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Are you looking for ways to make extra money or would you like to find a side hustle that can develop into a full-fledged business? Selling used wooden pallets might be for you.


Wood pallets are used worldwide and countrywide. Companies are using these to help carry goods from one place to another.

Some firms simply discard those pallets. They leave them to someone who will pick them up outside of their business. Then people like you and me gather them and transport them to another resale location.

What Are Wooden Pallets?

Wooden pallets are used for transporting products by manufacturing companies. Large quantities of the product are placed on these pallets and then transported by forklift to other areas of the warehouse or loaded onto trucks to be delivered to another place.

Pallets offer incredible convenience when transporting and delivering products, but once used, it is often the case that they cannot be used again.

Because the products’ weight can be so heavy, a lot of these pallets break under pressure. Unqualified use of forklifts can also damage pallets, making them unfit to repeated use by companies.

When that happens, these pallets are likely to accumulate in the warehouse of a business or outside its doors until they get bust and thrown away.

This can be a lengthy and costly process for businesses, as their employees have to take time from important work in order to discard these pallets.

Additionally, what most businesses don’t know is that it can cost them thousands in potential earnings. Companies like Tri County Pallet & Mulch buy and recycle used pallets—meaning that this could be a goldmine for people with an entrepreneurial spirit.

Because these businesses are recycling these old pallets, it is also good for the environment-making it a popular choice for some businesses.

However, the truth is that many enterprises have yet to buy into these effective services. They are instead left to deal with unnecessary pallets littering their warehouses and walkways.

How Much Do They Pay for the Pallets?

The price you will get for the pallets depends on a couple of factors. If the pallets are in good condition, then you can sell them for more. Prices for pallets range from 50 cents each to $4 each, anywhere.

The price you’ll get per pallet depends on these factors:

  • What area you live in
  • How many recyclers are in the area
  • What local recycling companies are willing to pay

If you deliver quality pallets, you can get a few customers who are willing to pay a decent price for them. You can earn some worthwhile side hustle money by finding the right clients.

Let us say you can get 2 customers willing to pay $2 per pallet, for example. If every customer buys 100 pallets a week, you can make $400 a week from pallet sales.

Companies in need of pallets for shipping will be eager to save money by purchasing recycled pallets. If you can help them cut their costs in half, you’ll be saving them a lot of money.

Remember the companies you serve are going to want to know that you can meet their needs. They want you to be able to meet their daily or weekly demand for pallets, and provide good service.

If you are committed to doing both of these things, businesses might want your business regularly.


Who Buys Wood Pallets?

If you would like to make money from recycling wood pallets, you have several options to sell them. The number of customers you will have depends of course on where you live.

The bigger the town you live in, the more places you will have to buy wood pallets, the more likely it is. Here are some options to find places to sell pallets of your wood.

Sell on Craigslist

Several people had been offering to buy wood pallets on my local Craigslist site. Maybe they want to resell the pallets themselves.

What are Wooden Pallets

Alternatively, they could want to use the pallets for wood art or other projects. The prices they would pay ranged from 50 cents apiece up.

So check the listing on your local Craigslist to see if buyers are available in your area.

Sell to Local Manufacturers

Living in an area with a lot of manufacturing companies? If so, that may be a good way to sell your recycled wood pallets.

Visit the headquarters of various companies or call them on the phone. Explain that you are a seller of pallets of recycled wood.

Start negotiations for a price that will make a profit for you, and save the company money.

Sell to Pallet Brokers

Pallet brokers are found throughout the US and across Canada. They are working to ensure wood pallets in the landfill avoid a lifetime. The companies occasionally repair and reuse the pallets.

Other times the pallets could be reselling. In cases where pallets are out of repair, they often grind them into wood mulch and resell them to mulch-needed ones.

There are a number of pallet brokers that could be a viable option for you as a pallet recycler. Here are a few to chose from

North American Pallet Recycling Network

This is another prominent company, which might be willing to buy pallets that you are collecting. They have locations in many of the 50 states, Alaska and Hawaii included.

The North American Pallet Recycling Network is keen on working with recyclers for pallets. Their aim? Helping to redistribute long-term pallets.

Kamps Pallets

Kamps Pallets has locations in nearly all major metropolitan areas. They have a contact page on their website for those interested in selling pallets to Kamps.

National Wooden Pallets Container and Association

The National Container and Association for Wooden Pallets works differently. It has a business directory on its website, which will purchase and sell wooden pallets.

Recyclers can use the directory to find contact information in their area for companies who may be interested in buying the pallets they have for resale.


The website recycle.net has a section specifically designed for people who buy and sell wooden pallets. This site could be a great place to find buyers for your pallets. Or places where the pallets can be picked for free.

Local Pallet Furniture/Woodworking Schools

These two options may also be viable places to sell the pallets you are collecting. Check listings for woodworking or furniture making schools at the local technical college.

What are Wooden Pallets

Alternatively, check the yellow pages of your local phone book for nearby pallet companies that might want to buy your recycled pallets.

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