7 Websites that Offer College Textbooks Today for Free

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Why pay the full price for textbooks when you can get them free or very cheap online? Here are some great ways to find free online College books.

7 Websites that Offer College Textbooks Today for Free

As most students would tell you, on the first day of the course, one of the most daunting aspects of university life is to get along – and very costly – a list of ‘needed’ textbooks you need to buy.

However, many students are unaware that you do not always have to go for the most expensive option; in fact, there are not only a lot of ways to get your hands on alternative textbooks, but they are also completely free.

Websites that Offer Free College Textbooks

1. Bookboon

Bookboon offers a large range of free textbooks for students at the college, with several different subjects on offer. In particular, it is a fantastic source for both college and business students studying STEM fields.

However, what really separates this company from its competitors is that it also provides a wide variety of career development-related resources including interview skills, internship tips, writing skills and even how to handle stress at work.

They also have organizational services designed to achieve business success.

It’s easy to use with users only having to fill out a short form to download any textbook – one of the many reasons why Bookboon has thrived since its inception in 2005.

2. OpenStax

If you have heard of OpenStax before, it might be because it is the forum from which Bill Gates donated textbooks; it’s also the go-to place for college students who are just beginning their educational voyage.

The organization was founded in 2011 by Rice University and receives support through partnerships with numerous philanthropic organizations such as the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation.

In terms of relevance, OpenStax’s textbooks are peer-reviewed by actual educators, ensuring alignment with most general course curriculums.

The textbook collection includes subjects such as physics, biology, sociology, pre-calculus, history, and more, and is available in multiple formats (including PDF and EPUB).

3. Project Gutenberg

Project Gutenberg is not, as the name implies a shrine for Hollywood actor Steve Gutenberg, to the possible dismay of fans of the Police Academy. But rather a wide-ranging and extensive collection of free, readily accessible educational texts.

The platform does not only mention textbooks explicitly, either. There are several original publications (dating years back, in some cases).

This makes it the ideal resource for students of the humanities and arts.

Texts are also available in a variety of languages while audiobooks, data compilations, and even sheet music are available as well.

The interface can be a little unfriendly but Project Gutenberg is one of the best providers of textbooks out there in terms of quality.


4. Online Mathematics Textbooks

As the name suggests, if you are a major history, this site may not be of any use. But if you are studying mathematics – or indeed any STEM field like engineering, chemistry, or computer science – then you might find Online Mathematics Textbooks very helpful.

It might not look like anything with a very simple HTML template but the proof is in the pudding. The website lists 77 publications, ranging from pre-calculus introductory texts to abstract and complex works.

If your course includes numbers, or if, in your own time, you want to get to grips with certain concepts, then online mathematics textbooks can protect you.

5. Open Textbook Library

The Open Textbook Library is keenly aware of the financial impact it can have on purchasing textbooks. Even going so far as to say that it can lead to flunking courses for students and choosing to drop out.

It is fortunate that its large and ever-growing collection of free, open-sourced, peer-reviewed textbooks will help

The Open Textbook Library, located in Minnesota, USA, caters to all major topics and even has a section of self-help and research progress texts specifically designed for students.

They also have a handy rating system that helps you to narrow down which textbook is best for you, as given by other users.

6. IntechOpen

Not to be confused with Office Space fame’s doomed Initech Company, IntechOpen is indeed one of the world’s largest free textbook publishers and has been running since 2004.

As the name suggests, with a selection of over 2,000 published textbooks, there are a variety of textbook choices and journals for computer science, robotics, and other STEM subjects. They also have to choose from an array of peer-reviewed journals.

IntechOpen has delivered over 60 million downloads to users from around the world. This shows it is one of the most reliable and well-used providers on the market, according to the platform itself.

7. Textbook Revolution

As with many of the providers on this list, Textbook Revolution mainly provides STEM student-oriented textbooks. Although other topics such as business and history are also covered.

Perhaps the best part of the site is the easy way to arrange it. That is with students being able to browse textbooks by topic, topic, or license.

Some truly helpful and useful textbooks are freely available here, especially if you are a student of computer science. So be sure to explore and, of course, apply your own textbooks in return.

So we got it there-some helpful tips on how to find textbooks from college. They are free in some cases and they are much cheaper in others. The point is, you do not have to waste your entire cash on books!

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