300+ Sweet and Juicy Watermelon Quotes and Captions for Summer

Looking for some great watermelon quotes for your business or your Instagram page? you have come to the right place for answers. Read through this article to find out.

watermelon quotes

A slice of watermelon is not only a cool fruit for the summer but also the ideal Instagram meal because of its vivid red hues. 

Even if you reside in the Midwest, you can produce watermelon in your home garden to eat near the end of the summer.

The top 300 watermelon captions and quotes from all times are included in this article. 

Here, you’ll find a captivating concept whether you want to eat the fruit raw or turn it into delicious candies and pastries.

Watermelon Captions

Enjoy these caption suggestions for your watermelon slice.

  • A refreshing sight I could stare at forever is a slice of watermelon on a hot summer day.
  • He filled my pocket with watermelon seeds, and I never felt so loved. 
  • Everyone gets the best part of this watermelon!
  • Keep spitting seeds until you run out of watermelon slices.
  •  Enjoy a smooth summer with a watermelon smoothie!
  • I’m still mind-blown by the fact that I’m eating and drinking this fruit simultaneously.
  • Watermelon you’re doing, I’ll support you.
  • My favorite shape is freshly-sliced juicy watermelon.
  • There’s comfort in a bite of watermelon that I can’t find in a shot of whiskey.
  • Slice the day!
  • A bite of watermelon will quench your thirst and sate your hunger.
  • A dozen watermelon slices will keep me from fainting under the sun.
  • This summer is so hot I think I need a bite of watermelon every minute.
  • Love is the color of a ripe watermelon slice.
  • Some watermelons are meant to be shared. Not the one I’m currently slicing tho.
  • Have a splash of fun in every slice of watermelon.
  • I only thirst for not being thirsty with this watermelon smoothie.
  • Water is more refreshing with melon next to it.
  • Words are so sharp they cut through a watermelon faster than knives.
  • A perfect day for me is cutting through a watermelon with no seeds in it.

Watermelon Quotes

People adore watermelon so much that this list will make you yearn for it:

  • “It’s watermelon weather. That summer kind of weather. When people get together and sing.” —Guy Webster
  • “Two watermelons cannot be held under one arm.” —Turking Proverb
  • “All I want is a ravishing watermelon titillating my tongue beyond the point of no control.” —Nikhil Parekh
  • “There were happy days with watermelon and sad days with whiskey” —Lewis Nordan
  • “That’s all right if you’ve got a watermelon. Never let the seeds stop you from enjoying the watermelon.” —-Jo Sterling
  • “And what’s more, watermelon needn’t just be enjoyed as a sweet snack. It works well in dozens of recipes, sweet and savory.” —Gordon Rock
  • “The inside of a watermelon should display good, crisp red flesh. Melons should not be mealy and water-soaked.” —-Lonnie T. Lynch
  • “One of the most adulated fruits at the vendor’s imperiously embellished establishment was the relished watermelon.” —Nikhil Parekh
  • “If you focus only on the seeds in a watermelon, you miss the sweetness of the meat.” —Wally Amos
  • “In China and Japan, watermelon is a popular gift to bring to a host.” —Katie Potter

Funny Watermelon Captions

Fruit Captions

You will find yourself laughing as you go through these caption suggestions.

  • If I was a gun, I’d have watermelon seeds as my bullet.
  • Water you gonna do with a melon?
  • Eating watermelon on a summer day is like having an edible fridge in your mouth.
  • Share happiness with watermelon slices.
  • I thought watermelon starts with “W”. It actually starts with “Aaaah”
  • Have a refreshing break with a fresh watermelon shake!
  • When there’s watermelon, knives are my hand’s best friend.
  • I’m only picky when there’s a seed in my watermelon.
  • I don’t need anything but giant scoops of watermelon.
  • Every watermelon bite has an ounce of my love for summer.
  • If I’d get paid every time I eat watermelon, I’d still be poor because I’d spend all of them on watermelons.
  • Watermelon is life. It literally has water in its name.
  • Can you SMELLon the refreshing watermelon? 
  • It’s okay to fail. It only means there’s still a mouth for watermelon.
  • I could live on an island with only watermelon in my hand.
  • You can steal my heart instead of my watermelon.
  • I could make a roof out of watermelon rinds by now.
  • A perfect summer getaway comes with a whole watermelon.
  • I’m a Cinderella riding on a watermelon carriage.
  • At this rate, watermelon seeds wouldn’t even be surprised if they got inside my mouth again.

Summer Watermelon Captions

Are you already preparing for summer? Any of these Instagram captions can be shared.

