Changing the Time on a G-Shock Watch: Guide for Casio G-Shock

Changing the Time on a G-Shock Watch: Guide for Casio G-Shock.

Changing the Time on a G-Shock Watch: Indeed it is constantly in demand. Millions of men and women around the globe depend on G-Shock as it’s what can be expected from a Casio sports watch, and more.

But do you experience where Casio G-Shock’s analog watch (the minute and hour hand) doesn’t display the same time as the digital time? Either it is different; less than an hour or more. This can happen all of a sudden even though nothing has changed. Or it can even happen after the battery has been replaced etc.

Changing the Time on a G-Shock Watch

In this tutorial, we will show you how to set or calibrate the minute and hour hand (the analog time) of CASIO so it can synchronize with the digital time (show the same exact time). It also can work backwardly, in other words you can also use this tutorial to differentiate between analog and digital time; either you want to make it earlier or later. This method is only can be used for the original product only; you can’t use this tutorial for the fake one. So, here’s how to do it.\

In this article:

What is Casio G-Shock Watch

Casio’s rugged G-Shock watches are built around the simple idea that a watch should survive for years, no matter what. The series launched in 1983, and Casio sold its 100 millionths by 2017, so clearly many customers agreed. Most G-Shocks use buttons for time setting, like other watches, but some models offer simpler options.

Best Features of a G-Shock Watch

A G-Shock watch is a fashionable accessory and more than that as it offers some of the best features a watch can come with, including:

Water Resistance​

Do you love water? Most athletic men and women do. G-shock is water-resistant, which is definitely a plus sign as taking it off of constantly will increase the risk of the item to be misplaced,worn out or stolen. With Casio G-Shock, you get to enjoy a watch that’ll resist damage from water. It is an excellent watch to wear whenever you go to the beach for fishing, surfing, or water-skiing.​

Stop Watch​

Being an athlete will often require you to use a stop watch, may it be for tracking the amount of time you’ve spent on pumping iron at your favourite gym or seeing how long it takes for you to run around the block. You no longer have to buy a separate device since a G-Shock watch already has a built-in stop watch​

Shock Resistance

Casio Men’s XL Series G-Shock Quartz 200M WR Shock Resistant. Casio G-Shock was designed in the early 80s. The watch was purposely created to be a durable and tough fashion accessory as opposed to being a delicate piece of jewelry. The men’s G-Shock was developed with a triple layer of protection for its parts, case, and module. This made the watch wearable even on lacrosse, basketball, or soccer field. Drop your G-Shock on a balcony, and the impact won’t damage the material.

Fashionable and Stylish

Before the G-Shock watch, people had to wear rubber sports watches which looked hideous every single time they had to go to the gym. Now, that’s no longer the case as there’s a stylish solution that can match any outfit and lifestyle: Casio’s G-Shock watch.

An Alarm Clock​

Time management is important if you want to be successful. Luckily, G-Shock is equipped with high-tech alarm systems. You can set multiple alarms to help you in managing your precious time. This will also ensure that you are on track, which is vital for those who lead busy lifestyles.

G-Shock Button Arrangement

G-Shock watches have four or five buttons that control their functions. At the top left and right are the A and B buttons, and at the bottom left and right are the C and D buttons. Some models add a fifth button midway down the side, which becomes the C button. On those models, the bottom left and right buttons become D and E. Others add the fifth button at the bottom, where it’s labeled as L.

Setting Your G-Shock Manually

Begin in standard or “timekeeping” mode. To enter time-setting mode, find the A button at the top left of the dial and hold it down for a few seconds.

On many models, the message ADJ appears and then changes to SET when you let go of the button. Current models of G-shock change the time zone automatically, so the first thing you are prompted to do is choose a city code for where you live or at least for a city in the same time zone. Use the right-side top and bottom buttons to move east or west until you find the correct city and then press the lower-left button to select it and move on to the next setting.

You are asked to indicate whether it’s daylight saving time currently and then are cycled through choosing a 12-hour or military-style 24-hour display format, and setting the time, date, month and day of the week. After you’ve chosen all the appropriate settings, press the A button to return to normal timekeeping mode. Some models break home-city selection and time-setting into different sequences with slight variations in the screen messages and button presses.

