12 Best Water Cooler Trivia Alternatives – Features, Pros & Cons, Pricing

“Water coolers” are informal interactions amongst coworkers regarding non-work-related issues. These chats may strengthen relationships, enhance employee productivity, and, most importantly, enable people to return to work energized and comfortable. Virtual water cooler trivia, particularly in remote and scattered teams, assist employees in getting to know one another and connecting on a personal level. 

Alternatives Apps to Water Cooler Trivia

Doozy App in Slack

Doozy is an employee engagement tool that connects your team together through interactive games, hosted events, and video chat designed to ignite conversation. And it is a good alternative to water cooler trivia.

It provides you with access to your own virtual private place that is entirely dedicated to team building and development.

Features of Doozy

1. Ready-to-use team-building activities

2. A social dashboard for all corporate events

3. Quiz, icebreakers, games, premium experiences, clubs, and your own events Of course, “culture eats strategy for breakfast,” so get yours going.

Pricing of Doozy

Doozy contains three price packages which are;

Starter; This is a free package. You can only have one room which has a maximum of ten participants per room, 30 minutes per session and contains games, icebreakers, and quizzes.

Team; This package cost $9 per month for a member and you can have unlimited teams, unlimited rooms and events, unlimited sessions, 150 participants per team, games, icebreakers, and quizzes, and contains leaderboards and analytics.

Terraria App for Slack

Terraria is a video game in which you struggle for survival, money, and glory while exploring the whole universe.

Features of Terraria

Dive deep into vast voids, seek out ever-greater opponents to use your wits against in combat, or build your own city – the option is yours in the World of Terraria!

Terraria is a one-of-a-kind gaming experience that combines aspects of classic action games with the flexibility of sandbox-style creation.

Both the route and the goal are as unique as the players themselves!

Pricing of Terraria

The pricing of terraria varies depending on the device you want to use it with.

Fun Trivia App for Slack

Fun Trivia is a website that has thousands of trivia tests on a variety of themes and is a wonderful alternative to water cooler trivia. The website includes live tournaments every hour and also self-guided trivia tasks.

The quizzes are available in a variety of styles, including matching, photo quizzes, and filling in the gaps.

Users may choose from hundreds of current quizzes on popular or trending themes, or they can build their own.

Pricing of Fun Trivia

Fun trivia contains two pricing schemes: the free package, which is accessible to all, and the gold membership, which cost $20 for 6 months or $38/gift for a year. The gold package doesn’t contain ads.

Trivia Maker App for Slack

Trivia Maker is a virtual call quiz game. There are four main game modes to pick from on the site: grid, list, trivia, and wheel.

Using these templates, game masters may quickly input material to build an engaging quiz game show, or they can pick from numerous pre-made games contributed by other participants.

You may stream the game to a number of devices, including phones, desktops, tablets, televisions, and projectors, and it features several adjustable components. 

Pricing of Trivia Maker

Trivia maker has three packages which are;

Basic; this is a free package that has a maximum of 20 participants.

Premium; this package costs $6.99 monthly or $19 yearly. It contains a maximum of 50 participants.

Enterprise; This costs $2 per account in a month and it has a maximum of 2000 participants.

Jackbox Games App for Slack

Jackbox Games focuses on party games with a quiz component, which makes it a good alternative to water cooler trivia. Most users purchase bundles or “party packs” that include a variety of games, however, individual titles can also be purchased.

You Don’t Know Jack, Trivia Murder Party, Guesspionage, and Fibbage are among the most quiz-heavy options, although many of the games feature quiz-like components.

To play Jackbox Games, select a title, begin your game, and then request other players to join by inputting a room code.

While only up to eight additional devices can participate, many players can join a device and play as teams.

Pricing of Jackbox Games

The Jackbox Games are available on many platforms and cost $20 in all of them.

TriviaPlaza App for Slack

TriviaPlaza is among the easiest and most uncomplicated team-building quiz websites and is a good alternative to water cooler trivia. Visitors can browse trivia categories and subcategories before selecting a quiz to finish. Each quiz consists of ten multiple-choice questions.

The game keeps track of how many questions are properly answered and offers grades at the end. Teams may either work together to finish the quizzes and agree on responses, or they can take the same exams and compare scores.