  • The sun can’t be hot enough for me because I always eat a watermelon treat.
  • I’d reach for the sun and ride with the waves for a watermelon kind of bliss.
  • Swimsuit, tan lines, and watermelon slices.
  • A watermelon a day keeps the rainy summer away!
  • I can’t wait to wear a watermelon swimwear to the beach!
  • My tongue can only think about the refreshing taste of watermelons.
  • A world without watermelon is a place of melancholy.
  • I can’t imagine a summer without watermelon treats.
  • Even the sun would sweat for a watermelon slice.
  • Watermelon treats are best paired with summer bliss and great memories.
  • My taste buds love drowning in watermelon juice.
  • Happiness looks like a seedless watermelon.
  • I deserve a delightful slice of watermelon.
  • Cheers to more watermelon slices in sun-kissed moments!
  • My breath smells like watermelons now.
  • She’s beaming with delight every time she takes a bite of watermelon.
  • I sometimes prefer a tangy watermelon over a juicy tangerine.
  • Smile like a slice of watermelon rind!
  • I honestly wouldn’t miss a watermelon summer for anything.
  • A fraction of my day is just me taking time to eat my watermelon slices.

Watermelon Puns

Look at these clever puns we came up with while gorging on watermelons.

  • Watermelons can’t die. It has life in it.
  • Don’t let a watermelon drive. They’ll look at the traffic light and think they’re meant to go for the red.
  • “Watermelon, I wish you were seedless.” He replied, “What? What did you seed?”
  • Melon drank water so much it became one.
  • Watermelons are so clumsy they always get sliced when they use a knife.
  • I can’t understand Melon. Water she talking about?
  • Watermelons taste crazy. They’re out of their rinds!
  • If Melon was working in a restaurant, he’d be water.
  • Watermelon has an exotic animal on his farm. It’s a rindnoceros.
  • Melon never gets thirsty. She always has water with her.
  • “Can I get a slice?” My half-brother, Watermelon, asked.
  • Melon was born in October. I guess that makes her a water sign.
  • Watermelons love summer. They juice get so excited for it!
  • What do you call someone who always eats watermelons when they’re sad? A melon-cholic person.
  • Watermelon is pregnant again. She must have a lot of seeds.
  • I wonder what Water’s perfume is. He always smelon refreshing.
  • A jobless watermelon came to me yesterday and asked, “I’m trying to start a business. Do you know where I can get seed money?”
  • What do Watermelons say when they’re alone? “Me Lonely.”
  • Watermelon is not that talkative. She is seedless in the meeting yesterday.
  • Do you know what watermelon’s favorite jewelry is? Rindstones
  • Watermelons have a third eye. They seeded people.

Watermelon Hashtags

You can find a list of original hashtags below.

  • #SeedlessOrNot
  • #SummerMelons
  • OneWatermelonAway
  • #AllYearWatermelon
  • #seedwarforwatermelons
  • #lovingsummerwithwatermelons
  • #WatermelonStories
  • #LegendOfWatermelon
  • #CoolMelon
  • #FreshSummerFruits
  • #watermelonbeach
  • #CarveAMelon
  • #BerryOrMelon
  • #RefreshingSummerBinge
  • #FineAndRefreshing
  • #FarmsForWatermelons
  • #TheReddestWatermelonMeat
  • #HappinessSeeds
  • #watermelonseedfight
  • #augustinewatermelon
  • #LoveSummerMelon
  • #WatermelonFinds

National Watermelon Day Captions

Don’t stress about captions on National Watermelon Day.

  • Everyone shares a slice of their smile on National Watermelon Day.
  • Knives who cut through lemons are sharper than words. Happy National Watermelon Day.
  • This summer, take care of your skin from within and binge on watermelons all day!
  • Watermelon is an Augustine berry that will keep you hydrated all year round. Happy National Watermelon Day!
  • Don’t forget your sunscreen and your watermelon slices!
  • The best way to eat watermelon is to bury your face in the fruit and let your teeth do the work. Happy National Watermelon Day!
  • On National Watermelon Day, let’s celebrate the soothing fruit that always gives us a refreshing meal after having a tiring day at work. 
  • Seeded or seedless, you are well-loved. Happy National Watermelon Day!
  • Watermelon’s low-calorie density makes it a perfect snack to binge on all year round. 
  • Grow watermelons on the ground and have a refreshing life. Happy National Watermelon Day!
  • Watermelons make summer a more refreshing season, and we all can’t agree more!
  • Have eyes as clear as the day when you eat watermelon every day!
  • It’s okay to have a fresh start again when you need to refresh your life. Happy National Watermelon Day.