Using Atomic Timekeeping

Some G-Shock models are capable of keeping themselves updated. Models with what Casio calls “atomic timekeeping” receive a radio signal from one of six atomic clocks located around the world. To give the watch an opportunity to set itself, take it off and leave it in a windowsill in an area that’s free of indoor or outdoor obstructions or any equipment that generates electric signals.

Ideally, it should find a signal and self-set in 12 minutes or less, but leaving it overnight is even better. Don’t use the watch while it’s listening for a signal.

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Setting Time Through Your Phone

If you have a Bluetooth-enabled G-Shock, you can pair it with a smartphone and use Casio’s G-Shock Connected app or the older G-Shock+ app. Both are available for Android and iOS.

For the Connected app, make sure the phone’s Bluetooth is turned on and then place it within three feet of the watch. Tap the Connected icon to launch the app. While the second hand is pointed away from the Bluetooth logo on the watch face, press and hold the lower-left button for about 4 seconds. The second hand will point to the Bluetooth logo, showing a connection. Whenever you pair the phone and the watch, the G-Shock checks the phone’s system time and updates accordingly.

For older models using the G-Shock+ app, tap to start the app and then tap the Discover G-Shock button on the screen. Hold down the pairing button on your watch – top left or bottom right, depending on the model – until the watch’s model number appears on your phone screen. Tap the model number, and a passkey number appears on the watch. Enter it on the app to complete the pairing process.

Finding Your G-Shock Manual

These G-Shock instructions apply to most current models, but older models may vary. Each G-shock watch has a four-digit module number on the back that identifies the version of the company’s software that’s in the watch. To find specific instructions for your G-shock, enter the module number into the search box on the company’s support page for timepieces.

Know Your Watch First Before Learning How to Set Time on G Shock 5146

It is very necessary to understand the different positions of buttons on your tactical military g shock watch. Look at your watch now and consider the names of the buttons as in the image. The top left one is button A, Top right is B, Bottom left is button C and Bottom right is going to be button D.  Match with the figure get yourself familiar with the buttons. We know that there are tags on the buttons already called Adjust, Mode, Reverse and Forward. For the sake of understanding please ignore these labels for now and stick to A, B, C and D as in the picture.

What is Time Keeping Mode?

By default, the g shock 5146 is in timekeeping mode. This mode tells about Time and Date. You do not need to go into any other mode to change the time. Since this guide is solely about how to set time on g shock 5146 we will not go into details about other modes such as Alarm, stopwatch, countdown timer or world time mode.

Which Time Do I Change Analog Or Digital?

You do not need to change the analog time. As soon as you adjust the digital time the analog time automatically adjusts itself to the digital mode. If for some reason the analog time does not adjust itself to the digital time then I have covered that problem at the bottom of this post.

How to Change Digital Time on G Shock 5146?

How to Change Digital Time on G Shock 5146?

So now that you understand what is meant by different items on the screens lets begin with time changing process. Time is changed step by step on G shock 5146. To get into time changing settings hold down the ‘A’ button for about 3 seconds until you see that a three alphabet code is flashing on the screen.

These three alphabets are a code of a city. The g shock 5146 watch is currently displaying time in this city. G shock has by default almost 49 cities codes stored in it. Now identify which city you are located in. If your city is not on the list then select the city which is closest to your current city.

How to change the cities?

If you press B the city code will shift towards up. If you press D the city code will move downward in the above list.

Let’s take an example that you are in Los Angeles and your watch is currently showing the code of Miami i.e ‘MIA’. You want to change it to ‘LAX’ code that is Los Angeles. Press the button B on the watch, it will move higher on the list towards upper city codes.

Similarly, if you are in Sydney (SYD) or city close to Sydney Australia and your g shock 5146 is showing the time of Miami (MIA), then press the ‘D’ button it will make the city code move downwards in the list. You will approach Sydney code after going through all the cities that come in between MIA and SYD in the list above. Alternatively, a quicker route is to press B in this situation as it will take you to SYD quicker because the list starts from the bottom as soon as you reach Pago Pago (PPG).

It is very important that you set your city code correctly because rest of the world time gets automatically adjusted in your watch with it.

When you are done with city code selection now press ‘C’ it will take next option that is Daylight Saving time.

Daylight Saving DST

Daylight saving is basically summer time-saving strategy. Some countries shift time by one hour from standard time to save daylight. If your city is currently on DST then pressing ‘D’ will turn on the DST. If you want to shift back from DST then pressing ‘D’ turns off the DST. The D button is basically on and off (toggle) switch.

