What Does Adult Swim Mean? (TikTok Trend)

One more day, one more TikTok trend. It’s Adult Swim this time. And it’s all over. You need to understand what Adult Swim is in order to comprehend why this trend is so popular and what the videos are all about. Thus, what does adult swim mean (TikTok trend)?

What Does Adult Swim Mean

About Adult Swim

Adult Swim is an American nighttime programming block of the television network Cartoon Network. Its name is typically stylized as [adult swim] or just [as].

When Adult Swim first debuted in 2001, it was created as a nighttime adult-targeted alternative to Cartoon Network’s primetime programming.

Adult animated films, mockumentaries, comedies, and more would be broadcast on Adult Swim.


More Details

Its television programming was renowned for its sexual themes, nudity, foul language, and extreme violence. The programs were frequently extremely experimental and bizarre.

Since Adult Swim and Cartoon Network have different target audiences, Adult Swim received its own unique Nielsen ratings report from Cartoon Network in 2005.

Robot Chicken, The Eric Andre Show, and Rick and Morty are just a few of the presently airing programs on Adult Swim.

Since 2002, Adult Swim has intermittently been broadcast in the UK.

Other Things to Know

In the UK, CNX was established in 2002 as a Cartoon Network spin-off and offered a lot of the same programming as Adult Swim. However, it was discontinued after just one year.

A nightly Adult Swim channel was introduced in 2006, but it stopped airing in 2008. A few Adult Swim programs with the Adult Swim branding were broadcast on the channel FX in 2010.

In 2015, Adult Swim made its way back to the UK with a brand-new block on the FOX network. 2017 saw the end of this.

In 2019, Adult Swim would return to UK television screens with a brand-new block on E4.

Adult Swim TikTok Trend

TikTok trend

Users of TikTok are paying homage to something called “bumpers” that were broadcast in between episodes of Adult Swim.

These bumpers were brief videos with completely arbitrary situations; typically, the Adult Swim branding was tucked somewhere in the video or simply appeared at the end.

Undoubtedly, Channel 4’s implementation of a similar concept is more well-known to UK audiences.

These showed arbitrary, commonplace sights where the Channel 4 logo would eventually appear.

By creating their own renditions, TikTok creators are honoring the Adult Swim bumpers and the memories they evoke on the platform.

Who Started this TikTok Trend?

What Does Adult Swim Mean

User @supvano, also known as Vano 3000, who has developed a number of their own bumpers with Adult Swim as inspiration, started the trend and wrote the song.

He also disclosed that the Adult Swim TikTok account was following him on Instagram.

Producer of music Vano 3000 used BADBADNOTGOOD’s song Time Moves Slow to create the song that is included in the trending videos.

Vano 3000 hasn’t announced a release date for the song’s complete version, which is still unreleased and featured in the trend.


Does Adult Swim Know About this Trend?

Yes, the TikTok trend is well known to the programming block, which has used the medium to let users know they are there.

We’ve been talking to you like this for a while, the latest video declares. They continue, it’s good to hear you respond to us. Keep it going.

Finally, several studios renowned for their creations in absurd and shock humor have agreements with Adult Swim. Similar to Cartoon Network, Adult Swim reaches 94 million American households through a variety of platforms.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Why is it Called Adult Swim?

The phrase “lifeguard’s break” is the source of the name.

2. Is Adult Swim for Kids?

Adult audiences above the age of 18 are meant for the program.

3. Is Adult Swim for 18 +?

Yes, it is.

4. What Age is Adult Swim Meant for?

Adult Swim targets college students as well as people in their 20s and 30s.

5. Why is it Called Adult Swim?

The name comes from a term for a lifeguard’s break. 

6. Is Adult Swim for Kids?

No, it is not for kids.

7. What does Adult Swim Mean on Television?

It is created by Williams Street, the American children’s pay television network Cartoon Network’s in-house production studio, for its adult-oriented nightly programming block.

8. What is Adult Swim in a Swimming Pool?

No kids, no supervision.

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