Pricing of TriviaPlaza

TriviaPlaza is a free game that doesn’t have any special packages.

QuizWitz App for Slack

QuizWitz is one of the most entertaining multiplayer online quiz games. The platform can support up to 1,000 players at once on the platinum edition and up to 6 on the free plan.

Players respond to cues through a smartphone or tablet in real time. The site includes useful Quiz Editor and Quizmaster App tools that make it easier to create and run a digital trivia tournament.

Users may create and share questions with other gamers, as well as read and play famous quizzes such as Who’s the Actor and European Countries.

Pricing of QuizWitz

It has three packages;

Basic; This is a free package that is accessible to everyone.

Premium; This package cost about $3 per month and you can have up to 100 players in the game.

QuizWitz pro; This package is mainly for enterprises and is a pay-as-you-go kind of package.

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Crowd Party App for Slack

CrowdParty provides innovative and entertaining remote gaming experiences with games like Trivia Night, Friendly Fire, Would You Rather, Polls, and more to soon!

It’s simple enough to pick up and begin playing anytime and anywhere you choose!

Making virtual gatherings more fun! We may play CrowdParty through Zoom, Microsoft Teams, Google Meet, or even in your living room with no downloads!

Pricing of Crowd Party

it contains three packages;

Free pass; This package is free and can hold up to 10 per room..

Team pass; This package cost $20 per month and can hold up to 50 per room.

Crowd pass; This package cost $40 per month and can hold up to 100 per room..

Decidr App for Slack

Decidr is an amazing tool for creating polls, customizing them with many fun features, and sharing them with others to receive real-time feedback.

They also regarded it as a personal decision helper since it allows you to ask queries and receive unbiased replies from the community.

Decidr is an innovative polling platform that allows you to design polls and share them with the people that matter the most to you.

You may simply browse public polls, vote on them, and make your voice heard using this app.

The best part about this poll builder is that it contains a plethora of intriguing features that will assist you in creating an eye-catching poll.

Decidr app also includes crucial features such as limitless poll creation and sharing, browser polls, community participation, unlimited access anywhere, and many others.

UAnswer App for Slack

uAnswer is a prominent platform that allows you to determine how well your friends understand your personality and interests.

It is a poll creation and sharing tool that allows you to build an endless number of polls, personalize them with many fun features, and receive anonymous real-time responses.

The app includes a plethora of questions on tests, personality, and performance. To make quizzes, you may either answer them or shuffle through them. You may quickly post the link to your social media sites once you’ve created your quiz.

It generates an easy-to-remember URL for each quiz, allowing you to effortlessly share it with others. After your friends have responded, their answers will be added to the scoreboard so you can see who knows most. 

To use its services, you must first join up with an email address and other information.It also includes a plethora of quiz templates to assist you in creating visually appealing tests.

The program has a range of question kinds, is free to use, and allows you to design a magnificent quiz, add questions, and generate and share links.

If you want to see how well your friends understand your personality, use the uAnswer app.

Hangtime App for Slack

Kiswe Mobile created and produced Hangtime trivia Game Shows. It is fantastic software that allows you to enjoy trivia games, quizzes, game shows, and more, all of which require cash and rewards to provide an entertaining experience.

The app includes a range of game shows, quiz questions, live and pre-and post-shows, as well as unique objectives.

You may also use this trivia software to design your own questions, and polls, and share them with friends to get an honest opinion. Hangtime is a free program that is available for both Android and iOS.

The app has core aspects such as a customer layout, many questions, the ability to play games with your friends, build and share polls, frequent updates with new content, and much more.

If you’re searching for advanced-level Trivia software, Hangtime: Trivia Game Shows is the one for you.

Acquainted App Slack

Create chatbot polls fast and effortlessly. Acquainted is one of the finest and quickest methods to generate polls and distribute links that people will want to complete.

The framework includes practically all major languages, and its chat design is readily recognizable by users and functions flawlessly on mobile devices.

The reduced entry barrier makes it simple to complete the polls. There are several distinct themes, each with its own style and thrilling features; you can even alter each poll design to make it more entertaining.

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