11 Ways on How to Make Money From your Computer

11 Ways on How to Make Money From Your Computer.

How to Make Money From your Computer: Are you ready to make money on your own time at home? Whether you are looking to make a full-time income or just make a few extra bucks a month, there are many ways to make money right from your own computer. If you’re ready to make money on your PC, read on.

11 Ways on How to Make Money From your Computer

As the use of technology rises, the possibility of making money from your computer continues to increase. You can do jobs online that did not even exist 5 or 10 years ago.

Keep in mind, there are easy and difficult ways to earn money online. Some items on this list may only require an hour a month, but they won’t pay as much as something that requires much more work.

Earning a significant amount of money online takes time, hard work, and dedication. But if you are willing to commit, there are endless possibilities to make money straight from your computer.

Here are 11 ways you can start earning money from your computer today.

1. Freelance Writing

Freelance writing is a fantastic way to make money right from your computer. Many freelancers can earn hundreds and hundreds of dollars for a single article if they are respected. And they have made a name for themselves in their field of interest.

The term “freelance writing” is a very broad one and you can write in a number of industries such as sports, entertainment and business.

As long as there is content on the Internet, there will be a demand for writers. Here are a number of places you can search for jobs such as:

  • BloggingPro
  • Elance
  • Upwork
  • ProBlogger
  • Craigslist

2. Start a Blog

Blogging is increasing in popularity, and there is great potential to make money if you start a blog. It should be noted that it takes time and hard work to make money through blogging. But if you truly enjoy what you are blogging about, it will be a fun (or at least tolerable!) process for you.

Many people started their blog as a hobby, only to find themselves making money from it.

There are many ways to make money through a blog, including advertising, sponsored content, and affiliate networks. There are also many bloggers who leverage their blog to get freelance writing jobs, paid speaking gigs, and book deals.

3. Become a Virtual Assistant

Before becoming a virtual assistant, Michele of “Your Virtual Assistant” was just a regular woman in the rat-race who had a 100 mile commute to and from work every day and was unsatisfied.

After researching the idea and starting her virtual assistant business, she now earns six figures a year from the comfort of her own home.

A virtual assistant is basically an individual that helps out a busy business or person with a variety of tasks that can be done online and away from the actual physical office space or work area.

The idea of virtual assistants is very big in the real estate industry as busy/successful real estate agents are so busy meeting with clients that they don’t have time to do the mundane tasks such as administration, sales support and social media (but virtual assistants are popular in a number of different industries).

4. Write and Sell eBooks

For anyone who enjoys writing, you can write your own eBook and sell it for profit.

eBooks are a great way to make money because they do not require much overhead. In fact, writing and selling your own eBook can be as simple as writing the material, saving it as a PDF, and upload it to a site to start selling.

You can publish your eBook through Smashwords, Booktango, and Amazon Kindle, or you can create your own blog and sell your eBook straight from there.

5. Take Surveys

Marketers, advertisers and creators know there’s nothing more valuable than an honest opinion, which is why you’ll often get paid for taking surveys. There are tons of options, although none will really pay you more than a little change on the side so this can’t be relied upon for any sort of income.

Google Opinion Rewards, one of the most popular choices, only offers Play Store credit – great for picking up paid apps for nothing, at least – while MySurvey issues vouchers for some bigger online retailers.

It’s probably the most well-compensated survey site, and one of the largest, meaning you’ll get more boxes to tick and more (virtual) money in your pocket.

Bear in mind that you’re likely to get more surveys to fill in if you fall into a less-represented category. 30-something males may be less attractive to those issuing the surveys than 50-something females.

Indeed, they may not want your opinion at all if they’re looking to do market research on something that’s absolutely not targeted in your direction.

6. Rethink Your Savings Account

Would you believe it if I told you that with only about 10 minutes of work at the computer, you can potentially earn hundreds of dollars over the year? Well it’s true, through switching your savings account to an online bank.

A very large portion of individuals in America have a saving account, but very few are taking advantage of the real savings that are out there in the form of online banks.

Online banks are financial institutions that don’t have “brick and mortar” locations and thus can provide their customers with much better interest rates than traditional banks.

In fact, while most brick and mortar banks offer savings accounts with around 0.01% APY on your savings, while online banks are known to offer around 2.00% APY.

To illustrate this point, if you had $10,000 in your savings account with a traditional bank, you would earn about one dollar in interest, whereas if you were with an online bank, you would earn $200.

Now, $200 dollars may not seem like a lot in the long run, but to make that much in only 10 minutes is something special.

7. Become a Transcriptionist

If you are looking for a flexible and legitimate work-from-home job, transcribing could be for you. To be an online transcriptionist, you simply have to type out audio that you are given. Successful transcriptionists are keen listeners and are fast and accurate typists.

You can become a transcriptionist in many fields, including the medical and legal field. You can either work directly for a company, or you can work for websites or find freelance opportunities.

8. Rent Out a Room

Are you interested in a way to potentially make thousands of dollars a year from doing absolutely nothing? If you answered “yes” to this question (and have a spare room(s) in your house), you might want to consider renting out the room for students or other tenants.

Depending on the size of the room and which area of a city it is located in, you can potentially fetch hundreds or even thousands of dollars a month from renting it out.

In larger cities, there is no shortage of people looking to rent, so by simply putting an ad on your local classifieds site, you are likely to have your choice of a number of different tenants.

Also, if you live in a popular travel destination, consider using Airbnb to rent your room out. You could have the pleasure of meeting a new traveler every few days or weeks.

9. Design Websites

If you have the ability and knowledge to design websites, you are sure to make money doing it. In order to create and design websites, you must possess a strong understanding of HTML and coding, as well as the ability to understand what your clients are asking for.

Even if you don’t know how to code, you can teach yourself for free via Code Academy. If you are looking to start earning money by designing websites, create a few of your own first, and add them to your portfolio. This way, prospective clients can see what you are capable of before they hire you.

10. Sell Items Online

What better way to make money than by selling items cluttering up your home? You can sell old furniture, clothing, kitchen appliances, or tools all online.

It only takes a few minutes to post an item for sale online. All you have to do is take a few pictures of the items you are selling, post them to sites like Craigslist, eBay, or OfferUp, and write an honest description describing the condition of the item for sale. And if you are selling clothing, Poshmark is an incredibly useful app.

11. Get Paid for Your Unique Skills

Got a talent? Get it out there. Whether you’re a dab hand at tech support, an expert designer, social media and online classifieds are a great way to get yourself noticed, and your PC.

And perhaps a couple of vital PC accessories like a webcam – will often be everything you need for the job. With the aid of software like TeamViewer, many tech support tasks are trivial. Obviously, basically, every creative pursuit has moved towards the computer desktop.

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