After completing the DST now press ‘C’ again. It will take you to 12/24- Hour Format.

12/24 Hour Format

In this option flashing on the screen, ‘D’ is again acting as the toggle switch. Pressing it switches between 12H time format or 24 hours time that is a military time setting. You will notice that ‘P’ alphabet appears when you set the time to 12 hours format. This indicates the time from noon past to 11:59 pm. There is no A to indicate AM on the watch. Also, the 24-hour format does not have P with it. After you are done with selecting time format Press ‘C’ again.

Seconds, hours and minutes

After completing the time format now is the time to set the time. First, you have to set the seconds. The moment you press C after setting 12/24 hour format you see 2 digits flashing on the screen. These are the seconds. Pressing D will add into seconds and B will subtract. After setting the seconds press ‘C’ now.

Now you are in the Hours section as seen by the numbers flashing on the screen. Again by pressing D will add and B will subtract. After setting hours press C again and you are in Minutes. Setting minutes is exactly the same process. D will add and B will subtract the minutes.

Year, month, date

After completing the time part last section that is minutes, when you press C this time you get into a new section which is year month and day.

So first you will see the year flashing on the screen. The rules are same for D and B in this case as well. After selecting the year, press C again it will take you to Months part now. After setting Month, pressing C will take you to Day. Rules are same again for day and month as well. D adds while B subtracts.

Illumination Duration

This is the last part of time setting. It means how much time the watch should turn on the light to illuminate the screen. ‘D’ button acts as the toggle switch. Pressing D will set the option to as LT1 or LT3. LT1 means the screen will illuminate for 1.5 seconds while LT3 means that the screen will light for 3 seconds. Set this according to your preference. I personally like the LT3.

Congratulations you are done with setting time now. Press A and it will take you out of the time settings to normal timekeeping mode.

How to Adjust Analog Time of G Shock 5146

If analog time did not get automatically adjusted after you set the digital time then this means that due to the strong magnetic field or some hard impact has affected the mechanical side of the watch. In order to fix the digital time, you need to ensure that speed hand is at 9 o clock or pointed to 50 and minute and hour hands are both pointing to 12. Here are the steps to do that:

  • Press down the D button for 3 seconds and you will see letters ‘SUB’ flashing on the screen. See the attached screenshot
  • Adjust the position of speed hand to 50 (9 o’clock). Use ‘D’ to move it clockwise to reach there. After it is at 50 now press ‘C’.
  • Now make sure that both hour and minute hands are pointing to 12. To do that use the D button to move hands.

how to set time on g shock 5146 watch

Now press ‘A’ the watch will go back into the timekeeping mode. You have now successfully reset the analog time. As soon as you quit the analog time adjustment mode, the watch analog time and speed dial automatically adjust themselves to the current digital time.

If you are still not successful then repeat the above steps again. If the watch still does not respond then its time to contact the manufacturer and get professional help.

Step By Step Ways to Change the Time

Step #1: Press and HOLD the Adjust button

  • Press and hold ADJUST Button (upper left) for 4-5 seconds
  • The upper right display will show: ADJ > keep pressing until it changes into “H-Set”
  • The bottom display will show blinking “00”

Step #2: Press MODE button

  • After that, press MODE button (bottom left)
  • The digital will show blinking “0:00”
  • The analogue watch (minute and hour hand) will start moving clockwise
  • Don’t press any button until it stops moving.

Step #3: Press LIGHT button

Push LIGHT Button (upper right):

  • If you press once > the analog watch will move a little bit counterclockwise
  • If you press and hold the button > the minute and hour hand will move automatically (you can release the button). It moving counter-clockwise > press the button again to stop the movement.

If you want to make or calibrate the analog watch so it will show same time as the digital time, you must set the minute and hour hand in 12:00 (0:00) clock position (straight up).

So, if the time difference is big, press and hold the LIGHT button until the hand is moving automatically, then after it near the 12.00 position, press the LIGHT button again to stop the movement. Then press LIGHT button several times until the hour, minute and seconds hand perfectly align in 12.00 clock position.

If you miss the 12.00 position, even just a little bit, you need to rotate the hands one full rotation again.

Step #4: Press the ADJUST Button

If it’s done, press the ADJUST button once to close the setting > the analog watch will be moving automatically. That is the way to set or calibrate the minute and hour hand (the analogue) watch of Casio G-Shock GA1000.


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