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What Do Polar Bears Eat

– What Do Polar Bears Eat –

Polar bears are the most carnivorous member of the bear species. Other bear species are omnivorous, but polar bears’ habitat is devoid of vegetation, so their diet mostly consists of meat. However, the question is, what do polar bears eat? 

What Do Polar Bears Eat

Polar Bears

Polar bears are the powerful and top predators of the arctic region. These gigantic bears are marine mammals and they spend most of their time on Arctic ice sheets.

These bears are the world’s biggest carnivorous terrestrial animals. From the tip of their relatively short tail to the tip of their nose, they are around seven to eight feet long.

More so, male polar bears are significantly larger than female polar bears. Their adaptations to harsh climate let them move across land, sea, and ice.

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What Do Polar Bears Eat

What Do Polar Bears Eat

They primarily consume seal meat and fat. They are opportunistic predators who will eat other small animals, plants, and even human rubbish if their regular diet gets rare.

The primary food source for these bears is sealed. A seal is the most popular prey of polar bears. Bearded seals Ringed seals.

However, they also enjoy having various kinds of seals, like, Harp seals, hooded seals, and ribbon seals are all types of seals.

Other Things to Know

Polar bears become an effective predator of seal pups in the spring. These bears are thought to kill about 44% of newborn seal pups each year.

Meanwhile, an adult polar bear’s favorite parts of a seal are the skin and the fatty layer beneath it known as blubber. Scavengers such as arctic foxes, young polar bears, and ravens feast on the carcass.

Polar bears are mass murderers. Polar bears have been reported to have killed two seals at the same time while dining on another seal.

More Things to Know

Two seals were killed by the polar bear, but neither was eaten. Near one point, a polar bear was seen still hunting at a breathing hole.

However, a partially digested seal was nearby, and the polar bear was continuing hunting, stacking three freshly dead seals there.

Bears became full after their initial kill, therefore they continued to collect, hunt, and stack seals with a lesser chance of consuming them later.


How Much do they Eat

Polar Bear

  • Polar bears can consume 50-60 kg of food at a time.
  • In 30 minutes, a polar bear may ingest 10 kg of fat.
  • Even in a season when seals are plentiful, polar bears can kill a single seal in 2-16 days. The ringed seals are the most common.
  • A single polar bear is thought to swallow 43 ringed seals each year.
  • According to the report, about 20,000 polar bears will devour 128469 seals per year.
  • A polar bear can get 8 days’ worth of energy from a seal weighing 121 pounds.
  • To survive in the extreme arctic climate, polar bears require 2 kg (4.4Ib) of lipids every day.
  • A bear can consume 97 percent of the fat and 84 percent of the meat it consumes.

What do Baby Polar Bears Eat

What do Baby Polar Bears Eat

  • Polar bear cubs can grow quickly if they consume their mother’s fatty milk and seal blubber.
  • Until the 30th month, the baby bears eat their mother’s fat-rich milk. The fat content of female polar bear milk is 33 percent on average.
  • By the age of three to four months, baby polar bears are eating solid food. They can’t hunt until they’re over a year old, so their mothers feed them until then. Their main source of nutrition is seal blubber.

What do they Eat in Captivity?

What do Polar Bears Eat in Captivity

Polar bears in captivity are supplemented with all necessary vitamins, such as vitamin A, E, D, and calcium, as well as nutritional levels. At zoos, their diet includes both carnivore and omnivorous techniques. In captivity, they consume the following foods:

  • Whole chickens
  • Vegetables (carrots, sweet potatoes, turnip)
  • Seasonal fruits
  • Oxtails
  • fish
  • Blueberries
  • Kelp
  • Animal carcasses
  • Cow bones
  • Rabbits
  • Spices and herbs
  • Pig ears

Due to the fact vegetables don’t provide much in the way of nutrients, zookeepers give them vegetables as treats and carrots to keep their teeth clean.


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FAQs About What do Polar Bears Eat

1. What do Polar Bears Eat?

Polar bears eat a variety of seals, including ringed and bearded seals, depending on their region.

2. What Else do Polar Bears Eat Besides Fish and Seals?

When alternative food sources are few, polar bears will consume everything, including reindeer, small rodents, seabirds, waterfowl, fish, eggs, plants (including kelp), berries, and even human waste.

3. Why do Polar Bears Eat Seals?

Seals provide a high-energy source for hungry polar bear mothers and their expanding cubs.

4. Do Polar Bears Hunt Beluga Whales?

Beluga whales have been known to be attacked and eaten by killer whales and polar bears.

5. How do Polar Bears Survive in the Arctic?

Polar bears rely on sea ice that builds over the open waters where they hunt for seals. When sea ice is not available, they will spend time on land.

More FAQs About What do Polar Bears Eat

6. Are Polar Bears the Only Animals that Actively Hunt Humans?

Humans are not hunted by polar bears. They eat seals, which they catch on the Arctic sea ice throughout the winter.

The majority of polar bears will want to avoid coming into contact with humans.

7. Do Polar Bears Eat Arctic Wolves?

Arctic wolves have no natural predators other than polar bears.

8. What do Polar Bears and Orcas do When they Meet Each Other?

In the north, both polar bears and killer whales hunt seals, so there’s a potential they’ll come face to face while foraging for the same food.

9. What is the Main Nutritional Source for Polar Bears?

Polar bears prefer ringed seals, but they will also consume bearded, harp, hooded, and harbor seals if they are available.

10. What do Polar Bears Eat if they Lived in the Desert?

The Desert is known to be very dry, so polar bears won’t see anything to eat in the desert. It will only expose them to death.

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