Funny Watermelon Quotes

Looking for amusing quotations? You should use this list.

  • “I love watermelons but I believe you got to kill it to eat it.” —-Seargent R. Lee Ermey
  • “Watermelon is a good fruit. You eat, you drink, and you wash your face.” —Enrico Caruso
  • “Freelance means I can take watermelon breaks and no one can yell at me.” —Mandy Ashcraft
  • “Eating watermelon is really fun. The juice runs down your face. But it’s even more fun to spit the seeds at your sister!” —Katie Potter
  • “Friends are like melons, shall I tell you why? To find one good, you must have a hundred try.” —Claude Mermet
  • “Green Buddhas on the fruit stand. We eat the smile and spit out the teeth.” —Charles Simic
  • “I am not a watermelon to take me for granted after testing just a bit of my life.” —-Anonymous
  • “Nowadays, I see people chew you up and spit you like a seed from a watermelon and sometimes leave you to rot.” —Rebecca
  • “Every part of a watermelon is edible, even the seeds and rinds.” —Katie Potter
  • “Life is like eating a watermelon, you know you’re going to get some seeds; just spit them out and take another bite.” —Jeff Steinmann

Watermelon Captions for a Baby

We also have a list of suggestions for baby captions.

  • My baby is growing like a watermelon–full of life and such a refreshing sight!
  • My kids enjoy picking watermelons in our backyard and snacking on them on a hot afternoon. What a refreshing sight!
  • If I could only harvest every watermelon in the world, I’d share them all with you, baby.
  • On Halloween, I’ll dress my baby as a watermelon instead of a pumpkin.
  • I can’t believe my baby fits inside this watermelon. Look at her enjoying it!
  • Watermelon bites daily keep my baby healthy!
  • Make messy yet refreshing childhood memories with watermelons.
  • Let babies enjoy summer with a nummy watermelon.
  • My baby is in a cute watermelon jumper. She’s one-in-a-melon!
  • I made a fresh watermelon shake for my baby, and she loved it!

Watermelon Quotes for Summer

watermelon quotes

Use these watermelon phrases to reminisce about your sunny vacations.

  • “When one has tasted watermelon, he knows what the angels eat.” —Mark Twain
  • “S-melon like salty hair and ocean air.” —Anonymous
  • “It’s a wonderful fantasy, but it’s not real. It’s just watermelon magic.” —Hope Ramsay
  • “Watermelons are the smiles of summer.” —Anonymous
  • “Life is a watermelon. Pull out the seeds of woe to taste the pulp of joy.” —Sushmitha Sriram Kumar
  • “Watermelon is 92% water and 8% sugar, so it is aptly named, and remained among the most refreshing and thirst-quenching fruits of all.” —Eugene A. Defelice
  • “I’m taking a step in the ripe direction because I’m walking toward the beach.” —Anonymous
  • ‘You live as much in me as water in watermelon.” —Anonymous
  • “For it’s the sweetheart kissing season, and all the world’s in rhyme when it’s watermelon sweet love telling time.” —Guy Webster
  • “A watermelon that breaks open by itself tastes better than one cut with a knife.” —Hualing Nieh Engle

The top-producing states in the US include Arizona, California, Delaware, Florida, and Texas, so if you want to fly there for watermelons, you might want to do so. 

With more than 100,000 acres of watermelons, they produced 69% of the country’s total production in 2020 or 38 million pounds. 

Just consider how many watermelons you would grow each year. Keep yourself hydrated while you’re out there.


Watermelon has been around for more than 5,000 years. The fruit’s water content and lengthy shelf life attracted Egyptians. 

The fruit is even more amazing because it already contains hundreds of watermelon seeds in a single piece.

The negative things in life should also be savored since they help us improve and cherish the wonderful things more.

These watermelon quotes should have given you a taste of how hydrating this fruit is. Either juicing it or slicing it will be excellent. Enjoy your day and fill up this delicious treat while doing so!

Which watermelon quote do you like best? Do you have any further quotes you’d like to share? Leave your comments below.

Frequently Asked Questions

Juicy And Full Of Delight Watermelon.

Intellect, love, work, desire, or lust.

Fertility, intellect, and happiness.

After flowering, it forms from the plant’s ovary and houses the seeds.

The C. lanatus produces a fruit that contains a majority of water—roughly 93% of it—hence the name “water” melon.

Egypt’s first known watermelon harvest took place around 5,000 years ago.

Traditional watermelon is pink.

Northeastern Africa

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