Some Weird Insurance Policies You Never Knew are in Existence

Did you know there are some very Weird Insurance Policies? Are you aware that the world is filled with risks? These risks range cut across different facets. Thus, statistically, there is a margin of danger nearly everywhere.

Fortunately, the insurance market is designed to curb them. Also, it offers consumers financial protection. For many risks, all you need is the right insurance policy. Furthermore, make regular payments to avoid major expenses.

Some Weird Insurance Policies You Never Knew are in Existence

It is important you note this. As there are many risks, so are there insurance policies. Some of which are weird insurance policies. You probably have not heard about these weird insurance policies. This article will expose you to some of them.

Some Weird Insurance Policies You should Know

Here are five weird insurance policies to take note of;

  • Wedding Insurance

This is one of the weird insurance policies there is. Out of all the “weird” insurance policies, this is the most fathomable. Also, the average cost of this policy is now just over $33,000.

With wedding insurance, brides and grooms can protect their special day. This policy covers risks during wedding. Like other types of insurance, the price depends on a variety of factors. These factors can be the location of your wedding. Also, it can be total guest count.

Please note. You are to read the agreement thoroughly. This is because not all policies are the same.

  • Lottery Insurance

This is also one of the weird insurance policies there is. Lottery insurance protects against the cost of an employee suddenly quitting. This quitting is due to winning the lottery.

This is policy is not widely available in the United States. This is business owners in the United Kingdom have a safety net.

  • Multiple Birth Insurance

This is another one on the list of weird insurance policies. If you or your partner is pregnant, with this you are covered. But what if you are expecting two or three babies, or even more?

If that is the case, then take advantage of Multiple Birth Insurance. This protects parents from the financial burden. This financial burden is on having twins, triplets, and more.

The cost goes thus. Leading insurance company providing this charge between £84 and £210. This is per policy. Also, it goes with payouts between £2,000 and £5,000 respectively.

  • Body Part Insurance

If your livelihood is based on a body part, then this is for you. Valuable body parts are not limited to celebrities.

A variety of professionals could face financial hardship. This could be caused damage of their body part. For example, surgeons who can no longer use their hands could lose their livelihood.

Some Weird Insurance Policies You should Know

You may have a hard time getting a body part policy. However, you need to track down a specialty insurer.

  • Alien Abduction Insurance

The world is a dangerous place, and perhaps the universe is as well. Alien Abduction Insurance covers post-abduction medical bills. A few companies do provide this unusual insurance. This is one of the weird insurance policies there is.

Companies like UFO Abduction Insurance Company do this. If you want to protect yourself or a loved one from alien abduction, this is it. You can secure a lifetime policy for $19.95 for $10 million in coverage.

Other Weird Insurance Policies

  • Change of Heart, a.k.a. Cold Feet Insurance

This often called change of heart or cold feet coverage. It covers the costs of the wedding. The  average cost is estimated at $26,645.

Also, take note. It does not cover getting stood up at the altar at the last minute. You will need to cancel the wedding a full year in advance. Also, only the bride or groom’s parents get financially reimbursed.

  • Bed Bug Insurance

Renters and home owners’ insurance policies are pretty comprehensive. But they do not protect you against bed bugs.

It can cost more than $1,000 to get them exterminated from your domicile. That is not counting the costs to replace an infested mattress.

You may consider adding bed bug insurance to your existing renters. Also you may consider it for your kids. This is still on the list of weird insurance policies.

  • Food Truck Insurance

There are good food trucks and bad ones. However, these mobile greasy spoons need insurance coverage. D not confuse it with restaurant insurance. Food truck protects against liabilities like food-borne illness.

Also, it protects against personal injury or other damages. When you think of it, it is a pretty sound idea.  It is when considering how one major kitchen fire can destroy food truck. Also, it is when considering how your entire business can go up in smoke.

  • Chicken Insurance

You may be contented with having a dog or cat. However, there are cases you can also have fowls. This policy covers their well-being.

In other words, most pet insurance policies cover costly medical expenses. Also, they cover costs of care for felines and canines. It is important you note this. Some private insurance companies do offer livestock insurance.

In a Nutshell

You may say the weird insurance policies above do not merit the price. Even at that, some people will not pay if the cost is small.

In a Nutshell

However, for some consumers, the peace of mind is worth it. Also, if a snow-storm ruins your wedding, what will you do? You may just find that one of these weird insurance policies can help.

The above mentioned weird insurance policies are apt. They are apt considering the different risks in our environment.

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