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Ways to Get Free Magazine Subscriptions by Mail in 2022

– Free Magazine Subscriptions –

Are you interested in making free magazine subscriptions delivered to you by mail at no charge? Don’t panic! There are a couple of ways you can get magazine subscriptions at no cost to you.

Ways to Get Free Magazine Subscriptions by Mail 2020

One of the favorite forms of freebies is free magazines and magazine subscriptions since it’s like getting a little surprise in the mail month after month.

Some companies give out magazine subscriptions for free. However, there are things you need to know about each process before you sign up.

What You Need to Know About Requesting Free Magazines

All the magazines and subscriptions mentioned below are actually free. There are not any strings attached and you’ll never get a bill. They do not renew automatically.

You will have to jump through some hoops when you sign up for those free magazines. These businesses make money by getting you to sign up for the deals you see when signed up.

You will need to look for a place where you can click on “Skip,” “No Thanks,” “No,” or something similar if you come to a place where they want you to pick special offers or choose other publications.

This choice will be available at all times; it may be small and at the very bottom of the form.

It does take a few minutes to say no to all these offers, so keep going through the pages until you get confirmation of your free magazine subscriptions.

Never, ever give your credit card number when you sign up for a free magazine subscription. If you do, I guarantee it will no longer be free.

Companies That Offer Free Magazine Subscriptions

Here is a list of enterprises that give you free magazine subscriptions, keep surfing below:

1. Mercury Magazines

Mercury Magazines calls itself “your free business publishing source.” You will be given a set of simple instructions when you head over to their site:

  1. Tell Mercury Magazines a bit about yourself so they can determine which publications they offer to send you for free.
  2. Select up to three magazines of your choice from the list they present you.
  3. Complete their subscription forms for each magazine you choose.

You will be asked a series of survey-type questions when you complete their subscription forms. Before you are led to the final page you will need to answer the questions.

It checks your address and other information, so you can send your magazine subscriptions by mail to your home.

2. Freebizmag

Freebizmag provides free access to various trade and industry publications. This may be an interesting opportunity to take advantage of because they provide magazines that can assist you with your company or business.

Note that you must meet the qualifications to get free magazine subscriptions. The qualifications are determined by each magazine’s publisher.

The Beverage Industry, Non-Profit Pro, Health Management Technology, Human Resource Executive, and more included some of the free magazine subscriptions they were offering.

This site also offers free white papers (government or other authorities’ reports or proposals). Free user guides and free eBooks are available too.

And when you sign up as a member of their site (it’s free to join) you’ll also get access to information about free offers, sweepstakes, giveaways, and other special deals that will be delivered right to your email inbox.

Contact Magazine Companies Directly

Baby and Parenting Magazine Websites

Many Baby and Parenting magazine websites will occasionally give away a free subscription to expectant parents.

These offers come and go at different times, so you will have to check with the individual magazine sites to find out if there are free magazine subscriptions currently being given away.

American Baby, Parents Magazine, Maternity Magazine, and Family Fun magazine are some of the most well-known baby and parenting magazines.

A free subscription to pregnancy, baby, or parenting magazine will also be included in some store baby registries as a welcome gift if you sign up with them for a baby registry. Check out particular stores for more information.

Check Out Freebie Websites

Free Stuff

Free Stuff is another site where you can find information about how to get free magazine subscriptions or free newspapers. They also have links to hundreds of free deals from food samples and other items, to free books and ebooks, free gift cards, and more.

The Free Stuff website also offers coupons and sweepstakes entry opportunities.

Mr. Free Stuff

Mr. Free Stuff has a category of freebies for books and magazines as well as other categories, including food, home and workplace, health and beauty, pets and animals, and others.

They also share the opportunities other platforms and businesses have to give to join sweepstakes. Bonus: this website lets you find restaurants and other retailers.

Some will give you free stuff on your birthday or even during the week/month of your birthday.

Go Freebies

If you head over to the website of Go Freebies, you can find on their website a list of the free offers available which they share about correct.

You’ll find freebie info for baby and kid things, food and recipes, health and beauty, pet things, and more alongside a selection of free magazines.

And if you sign up for their free daily newsletter (which gives you early notice of all new freebie offerings) you could win an Amazon gift card.

Just Free Stuff

Also conveniently arranged is the Only Free Stuff website with links to the latest free magazine and other deals clearly listed on the left sidebar.

This site has a monthly contest, along with the info about freebies in hundreds of different categories. They give away useful things like kitchen objects and more.

You can also sign up for their mailing list to get notice of giveaway items for monthly contests and other freebie opportunities too.

Free Stuff Times

Free Stuff Times shares information for magazines, health and beauty goods, kid things, pet things, and more on giveaways and freebies.

They also share information about the sweepstakes, competitions, and coupons you purchase for the goods. This is one of the more famous freebie websites.

They post new freebie details every day, from one to many times.

I Love Free Things

The I Love Free Stuff website offers free magazine offerings and other pieces on their page on the left dropdown tab. To navigate the dropdown list, simply click on the menu icon at the top of the screen.

Even this site has a search bar so you can quickly scan for free magazine subscriptions.

Sweet Free Stuff

On their beautifully structured website, you can find information about free magazines and magazine subscriptions on theSweet Free Stuff website right on the left-hand side.

This site offers free food content, free health and beauty things, free baby stuff, free pet stuff, free stickers, free birthday freebies, and more.


In conclusion, There are free magazine subscriptions out there, and not just the magazine e-versions, although there are usually more ways to get e-versions than printed copies that are delivered to your home.

Be sure to read the fine print on the site you are going into when you sign up for the free print versions that are delivered to your home. Following this advice is no bad idea for e-versions as well!

Kindly share your thoughts in the comment section below and repost this article on social platforms.

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