Watch Video and Earn Money

Watch Video and Earn Money

– Watch Video and Earn Money –

If you’ve ever wished you could watch videos and earn money online, we have some splendid news for you: you can. Here are our recommendations for the most legitimate options.

Watch Video and Earn Money

How to Get Paid to Watch Videos

Do you get sucked into watching online videos even when you know you should be doing something else?

Perhaps your habit isn’t as bad as you believe.

Why not make money while watching videos in your spare time instead of beating yourself up for being unproductive?

Making money by watching videos is much easier than you might believe.

It’s a simple way to earn extra money if you already watch movies and advertisements online in your spare time.

It’s a great way to supplement other income streams, such as starting a YouTube channel.

Furthermore, gaining video-related work experience may improve your CV.

It’s therefore ideal if you want to work in film, television, or digital media.

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Best Websites to Watch Video and Earn Money


Swagbucks is one of the most popular reward sites, having paid out over $450 million for simple tasks.

You can earn points by watching videos, browsing the web, and taking paid online surveys.

Points earned on the website are called SBs.

Each SB is approximately one cent, and there is no minimum withdrawal amount, though most rewards begin at $3.

Payment options include gift cards from well-known retailers such as Amazon, Target, and Walmart, as well as cash deposited into your PayPal account.

Swagbucks videos could include advertisements, news content, and viral videos.

It easily tops our list due to its numerous ways to earn, low minimum cash-out, high-quality online video content, and solid reputation.

Watch Video and Earn Money


The site has a solid reputation (having paid out over $59 million in cash rewards to its members).

Its iOS and Android apps each have solid ratings from over 100,000 reviewers.

However, keep in mind that you can only get paid to watch videos through your desktop browser, not through the apps.

InboxDollars pay you in cash (not points) for watching television shows, movie trailers, cooking commercials, and other content.

You can earn extra money by taking online surveys and reading emails.

Also, using their cash-back shopping portal and redeeming their printable coupons gives you money.

This site is just like Swagbucks (the two sites are owned by the same parent company).

The only disadvantage of InboxDollars is its $30 minimum payout.

Those who shop online frequently or don’t mind taking surveys will reach the $30 mark much faster.


Do you want to make a difference by watching ads for money? WeAre8 might be the right app for you.

WeAre8, like some of the other apps on this list, allows you to earn money by watching videos.

But there is one distinction.

You can not only earn money to add to your bank account, but you can also donate to charity.

Earn 10p – 20p per video by watching ads on this platform and answering a few quick questions.

Once you’ve reached the minimum payout amount (£1) by watching brand video advertisements,

You have three options for receiving your money:

It could transfer to your PayPal account.

Pay your EE mobile bill automatically.

You could also pass it on to a charity of your choice.

An additional (and rather lovely) benefit is that each time you watch a video on the app, brands donate to charity.

There are lots of websites where you can watch videos and earn money but let’s stick to these three for now.


Frequently Asked Questions

1. Can I Earn Money by Watching Videos?

Paying to watch videos can provide some extra money each month.

However, it is not usually a full-time job.

If you consistently watch ads, you could earn $100 or more per month, or you could take real surveys for money to earn even more.

2. Where can I Watch Videos and Get Paid?

Swagbucks Video, InboxDollars, and Vindale Research.

MyPoints is number four.

FusionCash is the fifth.

Followed by Nielsen Computer and Mobile Panel.

3. What App gives you Money for Watching Videos?

 Swagbucks Video. Swagbucks is one of the largest rewards sites, with over $450 million in payouts.

You can earn points by watching videos on the website (which are called SBs).

Each SB is approximately one cent, and there is no minimum withdrawal amount, though most rewards begin at $3.

4. In which App I can Earn Money?


You start earning money as soon as you sign up for Swagbucks (available on iOS and Android) and claim your $10 sign-up bonus.

The standard market research app allows you to earn points by taking surveys, shopping online, or playing games.

All of which you can do while waiting in line or on your commute.

5. Does the MOJ App give money?

Moj, like YouTube, Facebook, and other social media platforms, allows you to earn money by creating short videos.

If you upload a video to the Moj app and it receives a lot of likes.

You also have numerous followers, so you can profit from the Moj app.

More FAQs

6. Is MX TakaTak give Money?

MX TakaTak offers its creators the opportunity to earn money through one of its content creator incentive programs.

This site has repeatedly invited content creators to participate in this program.

The call-to-action included an email address to which they asked content creators to send a description of their video.

7. Does Instagram pay Money?

Instagram allows you to be compensated in the following ways:

Make sponsored posts for brands that want to reach your audience.

Create a physical or digital product and sell it, or provide a paid service.

8. Does ShareChat give Money?

Individuals with a large following who are active content creators on the ShareChat app can earn money through paid promotions on the app.

You can make money by giving shoutouts to smaller brands and organizations.

The fees will be determined by your reach and engagement.

How can I earn through YouTube?

To earn money directly from YouTube, you must have at least 1,000 subscribers and 4,000 watch hours in the previous year.

After that, you can apply to YouTube’s Partner Program to monetize your channel.

How can I earn money online?

Find freelance work online.

Take surveys for cash.

 Earn money as an affiliate from your blog.

Make money from your blog or YouTube channel by selling advertisements.

Make yourself an Instagram influencer.

Can you make money online by watching videos? Yes, but please be cautious about which websites you sign up for.

In your spare time, watching videos for money can be a fun and easy way to earn some extra cash or a free Amazon gift card.

However, the hourly pay can be quite low, so you must approach this with realistic expectations.

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