4 Ways to Find Out Who’s Looking Up for You Online

Are you concerned about who’s looking you up on the computer and there is sadly no way of knowing who they are? Now you can and it’s free.

4 Ways to Find Out Who's Looking up for You Online

There is no easy way to tell whether anyone is looking for you on the Internet, despite the claims of several websites. A personal site or social network profile can give you some search information.

You should promote yourself through a unique name in online activities such as blogging, a personal website and public membership in social networks if you are looking for Internet advertising.

Ways to Find Out Who’s Looking Up for You Online

Set Up A LinkedIn Profile

People can search for your name from inside LinkedIn, or they can discover your profile using Google and access your public profile information that way.

LinkedIn gives members an easy way to see who viewed your profile.

To see this information, log into your LinkedIn account. Under your profile name on the left side of the screen, you’ll see a link named Who’s viewed your profile.

4 Ways to Find Out Who's Looking up for You Online

To the right of the link, you can see how many people have recently viewed your profile. To see more details, click on the link.

Scroll down to the All profile viewers section. Here you’ll see some details about who recently viewed your LinkedIn Account.

4 Ways to Find Out Who's Looking up for You Online

This information includes:

  • Name
  • What company they work for
  • How they found your profile
  • Which of your LinkedIn connections are also connected with that person
  • How long ago they viewed your profile

Unfortunately, you can’t see the entire list of people who’ve viewed your profile without purchasing a Premium LinkedIn membership.

If you do need to know who’s viewing your LinkedIn profile, that premium membership may be worth it.

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Create Google Alerts for Your Name

The most common tool people will use to look for information about you on the internet is Google. While you may not be able to monitor who’s searching for your name using Google, you can monitor when new information is published with your name on the internet.

To create an alert for when anything gets published mentioning your name, visit Google Alerts.

Make sure you’re already logged into your Google Account. In the Create an alert about field, type your name and select Create Alert.

4 Ways to Find Out Who's Looking up for You Online

Whenever you add anything to your Google Alert list or any time Google has a new search entry for a website that contains your name, you’ll receive an email for that google alert. This email will include links to the websites that have mentioned your name.

4 Ways to Find Out Who's Looking up for You Online

You’ll notice that the bottom of the email, you can click a link to receive the alerts as an RSS feed. This would let you add the feed to any kind of feed reader you may use.

Look For Social Mentions

4 Ways to Find Out Who's Looking up for You Online

Like Google Alerts, but focusing on social networks that might see mention of your name is Mention.com.

This is a web-based alert system that offers apps for Windows 10 and macOS, as well as Android and iPhone. Signup is free for the standard service, while Mention also offers a 14-day trial of the fully featured service.

Once you sign up, sign in and create an alert. You can choose up to four additional alerts, which in this case might be the names of close family members.

Click Get Started to proceed. Mention will start scanning sources, including blogs, forums and social networks like Facebook and Twitter.

A default selection of sources is scanned initially; click the Edit alert button in the Mention dashboard to edit this.

The Mention dashboard lists all occurrences of your alert, which by default is sent to your email inbox. When an email is received, click the notification to instantly find out what context your name has been used in.

 Set Up Your BrandYourself Profile

Creating a BrandYourself profile is a great way to uncover who’s looking for you online.

This will get you access to a bunch of awesome stuff, but one of them is the ability to set up a public profile.

When you create this profile (and follow the optimization instructions) it will have a strong chance of showing up in search engines.

This means when someone looks you up they might decide to check it out. When they do, you will instantly get information about that person displayed in your dashboard.

4 Ways to Find Out Who's Looking up for You Online

Depending on the situation you might not get all the info like names or companies, but you will almost always see the location.

This alone is extremely helpful when trying to figure out who’s searching for you.

Also, you get additional optimization suggestions for any other profiles you might be setting up. This includes LinkedIn, which we’ll be talking more about in a second.

To set up your BrandYourself profile head over to this page and drop in your name.

Bottom Line

As you can see, the best ways to specifically see who is looking for you online are LinkedIn and other social networking sites. Yet Google Alerts and your site are also able to provide even more insights.

What strategy you take depends on what kind of data you want to know about those people.

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