP cardholders and provides them with all fresh and locally grown produce available to buy. You can shop from groceries to dairy products and all you ever need at any of their stores using your EBT card.

12. Farmers Markets

The Farmers Market payment option for both online and offline purchases for items within the store includes EBT cards. Patrons can shop for fresh vegetables and support the local farming community or even visit outlets and use their POS.

13. Foodmaxx

Foodmaxx takes part in EBT card programs to help budget-conscious groceries for shoppers who need such assistance. Not just in-store, you can order online and have it delivered to your doorstep through a delivery agency.

14. Save Mart

Among the most conscious and accommodating stores for online grocery and fresh vegetable shopping for EBT cardholders is Save Mart. They’ve been on this for a few years now and are still improving their payment services to accept more cards and payment options.

Retail Chains That Deline EBT Card

EBT Card

Despite how popular the EBT card has been over the years, not all stores still accept the card during payment.

For you to successfully make payment for your order, you have to know which payment options various stores accept.

If EBT is the only payment option you have then you should avoid visiting or buying from any of these stores because they don’t accept EBT benefits.

1. DoorDash

2. Dominos except at Califonia and Arizona

3. Starbucks

4. Burger King only accepts in California and Arizona

5. Pizza Hut but accepted in California.

6. Cici’s Pizza decline EBT except in Arizona.

7. Trader Joe’s also doesn’t accept EBT at most of their locations and their payment channels differ.

Why Did My EBT Decline?

When using your EBT cards for online purchases, it sometimes begins to misbehave like declining payment and many more.

For you to solve this problem, we will identify reasons why EBT cards decline often times you try to make payment.

1. Overdrawn Balance: Exceeding suggested funds limits results in a reduction. These cards have loaded amounts and when it’s exhausted your card is bound to decline.

2. Inactive Cards: Any cards that have not been used for the last 12 months are automatically declined. Make sure to constantly use your card for purchases.

3. Expired Cards: You should also check your card expiration dates and make plans on getting it renewed or a new one. If it expires, transactions will be declined. 

4. Incorrect PIN: Your transactions are usually declined whenever you input the wrong info like a passcode. You should check again and input the right code.

5. Technical Glitches: System errors can cause your transactions to decline even when you have enough money on your card. You will have to try again much later.

6. Restricted Items: People make fewer non-food transactions which hurts sales. Always check your order, an item is not a grocery item.

7. Fraudulent Activity: Your transaction can also be declined the moment any fraudulent transaction is suspected. Double-check the transaction again. Shelf time due to fraud allegations.

To avoid these problems, being conscious of your expenditures, and sticking to your budget would prevent you from going beyond your EBT balance so you will have enough money for your daily needs. 

You may be able to re-activate an EBT card at any time by calling the state helpline if it hasn’t been used for a while. 

Follow other measures to fix any further problems your card might have developed and have the best transaction time while visiting and shopping for groceries online with your EBT card.

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