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8 Ways to Get Free Perfume Samples 2022 Update

– Get Free Perfume Samples –

Getting a new perfume is one of those treats that don’t get around too much, so the next best thing for me is free perfume samples. However, this article focuses on how you could get free perfume samples.

8 Ways to Get Free Perfume Samples 2022 Update

Free perfume samples are a perfect way to try new perfumes before you purchase them. You will get enough free perfume samples if you do a little searching that you may never have to pay for perfume again.

Keep reading to find out what free perfume samples is about and how to get them.

What are Free Perfume Samples?

Free samples of perfumes let you try a fragrance before you purchase! From spectacular 5ml roller balls and miniature bottles to one-use postcard samples, they can come in all shapes and dimensions.

Seasoned freebie hunters with Magic Freebies will know that postcard samples are freer to browse. They may not be as good as the bottles, now.

You may wonder why there are free samples of the perfume. Yeah, perfumes are a luxury commodity that can cost up to £ 50 for 30ml so it is a real treat for many people and one that does not come very often.

Fragrance brands understand this and give free samples as a way of selling their scent to you with the expectation that you will fall in love with the fragrance and buy their product!

Free samples are a great way to try a perfume and determine whether it is for you to fall in and out of love with various odors depending on the season and occasion if you are anything like me.

How to Get Free Perfume Samples

1. Buy Individual Samples

If an entire discovery set is too much commitment, you can buy individual samples from luxe lines like Le Labo, where 0.05 ounces of their iconic scents are $4-$6 a pop. You can even purchase samples online with free shipping.

2. Work as a Beauty Product Tester

Many manufacturers of makeup and beauty products also employ testers to check how common and receptive they are to their goods. Many cosmetics and perfume companies are searching for customers to get reviews on their beauty products.

These businesses need people like you to get their goods tested. All the suggestions you get will be used to refine and improve those beauty products.

The best part of it is that a lots of companies are willing to send you free beauty products to test and provide feedback! So take a look at the openings at companies like Dior and Revlon and find out if they’re looking for beauty product testers.

You can participate in a beauty testing panel and then get free bottles of perfume and other makeup products.

3. Ask at a Department Store

Visit your favorite department store’s cosmetics counter, and ask for a sample of fragrance. Asking for a freebie is not considered declassé; that is what samples are there for.

Usually, these will be new product drops that fragrance homes around the world want to see out. Nordstrom is a goldmine for free fragrance samples, particularly to try during a Scent Event when you can get deluxe-sized scents.

4. Write Product Reviews

A lot of companies and brands are searching for good feedback to bring more eyeballs on their product pages. Reviews are crucial to creating interest of their products.

Get Free Perfume Samples

Small businesses are particularly looking to provide product reviews to consumers. The feedback needn’t come from professional writers – just everyday clients with something positive to say.

Companies choose to have their products checked by a normal Joe or Jane. You will get credit for doing these product reviews.

Sometimes you will be rewarded with free samples of beauty or perfume if those are the product reviews that you complete. You can’t get a better incentive than free stuff!

5. Flip Through a Magazine

Proving that publishing is not finished, glossy magazines have scented perfume advertisements on sale. While it is not the most glamorous way to experience a fragrance to rub a magazine on your wrist, this handy trick could just turn you on to your next signature scent!

Now that you are building your fragrance collection, make sure to save your sample vials for travel, life on the go, or layer scents.


6. Check Out Websites that Offer Free Products to Try

There are a handful of websites that can send you some free prizes or rewards. Through these sites, you can get any perfume brand that you absolutely love.

Whether you like Gucci or Victoria Secret, you can get these bottles from a freebie website. Below are websites that can send you some free perfume bottles in the mail.

7. Search Hashtags on Social Media

Search hashtags on social media to see who’s giving away stuffs. Instagram, Facebook, and Reddit are great sources to score free scent samples.  It’s really that #easy.

8. Keep Track of New Perfume Brands Out on the Market

Another perfect way to get a freebie is to try out into the market some new perfumes or labels. Keep an eye on these latest fragrances online as several companies give free samples when a new product is introduced.

Get Free Perfume Samples

Be sure to pay attention to your favorite fragrance brands, because you know when new fragrances will come out. And be sure to research different perfumes online that you haven’t heard of.

Don’t forget to check out the company websites for free samples as well. And if there are new startup perfume companies launching products on the market, don’t miss out on any social media or website giveaways.

There are often free samples given out when a company is starting out.

We hope this article was useful and educative, do well to share these messages with friends and loved ones. If you have a question, kindly drop your comments below.

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